Best Headphones for Tracking/Mixing? $180 max
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Best Headphones for Tracking/Mixing? $180 max

I'll buy my first studio headphones. I'll use them for tracking vocals and for monitoring/mixing. I have $180.

I investigated and the best option seems to be the ATH M-50. What do you think? is the best option or do you recommend something else?

Thanks for the information!
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Go listen for yourself; for mine the M50s are very inaccurate, others love them.
Check out the Shure 840s or he Sennheiser 380 - both worthy of consideration as they are good sounding enclosed cans which is what you want for tracking ; open back are more accurate for pure listening/mixing but the ones i've mentioned are pretty good overall and there's others like Ultrasone, Grado, AkG - it's a big field.
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For tracking I find the Extreme Isolation headphones to be great. If you don't have an isolated control room, they can be a life saver for judging the recorded sound while blocking out a nice chunk of room sound.
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