WorldMax Black Dawg/Hawg snare drum owners: ya got a minute??
Old 6th July 2006
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WorldMax Black Dawg/Hawg snare drum owners: ya got a minute??

I bought a 6.5"x14" Black Hawg snare drum from George's Drum Shop online after reading some good reviews here on GS. (The Black Hawg is a Black Beauty clone i.e., brass shell, centre bead, etc). I removed the stock heads and snare wires and gave the shell a good look over.

One thing that's got me stumped: the inner surface of the shell doesn't look like brass to me. All brass drums I've seen have had a yellow/gold colour - this little baby looks distinctly silver/grey, and it doesn't appear to be chromed or plated.... looks like bare metal. The outer surface is..... well, not quite black, but kind of greeny/grey black.

Anyways, just wondering if any Black Hawg/Dawg/Guppy etc owners have a similar-looking shell to mine? Put another way, anyone know if what I've got is a "real" brass-shelled Black Hawg?? I've sent an email through to George's, but as yet no reply from them. I'm hoping I haven't been ripped off as I'm 13,000 miles away.

Old 20th January 2011
Did you ever find out anything about the composition of this drum? I bought one (also from our buddy George) and absolutely LOVE I don't really care what it is made of...just curious.
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