Mackie 802-VLC, how warm is it supposed to get?
Old 28th April 2012
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Mackie 802-VLC, how warm is it supposed to get?

How warm is the Mackie 802-VLZ3 supposed to get?

I've just installed mine, I'm using it as a mixer for a few mics into my MOTU Ultralite MK3. I'm also using an input for monitoring (using the alt 3-4).

The whole chassis is pretty warm, but in the top right corner it is actually getting hot (in the black area with the logo and such). It's not burning hot, but it's getting somewhat close. I would think something like 45-50 degrees Celsius (113-122 degrees Fahrenheit).

Is it supposed to get this hot?

There are no smells of anything burnt, and it functions perfectly as of yet, but it is a bit worrying.

Anyone with the mixer want to chime in with how hot it gets?
Old 30th April 2012
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I simply refuse to believe that nobody here has a Mackie 802-VLZ3.
Old 30th April 2012
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Mine gets pretty warm there too. But never hot enough to worry me.
Old 5th June 2012
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For anyone interested, I mailed Mackie, and they said the temperature in question is right in the sweet spot.
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