What to turn on/off first? Mixer of turntables?
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What to turn on/off first? Mixer of turntables?


I was wondering what's best for my equipment. When I start to mix, what should I turn on first? The mixer or the turntables? Although I know nothing about this, I can imagine there could be a difference electricity-wise or something. Is there, or doesn't it matter at all? Forgive me if this has already been asked, I couldn't find a similar thread.
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Likely no difference. I would make sure your amp/ speakers are off before you power down your mixer though.

Amp on last, off first. Other than this (for your application) doesn't matter.
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I didn't do that yet, so thanks for the tip!
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Personally, when I was dj'ing, I looked it from a signal flow perspective. If there's a spike from the turntables, it'll go to the mixer. If there's a spike from the mixer, it'll go to the amp. If there's a spike in the amp, it'll go to the speakers.

So... I always turned on in that order... turntables, mixer, amp... making sure at each stage that master faders are all the way down, as well as any attenuators on the amp.

As far as shutting down, I always stuck with the same principle. If turning it off somehow sends a spike, I don't want that spike going to the speakers, so I'd shut off in reverse order.... amp, mixer, turntables.

That's the way I always did it, anyway.

Side note: I've heard, but can't confirm that it's bad to shut off the amp if there's still music coming through the mixer. Not exactly sure why, but I've heard it more than once.
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In my opinion, your speakers are what you want to protect. I would turn off in this order-

Speakers (assuming they are powered)

If your speakers are amped, I'd mute the console monitor, then power off the speaker amp, then console.

But Others may disagree. I just always want to protect the speakers. Electronic gear is durable. Cones, less so.
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