Dummy load di question
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Dummy load di question

Hi there.

I am going to be building an isolation cabinet next month with a 12" speaker for use with guitars with a peavey 5150 and Fender Champ. Now I know there are conflicting views upon these things, but I live in a residential area, so i have no chance to setup and crank amps at a high level.

I know people swear by loadbox's such as the Palmer boxes and using speaker convolution packages such as Recabinet and chanced upon a thread which looked at the Tube-Town Tone-Hound:

Tube-Town Online-Store - Tube-Town Tone-Hound 8 Ohm / 100 W tt-toneh-8-100

After a bit of further googling and I found that someone was thinking of using an iso cab in the same way using it as the loadbox.

So my question(s) are does this work, amp to di box split to iso cab & computer?
If so, would any di work? I have a Littlelabs Redeye 3d, which could split the speaker output.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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