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London & UK riots - important information
Old 10th August 2011
London & UK riots - important information

Hi all

You've probably noticed that there's some serious civil disorder going on in the UK at the moment. You've probably also noticed that we're deleting threads about it all over the forums.

At Gearslutz we primarily want this to be a forum about gear, focusing on discussions about said gear, music, techniques, and related stuff. Because posts about the riots inevitably descend into polarised socio-political flamewars, we've been proactive about removing them. Please do talk about them as much as you like on Facebook or Twitter or Riotslutz - but the discussions just don't have a place here.

Now that said, we're aware this is a pretty serious situation, and it's affected our industry in measurable ways. We've put together some information below which relates to what's happened as it affects people in our business. We will update this post/thread as necessary if there's any new info or anything worth putting there. Please drop me a PM if you have anything interesting that should be included here.

We sincerely hope that you're all keeping well and that you haven't been caught up in any of this. Be well and stay safe.


A Sony distribution warehouse was burned down in Enfield, resulting in tens of thousands of CDs being destroyed. A campaign has been launched to help out the labels (they're all indies).

Update 11/8: arrests made over the fire.

Update 11/8: 1.5m CDs destroyed in the fire.

Dawson's Music in Manchester was looted last night. Please be very careful if you're offered any cheap deals on guitars, tech stuff, even digital pianos, apparently. Suggest if it's "current" product at a deal that's too good to be true you ask for proof-of-purchase.

Although the media is not reporting it, Drumsense in Croydon may also have been looted the other night, so the same goes for drum gear!

Update 11/8 - have been informed that Rock Bottom in Croydon has also been cleaned out.

Old 10th August 2011
Latest news about the riots on the BBC
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