firewire interface upgrade..what to do?
Old 15th January 2012
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firewire interface upgrade..what to do?

At present I run two audiofire units, an AF12 and an 8pre, both daisychained into my pc via firewire. The AF12 is being fed from some direct outs on an analogue desk (all drum mics), the AF 8pre handles vocal mics Guitars etc.
I would like to remove the analogue mixer from my set up, and replace it with a new 8 channel pre amp. I can either get another AF8 pre (and put in the firewire loop), or a Sapphire 40 (ADAT in AF pre8) or an Octopre8 dynamic (again using ADAT) i am not sure which way to go, another 8 pre would be the easiest, but I do fancy something a bit different,anybody got any suggestions? cheers in advance, Gid
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