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Hey folks,, my oberheim matrix 1k makes a nasty radio come through on preamps and amps,,, it makes me wonder what i can do,, any idears? do those little tabs you put behind rack ears work? my power supply is as clean as it is going to get what with some fancy $300 surgex that isolates each line. cheers!
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I am having a similar problem with some pre-amps/synths combination that is driving me nuts! Please slutz, any solutions???

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A guy I know makes RF shields for compenent boards that go in microwave installations like cell phone towers. Basically they are copper sheets stamped and bent into box covers. He says the critical thing is for them to be light tight after bending to be effective RF shields. Going out on a limb here but maybe try and insulate the matrix from the rest of your rack with copper sheets up as tight to the edge of your rack as possible??
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