Harrison Preamp Sound Description?
Old 21st May 2013
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Harrison Preamp Sound Description?

I'm looking to add some pre's to my mobile rig. Someone pointed me in the direction of the Harrison Lineage 8-channel preamp, as space is at a premium in my rig and the $350 per channel is super reasonable. I have no experience with Harrison preamps, however. How do they compare sound wise to the more commonly referenced pre's I've used, like API, Neve, Great River, Grace, etc?

Has anybody used the Lineage and care to describe the character of the unit? Or Harrison Desk users care to share what their Harrison pre's sound like that these are supposed to be "reminiscent" of?

Only clues I've been able to find online point to them being relatively fast/clean? Is this the case? Can I still get some character out of them if I crank them? How do you think they'd sound on a standard rock drum kit configuration? Can I get some character out of them for a lead vocal?

Or, are they boring? If so, I'll just save up the extra cash and make room for API and Great River instead...
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