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Vintage Maker - Neumann - V475 Summing Mixer
Old 9th March 2015
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Originally Posted by brucerothwell View Post
Why do the above 2 posts seems strikingly similar -- the main diff seems to be between "I" and "We".


the poster "calma" informed me via PM that he had merely copy/pasted text from another post that offered the same sentiment.

He assured me that they are in fact a very happy Vintage Maker client.
Old 9th March 2015
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I felt like a criminal, thanks for having clarified. And as I said you by private, it is always best to check before accusing. Smarter.

All the Best to all of you.

And if you are thinking about a VM summing system, go ahead, sounds good and is well built.

Best buy quality/price.

Our last word about this, thanks.
Old 9th March 2015
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Originally Posted by calma View Post
Best buy quality/price.
Yes, I had come to that conclusion, too. I had been talking with the owner about building me a super-custom 32x8 summing mixer (with line amps and Haufe transformers on the outputs!) that would have allowed for creating 4 stereo stems all in one pass. At the price he was quoting me, there was nothing on the market that could begin to compete.

If you are going with analog summing, Vintage Maker is certainly worth considering.
Old 9th March 2015
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^ that sounds great, but how do you get to your final stereo mix? Do you mix down your 4 stems, or is one of them your final 2 buss?
Old 10th March 2015
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The final stage, mastering, would take care of that.

Often, mastering is done on stem sub-mixes, with possibly the bass guitar and lead vocal, as separate files.

The 32x8 summing mixer would also have a stereo mix of the 8 channels (4 stereo pairs) that could be used instead.
Old 10th March 2015
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ah so it internally sums the stems at a 2nd stage. kinda brilliant, I want one. I just got a VM 16 into SPL mix dream (16). but your creation is way more flexible. what did this cost? pm me if that's a personal question, thanks.
Old 3rd April 2015
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Vintage Maker is for real!

I heard the Neumann Vintage Maker in my room on my system compared to a Dangerous LT and a Shadow Hills Equinox. The sound card was an Antelope Orion. Granted I was applying these summing boxes to a hybrid mix (mixed through a pair of Pultecs and BAE 10dcs) so these were not summed from the beginning. Regardless the differences were more than obvious. The Dangerous was larger sounding than the Equinox but the equinox was classier sounding. The Lt sounded like a REALLY big ITB mix which could be appealing for some styles. The equinox had nice low end mojo happening and over all but couldn't touch the sheer size of the Dangerous to me. The Vintage Maker had more width and a super classy 3d vibe to it that neither had. The VM is really flattering to the vocals. IT had the least amount of lowed comparatively however the owner of the VM said he opted for the Neumann curve with the lowed roll off. I will be buying the one with the flat transformer curves. The VM was the clear winner in my book. I am excited to order mine immediately!
Old 20th October 2015
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Hi Paul, I have been using your summing a lot on all my major projects. Its transformer saturation and the low end definition are top. Here is the link to the latest record, which hit no.1 in Slovenia. I absolutely love the sound of your summing.Dejan
Old 6th November 2015
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Stop looking... Buy this one right now!

I ordered a custom 24x4 Neumann v475 A from Mr. Paul. Delivery to Sydney Australia was fast and the quality is superb.
You won't find nothing like this at this price point. I hook it up with a prism Orpheus and every make senses now,
You get details of your mixing, separation and space, clarity and nice bottom thanks to the Neumann's that Paul suggest, cause it fits the kind of music I make (acoustic and rock). This is my first summing mixer... I'm so happy and my ears are grateful that a made this decision.
Highly recommended!!
Mr. Paul keep doing what you are doing cause you are doing it right!!!
Never seen so much passion in product.
Happy customer here!!!
Old 23rd November 2015
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For what its worth. I have no experience with the vintage maker summing buss. But I have built a reproduction v475 mix amp using NTP op amps. if his are anything like the way mine sounds the circuit itself sounds good.

best description at bottom of this thread:

"v475, Precise, hifi and chocolatey"
Siemens V275 and Neumann V475 color and vibe?

Last edited by Will Broduer; 24th November 2015 at 12:05 AM.. Reason: adding a link
Old 17th December 2015
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Hello to everyone! I have just connected my new VintageMaker Neumann v475-2C NOS 16x8 and I must say the sound improvement is huge. I finnaly hear that sound that I have been listen to in front of my guitar amplifier. It brings out all the details in recording, sound is fat, 3 dimensional, warm and dynamic. Effects are more realistic, reverb tails are longer etc. I am currently working on acoustic project with electro-acoustic guitar, electric bass and vocals. When I routed outputs to summing, every instrument took its own place, separation is unbelivable, but project is not even mixed jet.

Paul can make almost any modification to unit, to pefeclty fit your needs; he made few modifications for me, that make my mixing and day in studio easier. Price is also very good for that superior quality
Old 18th December 2015
Sure are a lot of one-post Vintagemaker praisers
Old 18th December 2015
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Originally Posted by Cocobolo81 View Post
Sure are a lot of one-post Vintagemaker praisers
Old 18th January 2016
Hi all

picked up a v475 VM a while back second hand as a possibly neater substitute for my TL Audio M1 valve mixer, which is a hogging a bit too much real estate at the moment!

I'm in the middle of a project at the mo so don't want to post anything until it's released, but once it's out I'll post some of my summing experiments, M1 vs VM vs ITB.

VM has a good sound - definitely wider, with very solid mono. I do prefer it to working ITB, although once everything's properly balanced the difference is nowhere near as big as a lot of folk make out in my humble opinion. You can get 90% of the way there sonically with a nice ITB mix passing through a UAD 1073 with the transformer models driven hard, for example, and Slate VCC blurs the line even more. Mixing directly into a high quality analogue EQ and bus compressor also evens the playing field a lot. But the VM certainly does bring its own very appealing character.

Originally Posted by papawise View Post
thanks for share your experience,
I ask myself the same since I plan to buy the Thermionic Rooster preamps and I would like to know if the Vmaker will do any difference.
It takes other pres very well, I've tried it with my Rooster driving it. Sounds very good, better than the Haufe transformers for my tastes, as I'm a big fan of valve saturation and the Rooster's Attitude knob lets you really crank it up. Originally I planned to use the VM as a summing network straight into a Rooster then a Phoenix, and it does sound good in that setup. But it's still not as rich as my M1 with valves pumping on every channel sadly!

My only complaint about this unit is that like a lot of gear it comes with a 2 pin euro transformer. So here in the UK all my loving work is passing through something thats being powered through a shaver adapter! It's not easy to source exact 3 pin replacements over here, although when I contacted Paul about it he was very helpful. Looking at the care that other players like Tree Audio put into their power adapters though, it feels like it's letting down an otherwise well-built unit.

I'm still interested in transformer-based summing boxes and would like to compare it to the Burl 32 Vancouver - has anyone here tried them head to head?
Old 18th January 2016
Also, has anyone tried using VM with Neve 1073's?
Old 25th January 2016
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Another Paul's happy customer


I just want to give to you my 5 cents and comment my experience with Paul of Vintage Maker.

I contacted him via email last spring telling some details of my configuration studio. Instantly, he showed me some possibilities in order to obtain the most accurate VM summing system. I want to point the fact that he was very honest and clear during all the process and I'm extremely grateful for it. Paul hasn't a big company and only wants to ensure himself that his product will be recognized for a superior quality and cost effective relation.

Once details of product were clear, he made a Neumann v475-2C NOS with 16 channels, 2 separate outs, Active/Passive Mode Switch and Insert Option at Master Section...

The mixer arrived in excellent condition and quite early considering the hard effort in building it.

Since then, I had the chance of running several mixes through the VM box, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the results...
Extremely HOT and BIG were the first words that came to my mind when tried to describe it's sound. Noticed also that certain aspects of my mix changed when I ran it through the summing box, but I have to say that it was easy to redefine them to obtain the correct balance. Stereo field appeared to be wider and the center field more energic and detailed. Bass instruments totally benefits with this process too...

I'm not gonna enter in the "ITB/OTB mix discussion", because I think that a good mix is always a good mix whatever the way it has been made, but in my case, going OTB has been a little step up and I'm ultra confortable and proud of the colour and feeling that this little machine has provided to my mixes.

Again thanks Paul and have a warm hug!!!
Old 26th January 2016
Originally Posted by Tony Kamel View Post
I'm still interested in transformer-based summing boxes and would like to compare it to the Burl 32 Vancouver - has anyone here tried them head to head?
Me too I'm interested!

Old 26th January 2016
Originally Posted by andyisdead View Post
Me too I'm interested!

I've just ordered a Vancouver Andy, so I'll post some side by side examples when I get my hands on it
Old 26th January 2016
Originally Posted by Tony Kamel View Post
I've just ordered a Vancouver Andy, so I'll post some side by side examples when I get my hands on it
Looking forward to that!

Old 20th May 2016
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I ordered from Mr. Paul summing mixer 48x4 on transformers Neumann u475-2B. I want to say that I was delighted with the sound device. The sound is amazing, clear and transparent. In my opinion the best ratio quality price. Individual approach, you can build almost any configuration. Also good communication and attention to all the small details. If you need a device of this type, highly recommend. Once again, thank you very much, Mr. Paul.
Old 4th June 2016
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woah lots of doubts about this piece of gear haha!

Lots of fun going on here I see. And looks like some guys became suspicious about first time posters. Well, this is my first post on this forum as well, and I understand why some of you would think there's something red flaggy going on.

But there isn't. I'm a happy client of Paul's from VintageMaker, and when I told him how the summing box he built for me has improved my workflow he suggested that maybe I would like to share my experience with guys looking forward to having one built for them but are not too sure yet. (and let's face it, this is THE forum)

I see there are happy clients here giving only the highest reviews. I see how this is suspicious haha, but I feel them. It's all true folks.

Here's my experience:

After mixing in the box for a while I felt I found like a hard cap and could not get any closer to “that” sound I seek for the music I work on (mostly Acoustic, Classical, Rock, that kind of vibe), so I thought I should give the summing process an analog chance, as I noticed things started falling apart when more tracks were playing at the same time and I needed to compromise the sound of each track to get the mix on its way.

One thing took to the next, and I found myself talking with Paul about building a custom summing mixer for my specific needs. The communication was top notch, Paul really knows what he is doing and is always open and listened to my particular needs, giving great feedback and really helping me choose the best design. To give you an example, I can even use my summing box as a re-amping patchbay while still summing audio through it, among other things… integration is priceless to me, and I know it is for most of you too.

When I got the summing mixer and tried my first mix through it, the first thing I noticed was that it took me way less hours to get to a point I was happy with, surprisingly the high mids were not getting harsh no matter how many tracks were playing, the center of the mix was iron focused and it really opened the panorama in a way hard to explain AND I didn’t have to compromise while making room with EQs to make everything fit better stereowise.

And there’s more.

I was used to mixing in the box, and I knew my way around it. You always need to make more room. I realized I wasn’t doing that anymore, and was not needing many of the tricks I used to do to get closer to what I was hearing in my mind, so I wanted to learn how much headroom I got. I fed my converters with the hottest signal they could take (I use Auroras) in the center of the panorama and started automating the faders around. Soon enough, the magic happened: the summing box started purring like a happy big cat and I knew that was the sound I always struggled to reach, the famous and legendary “warmth and openness of analog” I so many times read about, "the analog sweetspot" I used to think was more psychological than physical haha.

Mixing through the VintageMaker’s summing mixer (in my case a Neumann v475-2C/Haufe) really took me beyond that hard cap I was struggling with. And all this sounds expensive as hell, right? Well, you won’t believe how good of a deal Paul is willing to offer.

So that's my personal experience. Hope some of you find this review of use!
Old 6th June 2016
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I like the subtle comedy in this thread. Goes on and on.
Old 10th June 2016
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Just want to share my first impression of Little One 16 passive summing box with 2 x stereo to mono options.
I am just plain knocked.
If your tracking chain is good but mixes sound muddy, boxy, thin and narrow compared to big production hits that's the remedy. Like everyone else i've noticed that mix is much clearer and wider, instruments more separated and focused. I also have noticed that i'm using less outboard and plugins. Seriously. If you choosing between good compressos or eq (good means ADL, SSL etc) vs good summing box (you would need audio interface to support that too) without hesitation go for analog summing - you won't be dissapointed if you want your mixes sound 3d.
Also box is quiet as a mouse. I was little afraid to pick some noise on the way. But no - it's just way superior to digital bouncing and that's all!
Old 10th June 2016
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I used to think it could just be coincidence that a few first time posters were posting to give positive reviews of this unit but this is just getting out of hand. Seriously, how many "first poster" glowing reviews are we going to see in here? This summing mixer may or may not sound great but this is a joke. Every one of these posts loses you a little more credibility.
Old 10th June 2016
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Originally Posted by tech_mick View Post
If your tracking chain is good but mixes sound muddy, boxy, thin and narrow compared to big production hits that's the remedy.

If your tracking chain is good (and you know how to record with it...) but your mixes sound muddy, boxy and thin you don't know how to mix. Obviously.

I am struggling a little bit here, and man, I am a guy who is about to bring a summing product onto the market myself, so I do totally believe in summing as a concept and its virtues. But it doesn't mix for you, let's not pretend it does.
Old 10th June 2016
Here for the gear

Yes I do read more then write)))
Old 10th June 2016
Here for the gear

Thin and boxy not in the sense of behringer. Usually I track with v72 copies. Eric Valentine says that if you track good source with pres you like then mixing is just a matter of setting the levels. I never could manage that. I love Rubin's and O'Brien's mixes. All I'm saying is that analog summing has brought me one step closer to that sound.
Old 2nd July 2016
Originally Posted by Tony Kamel View Post
I've just ordered a Vancouver Andy, so I'll post some side by side examples when I get my hands on it

Just a little update on my summing quest: I ended up settling with a Burl B32 Vancouver. Terrific piece, really does bring the transformer mojo that I was hoping to get from the VM, similar width and depth. Built like a tank. Pure quality. That said, it costs twice as much as the VM so it ought to be good!

Sorry Andy, I didn't end up getting any side by side examples, I had to sell off the VM before I got chance. But I do have a few rough ITB vs VM vs VM+Rooster mixes which I'll post when the album's released.

Speaking of the Rooster it's a brilliant partner for the VM, gives lovely controllable valve saturation and sweet 2-bus EQ into the bargain. I preferred it over the Haufe transformers. There may be one in the classifieds right now if anyone's interested
Old 26th November 2016
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Did anyone with credibility actually get the chance to hear the V475 and could comment on it´s sound?

Am interested in building on for myself!
Old 27th November 2016
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Originally Posted by XAXAU View Post
Did anyone with credibility actually get the chance to hear the V475 and could comment on it´s sound?

Am interested in building on for myself!
Wow, really mate?
What do you mean by "credibility"?

I think this is at least a little better than guys hiding behind their computer screen complaining again and again how this topic is a hoax:

And this is a production I did through the summing box Paul from Vintage Maker built me.
All virtual instruments but the voice and accordion fills now and then.

I'm still surprised how people want to know *in words* how a piece of gear sounds and incline themselves to believe everything negative even if, like in this case, bad critics are 100% unfounded. And even dares to rate the review of other guys as hoax without proof and there's no problem, it's ok to do so. Wow, even judge who will have credibility in his/her review.

If you want a reason to believe it is not worth it, why don't you just not buy/build one and get to think about your next tool?
If you want a reason to believe it is worth it, then this piece of equipment is beautifully reviewed, right? So...

You will know if you need an urei 1176 blue only when you have it in your chain, before that, it's all about reviews. Same with studio monitors, a summing box, room acoustics. You'll never know until you try it yourself.

How useful will it be if I tell you that a 1176 blue is great in color and smooth yet aggressively distorting in a pleasant way. Then I tell you that a la2a is great in color and smooth yet aggressively distorts in a pleasant way when pushed.

Both are equally valid reviews. Yet you will be at the same point before and after reading that review, right? You still will need to find out for yourself it those equipments are what you are really looking for.

I made a review of the VM summing mixer that was built for me, and I'm more than happy. Again, it provides easy separation between tracks, the stereo image is way clearer with a rock solid centre, and it as a sound. It changes something in a really good way in my opinion. The hotter you drive it the more color it shows and can saturate in a great way for some mixes if you find the sweetspot.

Yet after reading this, you'll be right where you started. No need to question the credibility of anyone man.
I got the summing box without really knowing how much of a difference it will make, and it was better than expected.

But at the end, these are just words.
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