Aurora 16 vs Orion 32 for monitoring
Old 3rd April 2013
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Aurora 16 vs Orion 32 for monitoring


I have to deal with the choice of wich D/A convertor should I use to have the more accurate monitoring, the signal will go in 7.1 adam s3x-h in analog, and yamaha hs50.

I have an aurora 16 and I will get orion 32 X3, but I plan to put all the Orion in the rolling rack for tracking in the studio B when the A is mixing.

So the Aurora 16 feels as the more logical choice for monitoring purpose as I can put a madi card into for the System 5 and using the aes connectivity for some reverb hardware...

But what about the sound, does anybody have tested Aurora 16 vs orion 32 for D/A to monitoring ?

I have also a third option to feet DA-SX convertor card into the seven S3X-H but is it worth it ?

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