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Allen & Heath GSR-24M
Old 23rd March 2012
Allen & Heath GSR-24M

Hi, the previous thread seems to be closed for no apparent reason but there's some useful progress for people who own this desk. A&H have released the updated setup notes and template files for this desk.

Hopefully this should help people who are still having trouble getting the console working with their DAW.

The files are available here: GS-R24 / GS-R24M | ALLEN & HEATH // WORLD CLASS MIXING

Old 7th April 2012
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Ok this may be a noob question but I recently received my GSR24m and I am sending signal to the headphones via aux one on a TRS to headphone junction box. Now my problem is that when I send the signal to the headphones it is left side dominant with just a faint signal reaching the right side. Now my cables are fine, I unplugged it from the aux 1 and connected it to a smaller plug and ran my iPhone down the lead and it came out stereo the other side yet back into aux 1 or any other aux it comes out one side dominant. Am I missing something here? Should I just replace the TRS with a TS?
Old 7th April 2012
It sounds like you are plugging headphones into a balanced line output. If this is an artist feed, you should get a headphone amplifier, and hook it up to the Studio 1 or 2 output and then turn up the gain pot for the AUX1 to Studio1 or 2.
Old 9th April 2012
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Cheers for that, I'll try it as soon as I source a Y lead to run the stereo out from studio one down the xlr to headphones. Will let you know how it goes but it won't be till next weekend.
Old 28th April 2012
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Got it all sorted, helps to have a correctly wired Y cable when coming out of the studio outputs.
Old 7th July 2012
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I have another question now, as now my console is not communicating with pro tools input 3 4 5 and 6 yet pro tools is communicating with all its outputs. i can see signal coming into my desk when i have a microphone and audio being passed yet when i try and record it into a track in pro tools on either 3 4 5 and 6 it does not see signal. any ideas on why this would be when it has worked in the past?
Old 7th July 2012
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cancel my last, from what i can gather i went into my midi controler option within setup and tickets a box out of many that wasnt ticked and now it works. freaking gremlins!! though i have encountered a problem like this before where i had to turn everything off and break for lunch, come back and it was all working again. lets hope an update for this console comes out soon to fix things that do not load correctly.
Old 8th July 2012
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ok i turned my console off last night, come back to it this morning and its doing it again yet this time everything is ticked. please help.
my Allen & Heath GSR24m lately has been experiencing a huge issue with it communicating to protools via inputs 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. i plug in my microphones into the console and i can see the signal coming into each channel but when i hit record standby to view it in protools, channels 3, 4, 7 do not register, and to make things even more weird is that channels 5, and 6 do actually register but swap into each others channels only so 5 is showing in 6 and 6 is showing in 5. i am running OSX 10.7.4 on a Mac PC with pro tools 10.2 and using the Bome Midi translator. if anyone could help me with this matter it would be much appretiated so i no longer waste time with clients within the studio. thankyou.
Old 10th July 2012
I get a similar problem sometimes where 3 and 4 record the same thing and 17 and 18 swap. I think it's something software or firmware based with the FireWire card. Doesn't happen every time and I feel like it doesn't happen if I make sure I turn the console on way before I boot the computer. This may be superstition though as it doesn't always work.

Would be good to get a fix for this
Old 12th July 2012
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Oooooh Man...

Man i was really interested in purchasing a GSR-24M...Buuuuut there still seems to be a lot of unresolved problems with the console---> DAW....Did you guys manage to get your problems fixed yet?
Old 13th July 2012
Not really a solution but it hasn't happened to me for about a week now. Didn't do anything different to fix it though. It's a really fantastic console though, don't let it put you off!
Old 14th July 2012
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Originally Posted by Psythe View Post
I get a similar problem sometimes where 3 and 4 record the same thing and 17 and 18 swap. I think it's something software or firmware based with the FireWire card. Doesn't happen every time and I feel like it doesn't happen if I make sure I turn the console on way before I boot the computer. This may be superstition though as it doesn't always work.

Would be good to get a fix for this
I managed to figure out a solution to fix my problem but im not sure it will stop it from happening again but if it does, i now know how to correct it. i turned off my console and restarted it while holding down the play button, once it was on i pressed channel 8 select then stop, (Which is the demo/test option of the console (similar to Vegas mode on the control24)) ran the jog wheel for a minute so the faders were all moving then turned off the console, restarted it while holding down the play button, pressed channel 6 select button then stop. this returning it to the midi HUI mode. after i completed this my channels were back to normal and communicating with pro tools.

so next time you experience this issue again try this little test and hopefully you will be as successful as i.
Old 15th July 2012
Interesting, I'll give it a go next time I have an issue and see if it helps. Cheers man
Old 17th July 2012
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Midi Update

Allen and Heath have just released the new MIDI Firmware update that should replace the BOME midi transilator and cure any problems, will download it when i get back to the studio and see how it all goes, maybe the jog wheel will actually work now for pro tools 10 users.
Old 22nd July 2012
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Installed the new firmware today for the HUI controllers from Allen & Heath and within the first 5min i have come across something interesting, am yet to find out if it is a good thing or a bad thing. but for what ever i have set in a stereo track (lets say my first track at the top of my list) and i pan on the console hard left for channel one and hard right for channel two, my midi controller section (the 12 pots with two faders within the console) now control the panning within protools itself. so my first pot will now control the panning for that channel and you will see the pan control within protools respond to this pot. it is interesting but i have no idea if i can turn this feature off within a plug in or setting if need be but we will see what else is new and active with this current up date. oh and the jog wheel now works for pro tool users.
Old 22nd July 2012
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my above post was in referance to a mono channel in pro tools being sent out to a stereo channel on the console. but with more playing around i now have a STEREO aux within pro tools for the reverb on the guitar, i have sent that out to channels 3 and for on the desk panning each channel hard left and hard right. now to play with the midi knobs and knob "two" the one that is on the left below the top know "one" is now panning the Aux channel within pro tools but only the left hand side and it is also writing within pro tools and recording your automation, again i have no idea who to set this or turn it off this is simply preset at this stage by A&H. will post more as i find things.
Old 22nd July 2012
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from what i can figure it is just like as you would use the faders to write volume automation, you need to STACK the channels within protools within the channels you want them to write to, as in channel one fader will write to the top channel within pro tools, channel two fader will write to the second channel within pro tools and so on, and so the midi knobs are doing the same but with panning and controlling left side down 1 thru 6 and right side down 7 thru 12. again i do not know how to set this nor turn this feature off.
Old 22nd July 2012
It's set like that by default by A&H but you can change it if you want. Those pots have corresponding midi CC values that you can assign to whatever you want them to do. In cubase I have them on the quick controls so they can easily be assigned to any function like controlling plugin parameters. Sometimes handy
Old 22nd July 2012
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Hello. Can someone tell me how these consoles sound please. I am coming from a lfac and would like to know how people are finding mixing on them .
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Old 22nd July 2012
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Hey Guys..

Firstly thank you to Crazyeyes for letting me know a new thread has begun here on the GSR24[m]..

just as Crazyeyes confirmed, this is what i received from mike at A&H:

The Jogwheel is now functional. We will try out the banking functionality โ€“ if we can get this going it will be a simple variant of the new code. The difficult bit was emulating HUI on 3 virtual MIDI ports and tunnelling it through FireWire.




So finally the jog wheel on the desk is working, i hope there is more users who are testing this firmware update, as it would be great for them to let us know of their experiences, challenges and suggestions.

I am personally looking forward to also having the banking working within Pro Tools resolved, and from what i can inform you is; Mike Griffin at A&H is definitely looking at addressing these issues users are experiencing with Pro Tools.

We hope whatever testing they are doing, whatever coding tweaks they are performing, it addresses any issues which will enhance the workflow of this mixer. I am sure many PT users who have this mixer feel the same..

I'll post any new information/communication i receive from Mike.
Old 24th July 2012
Here for the gear

It seems odd that the main thread has been closed, one of the mods should probably add a post at the end, with a link to this thread, saying 'thread closed.'

I had it saved as a favorite and I kept checking in at the original thread and it was not obvious to me that the thread has closed - everything just went quiet all of a sudden.


Glad to hear A&H are making solid progress on the firmware and DAW integration.

I am interested in buying this desk and redesigning my current studio around it.

Can anyone here recommend a console desk which will fit the GSR24?
Preferably from a studio furniture retailer based in the UK.

Old 24th July 2012
There is a desk made for the console which is imported into the UK but it was more expensive than getting one custom made by Argosy and getting it shipped from the US. Not cheap though, you're still looking at about ยฃ1700 if I remember correctly. Shipping was about ยฃ400
Old 24th July 2012
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i made my own, its not to tricky and if you get the correct measurements of the console then you are half way there.
Old 24th July 2012
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i can forward my measurements if you like of the desk for the console i made and some pictures of the process.
Old 27th July 2012
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Crazyeyes, just touching base,

any feedback on the firmware update at all?
have you had a chance to mix?
what have you experienced? what have you not?

If any, what suggestions would you have?

any other PT users out there who have tested the firmware update..?
we would love to hear from you.

I would really like to get something back to mike as soon as we can, so he may work to address the challenges..
Old 31st July 2012
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Recall Sheet

Here is a recall sheet i made up for the GSR24 if anyone is interested.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf A&H GSR Recall Sheet.pdf (7.90 MB, 997 views)
Old 1st August 2012
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NEW Firmware install

hey guys,

installed the new FW firmware from the A&H website, all went ok, then connected the mixer to my computer, and downloaded the new mac installer version 1.2.1 but its not working and keeps giving me an error:

"There was an error during the firmware update. Please try re-installing the update, and contact your supplier in the event of further problems."

I dont know where to go from here... can anyone help?
I have already emailed A&H and still waiting for a response..
Attached Images
File Type: png MIDI INstall Error.png (31.5 KB, 824 views)
Old 3rd August 2012
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Ok thought ill just share the fix if MIDI firmware error..

It seems my computer was recognizing the GSR installed in the FW control panel but not in midi setup.

So go to applications>utilities>midi setup (piano icon) then in the menu select show midi.

Once that midi window comes up just rescan devices and you should see the A&H FW device come up.

That will then allow you to install the new midi firmware on the console.
Old 27th August 2012
Lives for gear

Hello everyone,

I'm very interested in this desk. I hear that the designer (Mike?) also worked on the Soundcraft Ghost in the nineties. Can anyone confirm this? I used to work on one extensively and it sounded amazing. Especially the EQ on the Ghost was so nice and smooth. If the A&H's EQ is anything like it I'm even more tempted to get one!
Any feedback appreciated, thanks!
Old 4th September 2012
Lives for gear

I've asked this question to the man himself too but he doesn't seem to be around here much. Anyone who can confirm my above question? Thanks!
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