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I propose a new forum!
Old 15th June 2006
Originally Posted by belairstudio
I'd rather go for a "recording/mixing/producing" forum instead
I think lots of us would love to have a precise place to discuss (and find) those things

Those topics are ALL over Gearslutz, you just have to put the effort in to find them. At present I don't want to rob the gear tech / usage forums of ALL of their production tip threads. This may happen sometime further along in the distant future... But not for the moment.
Old 15th June 2006
Originally Posted by Jules
Feel free to start general music chatter threads in the Registered members area
Sub-Forum: Gear free zone - shoot the breeze!

(look at the bottom of the forum list - you can see it and access the link to it only if you are logged in)
OK the more I am thinking I am liking the idea - but its 2:30 am .. I need to sleep on it.
Old 15th June 2006

There is a new forum down in the Registered Members area

Its called "All about the music"

And thanks very much to funkynuts for the name

You will have to be a logged in / registered member of Gearslutz to see the forum & take part. Also only logged in and registered members will be able to read your posts.

The core topic of this site is recording equipment..

But I have to concede that general music discussion had no clear place to exist.

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