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help me blow a grand on guitar pedals
Old 12th March 2011
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Talk to Sean at Lotus Pedals. Tremendous guy, and the pedals are no nonsense, great tone. I recommend Purple and White, but he has a lot of great designs I haven't heard yet.
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Originally Posted by Bungalow Bill View Post
Sorry for the long post. Hope that helps.
Great post, thanks!
Old 12th March 2011
Originally Posted by Geissler View Post
So, yeah. I'll be getting my hands on some money soon and as all I have right now is a dunlop wah; I want expand on that a little. I play in a surf/rockabilly band and produce mellow folktronic stuff on the side. Here's the basket I've put together so far. Comments and suggestions appreciated, as well as chaining tips!

Harley Benton powerplant (power box)
Digitech Digiverb (for short delays, but I want it for the reverse reverb effect)
Danelectro Tuna Melt (tremolo)
E-Bow (because I secretly hate attack)
EHX White Finger (compressor)
EHX Memory Boy (because I can't afford a DMM... expression pedal input is nice though for those wild effects)
EHX Small Clone (Chorus)
Boss OS2 (distorsion and overdrive... also considering a danelectro cool cat or a big muff pi)
Boss NS2 (noise gate - I'm using single coils)
Akai E2 Headrush (loops. It's a fun addition but not really essential)
Expression pedal

Id buy a handmade MKII Tonebender from only!

Id get the classic Big Muff

Fulltone Plimsoul

a vintage Roland space echo 201

EP Booster...
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...your own opinion about this new brand of hands crafted pedal effects made in USA...this overdrive looks and sounds spectacular!!! seems have impressive dynamic and hot emphasis on middle-high freq...good news

YouTube - Kana

and its... super boost...YouTube - Kana

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Someone mentioned effectrode pedals on this site before. From their videos online, they sound pretty amazing.
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With a grand to spend, I suggest you could take a look at more exotic brands too. Catalinbread's Semaphore tremolo is excellent, and the whole line actually is worth attention.
Also check out Mellowtone's Wolf Computer for an exciting and versatile fuzzbox.
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Dude the Harley Benton power box is a piece of crap, it will start getting noisy, then stop working. I had my electronic man modify it for me for 15 euro now it works fine but my vote would be the T.Rex fuel tank which is what the Harley Benton one copied, and I now use.

Rockabilly eh? Well how about these?
Plane Waves strobe tuner pedal
MXR carbon copy analog delay with modulation, vey cool, down to 50's slap back
Distortion will have to be your choice. I like the analog man tone king, any version.
Vodoo Labs tremolo pedal, wipes the boss and many other ones off the planet and very affordable too.
Reverb: Maybe a nice amp like a Fender Vibrolux with the footswith.

Of course these are very 'traditional' pedals, if you want crazy look up 'bleep labs' or some Moog (pricy) stuff, Z-vex etc etc.
Hope this helps. a grand is not much.......
Old 10th October 2011
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I bought a bunch of pedals for performing, but when I quit performing sold most of them without second thought. The band I was in needed lots of varied sounds and the pedals let me do that, but for the most part I didn't like dealing with them. Gets complicated pretty fast if you're not careful.

I would recommend the voodu labs power supply 2+ or something like that to manage your power cleanly.

I had a funk box that was kindof unique sounding - an electro harmonix Q-tron that sounded unlike anything I'd heard that I almost kept - essential for certain sounds - but it was more of a funk pedal than anything and I sold it.

What I did keep: 3 cheap Moen pedals (analog) that I liked - Pretty Dolly Delay, Holy Chorus, and the Violent Metal (which has something special going on if you ever play that). But you might give the delay and chorus a listen if you like analog. I thought they compared well to more expensive units - just more clear and natural sounding - especially the chorus.

anyhow, my 0.02. I should've just learned to take the time program my rack unit (Rocktron Voodu Valve) to make changes for an entire show.

BTW - someother stuff I sold included
Visual sound Jeckyll/Hyde; FullTone OCD, Visual sound H20, Roctron Comp, Rust Driver, Boss Looper (fun but very specialty pedal....) some type of boost pedal (nice for solos), oh and get you a tuner (i did keep the polytuner I had too for quick tunups between songs), probably 1 or 2 pedals I forgot - but for the most part disappointing experience.

And one other thing... half the time you'll be happy just to sortof be able to hear yourself and the band ok on stage. quality tone and the mix of all your pedals will be far down the list of concerns. if you've got the wrong setting or knob twisted somewhere on a pedal you may not even hear it. (your knobs will change just carrying your pedalboard around so keep track of your knob settings and check before each show). to a large degree you just gotta trust the soundguy out front to make the best - that's part of why I say I'd prefer something like a rack with presets (or I guess a pedalboard with presets would do the same deal). If I had to do it over for live presets are definitely the way I'd go.

edit: sorry - I just realized this thread was essentially dead for 10 months with the exception of the post prior to mine. apologies

Last edited by smili; 10th October 2011 at 05:41 AM.. Reason: added pedal to sell list
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One stop shopping: Wampler Pedals - choose your weapon.
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As someone who has a ton of high end (and yes a lot high priced) pedals, my suggestion would be to buy a bunch of Boss pedals, as many as you can get for 1k. Yes there are some better sounding pedals, but you're only going to get a small handfull or maybe a couple of the boutique guys. Boss pedals sound great and are extremely useable, and are great utility pedals to have around even if you have a bunch of high enders.

Three other pedals that I've found to always work are Dyna Comps, RC Booster and an old Nobels ODR-1. Not too expensive and these guys cover a lot of mileage with any amp.
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And maybe you are a convience guy. Buying an old multipedal can stripping it and then wire the internals of good pedals in them can be an easy way to get a great custom pedal with all the stuff you need.

The DAP Showmaster 24 and 48 are great bases aswell. You simply take a sheet of metal, in that sheet you connect all buttons and in the case a decent powersupply. And there you go.
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Surf, eh? RE-20 Space Echo.

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Originally Posted by muziekschuur View Post
And maybe you are a convience guy. Buying an old multipedal can stripping it and then wire the internals of good pedals in them can be an easy way to get a great custom pedal with all the stuff you need.

The DAP Showmaster 24 and 48 are great bases aswell. You simply take a sheet of metal, in that sheet you connect all buttons and in the case a decent powersupply. And there you go.
say WHAT???
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I don't often use pedals, but when I do, I use the Maxon 808 OD. I know that pedalwise, this make me the least interesting man on earth, but I can swear by this one for overdrive.
Old 21st January 2012
Hear a pedal by a company called Black Cat. It was a Bee Buzz distortion pedal. Sounded great, well made, solid construction and parts. Seemed a great choice for guitar. Was considering it for moog voyager but not sure so I passed for the time being. However, if I were a guitarist I would like this pedal allot.
Old 21st January 2012
Also would add that the MXR pedals sound great. Their "Carbon Copy" is an Analog delay pedal (I believe) and it sounds significantly better than the digital delays that I have on my DAW particularly when connected to a Moog.
Old 21st January 2012
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Anything by analogman and the fulltone tape reverb.
Old 22nd January 2012
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I used to buy one a week. FOLLY! Now I only have a couple that keep hanging around.

Since I play bass in my live band I still get to keep up with the boutique stuff whenever one of the guitarists goes crazy....

I love all the Keeley modded stuff. Its so quiet and full sounding. The OCD is a killer thing to step on.

I love Carl Martin stuff for myself. I have a Red Repeater and a Compressor/Limiter. No wall wart. A real regulated supply on the comp and it sounds a lot like a studio rack unit. I also recently bought a VHT V-Drive. Quiet and subtle but great variety.

Then I've kept a few gems over the years. Theres the first issue Boss OD-1 I bought brand new in 1979. Still sounds great. Beat beyond belief, never failed me. I have a couple 'other' hidden gems but I'll keep them secret as I still want to be able to buy em on the net for a couple of bucks. Suffice to say when they are fitted with tru-bypass they sound as good or better than any modern boutique pedal made today.

Ya gotta try em all to find em though....

I dont feel the need to use a pedal to get my sound. The VHT PittBull does a great job for most sounds and the quality guitars make it a lot easier. Pedals are simply a quick enhancement for a moment of something different on-stage.
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tell us the secret nobody reads gearslutz for pedal snobbing (gearpage, etc)
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Dunlop Cry Baby from Hell, DimeBag Darrel signature series.

Don't let the DimeBag part throw you off. It's not for heavy metal.

It is very, very versatile and sounds amazing on everything. Great 70's sound. The best pedal that I have ever invested in.


-Eventide Pedals

Old 23rd January 2012
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$1000 is almost enough to find a used Axe FX! An invaluable studio tool, and oodles of fun to practice with.

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I like the statement of standby standouts...

mine would be the Rat and Turbo Rat with LM308 op amp, Reverend Drivetrain II, Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion, MXR Micro Amp, Line 6 Verbzilla, Small Clone chorus

and lately, colorsound one knob fuzz (clone), keeley java boost (clone), modified/original Rebote 2.5 delay with circuit elements from the Skreddy Echo, also the Akai Headrush II is very impressive and useful. Probably Demeter Tremulator (clone with IC substitution for TL072) for amps without tremolo.

can/have get a lot done with these on various amplifiers and musical settings. I've gone through dozens of other pedals that don't get plugged in as often for formal music work.
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Just picked up a used Roto-Vibe. I have heard of these often but never had occasion to use one - Sounds fantastic so far...

I have only used it second in the chain out of a Boss Over-Drive -> Fender Blues Jr (the NOS tweed version)

Going to try it with some Synths later... Also It has a very intriguing CHRS sound.
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If you like Fuzz Face... the analog man Sun Face circuit is par excellence
Old 5th February 2012
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This thread is from 2010

What did you get ??

U better have a dwarfcraft bitchkeeper bitch !
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Really where did the grand go, how long did they last, what do you have now?

I saw an interesting thread on other site I think I will start here.
It was ""which pedals did you get that did not live up to the name or disappointed upon getting"? Most interesting just about everything you could imagine came up on their with a "sucked" by someone.
Old 19th April 2012
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Hey guys, I have a STEPHENSON STAGE HOG, handcrafted in 2007 that I am looking to sell. Best Overdrive Pedal I have ever used but I really need the cash, I will be very flexible with the price

Call or text 609-706-3103
Old 20th April 2012
Lives for gear

Eventide modfactor is awesome for the price...

Otherwise all my recs would be under the dirty category
Old 22nd April 2012
I'd like to reply, but GearSlutz live up to their name by preventing anything controversial being published. Amazing what a few free pedals can do.
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I'm having trouble figuring out how a confidential (alleged) dealer price list is 'controversial.' It's a forum rule that you can't post private correspondence, plain and simple.

What do you mean by 'a few free pedals?'
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