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ever spill a drink into a console?
Old 22nd February 2006
Here for the gear

a full cup of lemonade thrown at jackie-o after foxy brown threw it at her while jackie was standing in front of the ssl 9J.. jackie proceded to kick some ass...

i believe the words were "ima show that bitch what a good ol fasion miami ass whoopin about.." lol

ssl survived after pullin some faders out and cleaning it.. i dont really recall changing anything out.. although it sometime does some wierd things..
Old 22nd February 2006
Originally Posted by jerkrecords
what kind? (beverage/console)

me: 3/4 's of a new castle into a tascam m3500 across 10 or so faders. had to pull 2 of the frames and cleaned immediately. although had it gone up in smoke i guess it wouldn't have been that great a loss.


My first two boards were used TASCAMs... I know what you mean.

I've never spilled a drink into a board (I've spilled them on top of my computer tower, though... in fact, my computer tower was my old drinkstand... I figured it was probably safer than nearby where if it spilled it could go into the box.... whereas when I spilled it from on TOP of the box, the fluid (mostly) went OVER the box and not in it... that said, not, perhaps, the ideal drink stand)...

But I DID manage to spin my office chair around and bend the fader stems for about three channels on my old Mackie 1604 around 8 or ten years ago. I bent them back but one channel was a bit hinky after that... I felt a bit supid about that one. Then, again, good excuse for a new board...
Old 22nd February 2006
Lives for gear

Gee... I've seen a Bud dumped in the middle of a Sphere Eclipse way back when
When we dis-assembled the Neve 8128 from a room and moved it the amount of dope seeds that rolled out were amazing!

Danny Brown

I posted another similar type story on it's own because it needs to be read by everyone!
Old 22nd February 2006
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Matti's Avatar
Many years ago I was doing sound for TV from a rock concert with minimal equipment, I had to split from their FOH to mine with no loom so I had mine
right next to theirs but when the audience got wild and my board was in the way.
(The security guys couldn´t hold them back etc. ) Some 5 liters of beer in the
mixer but I did the gig with no interruption but had to take some beer afterwards
to calm down.
Old 31st May 2006
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studio1117's Avatar

" I did find a razor blade in the console when I first cleaned it. Aaah, good times, good times!"

You like editing tape?
Aaron Householter
Old 31st May 2006
Gear Nut
AmbientSound's Avatar

About 5 years ago we had the internal gutters from the roof overflow inthrough the building and all through the TS12 which was on. Well it was on for a little while. Its not exactly a drink but its still liquid but we did have someone spill coffee into our rack of weiss gear.

Old 31st May 2006
this engineer told me about a singer who showed up really drunk to soundcheck and he had a 5 or 10 liter canister of moonshine. he also had a big bottle of soda to mix it with and of course he spilt a large sweet drink into the console. the next thing he did was (after the engineer had turned the console off) pour his precious moonshine into the console and put it on it´s edge. the console worked fine after that. i guess he knew how to handle alcohol.
Old 31st May 2006
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waxx's Avatar

i got more experience with live PA and dj rigs and drinks, like operating a part of a big cresst HP mixer. 5 minutes for the show had to start, the artist came to look to the mixer, and spoiled half of his wiskey on it, so we had to operate a 8 channel part in the 5 minutes before the artist went on stage. So the mix engineer was switching the connections from the wiskey embedded part to an unused part of the mixer, and i and my chief where busy at the other side with some swrewdrivers, a hairdryer of the artist and some tissue. The mixer survived the wiskey, and did work fawless and on time after our operation that night. I believe it's still working, but i don't work for that firm anymore.

I also did a lot of dj rigs, and first we used mainly pioneer dj mixers, but after a few did crash into wiskey/beer/wine/... we switched to ecler and rodec mixers, wich can handle that way more easier. My own ecler smac pro4, survived 6 years on the road and a lot of beer/wine/ash/dust/cocktails/strong drinks without any problem, and now it's still working.
Old 31st May 2006
Yep bin there done that..

Here's one. I wasn't there but I worked on the project that was held up by this..

1985 - Killing Joke finish album recording at Hansa By The Wall - Berlin and celebrate by emptying a fire extinguisher over each other and the console (SSL?) Ha Ha big joke! 3 days of cleaning later, another band having to wait before they could start their album... I wonder if they thought it was still as funny when they got the bill!
Old 31st May 2006
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Faderjockey's Avatar

I had a client dump a 20oz very hot coffee with cream and sugar into an Yamaha 03D digital mixer... Sucked! Cleaned it for a few days...

Then months later noticed the automation would jump around funny when mixing..
Old 31st May 2006
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Jeff16years's Avatar

i once spilled a console into my drink, i had to dump the whole thing out.
Old 1st June 2006
Gear Nut

I had a 32.8 Muckie that I was getting rid of to get 2-02R's in 1998. The last day of mixing on that board I dumped a FULL cup of Kona with cream and sugar right down in the sucker. Almost had to remix everything cause the sound was so "warm" after we cleaned it. Might try it with this new crap! WDIK? 3d
Old 1st June 2006
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Sigma's Avatar
Originally Posted by ILLSON
a full cup of lemonade thrown at jackie-o after foxy brown threw it at her while jackie was standing in front of the ssl 9J.. jackie proceded to kick some ass...

i believe the words were "ima show that bitch what a good ol fasion miami ass whoopin about.." lol

ssl survived after pullin some faders out and cleaning it.. i dont really recall changing anything out.. although it sometime does some wierd things..
hahahah Foxey B puched out Kurupt on one of my sessions..

once or twice in 30 years we has a ummmm spill.. surgar is indeed worst....someone spoke of fader cleaning...dandruff, cocaine, pot seeds and kinky hair was what our tech guy got to clean up
Old 1st June 2006
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jhg's Avatar

skylight leaking

I used to have a small board and workstation in a downstairs area, the board under a skylight, maybe 20ft above. it was nice and light for a downstairs space. Well, the skylighed leaked, rather, poured when the gutters and drainspouts were frozen after a quick thaw/freeze/heavy rain cycle. Luckily the board was there to facilitate the splashing of the downpouring nasty roof water all over everything else.

That was the end of that location of equipment. After some swabbing the board worked, although with some wonky functions afterwords; it wasn't a fantastic enough piece to lose sleep over(but still in the middle of recording things)

I did hear a funny story a couple of years ago about a producer depositing some liquid into a Neve(if I remember correctly) digital board at Right Track Studios. Knocked out a bucket, and needless to say, was an expensive session for his firm...
Old 1st June 2006
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ajfarber's Avatar

Originally Posted by borau
My CV:

1/2 cup of coffee across a SSL 4000E/G
1/1 cup of coffee across a Sony DMX R100
1/4cup of water across a SSL 400 E/G

They all survived(thank god)
You're hired!

Borau: destroying SSLs, one cup of coffee at a time.

Don't ever go near an old Neve.
Old 1st June 2006
Gear Addict
tmarra's Avatar
I once spent quite a bit of time tracing down a fault on a Neve V series after someone spilled some apple juice on a channel strip. The juice dripped under a logic IC on the mini fader board. The sugar residue caused a high impeadence short between two traces. The IC had to be unsoldered and removed in order to clean the PCB traces beneath it.

I can tell you they never let anyone drink near that console again AFTER they got my bill for the repair.

Old 1st June 2006

We tend to have a "all drinks kept on floor level"policy here after cleaning out cola from abunch of really sticky faders...

Once got a full pint of lager into an Poweramp during a live gig, (in the middle of the show ofcourse

I spend a fraction of a second thinking about turning it off, but then thought what the heck! it might survive... The darn thing was so hot, it started smelling like newly baked bread in the whole bar, ( which later turned into more like burnt bread.. /Toby
Old 1st June 2006
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ArcCirDude's Avatar

Well, I guess this whole thread is one of the few good arguments for mixing ITB. "Whoa dude, you just spilled your beer on my QWERTY.... 5 minutes and a rinse and blow later, "Now let's see... Which syllable was I on?"

But I need to ask... Why in the world are people allowed in the the control room with these beverages?? It goes against all common sense. (I know... The customer is king... But in MY studio they are Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Earls and the occasional arsehole while I, my friends, am LORD GOD KING!!! So, no liquids or smokables.)

I was working as a freelance producer in Oslo for a while at a well known studio. The owner and assistant would always roll their cigs over the SSL. Tobacco everywhere... Falling in the fader slots... borau??? Was that you????
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