Reason ISSUE (inside of Logic) - Ruining Sound - Solution?
Old 27th March 2013
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Reason ISSUE (inside of Logic) - Ruining Sound - Solution?

What's up all

I use Reason as an aux inside of Logic to get my drums going. I have a 14:2 mixer and a ReDrum going inside of Reason.

So basically, during playback, every couple of seconds, a certain snare or kick sounds like there is a flanger/phaser on it. That is the best way I can describe it. It picks the same sound to make this noise on every few seconds. It is prominent, annoyingly noticeable, and is completely altering the sound it is effecting.

It is ruining the whole mix. I figured it would go away after I bounced the Logic session but it is still there in the final bounced mix.

Has anyone had this issue? I initially noticed it when wanting to lay down and record the drums, every couple of hits, I would hear this weird flanged/phased sound on a snare or kick.

How do I get rid of this so I just hear normal, regular playback?

Thanks for any help...
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