SoundScan - Different versions of album (2 upcs), sales recognized as one
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SoundScan - Different versions of album (2 upcs), sales recognized as one


I just want to confirm/understand that I can register to versions of an album, both with different UPC (same artist and title of course) and have them both tracked as ONE album in the Nielson database.


An album is released with 10 songs (all with IRSC codes associated) and a UPC for the album. It amasses 2,500 album sales verifiable by SoundScan database.

Six months later, a revision of the album is released. It has a different UPC, but same album title. It has 2 bonus tracks, and a few of the previous tracks are also changed a bit (those with changes have new IRSC, those without changes keep their original IRSC).

The second version can just have it's UPC added to the existing entry in the Soundscan database?

(The talk about IRSCs is probably superfluous, but the UPC thing is important I believe.)

Strange question, perhaps. But there's a method to my madness..

Side note: There is no longer a Music Business forum here.. just the archives and the "articles" forum.. :(
Maybe we should at least have "Music Business" as an option in the post topic menu.. I chose "Studio Business" instead
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