Hafler P3000 Volume blues
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Hafler P3000 Volume blues

I just hooked up my new (used) hafler p3000 to my NS10's.
Question is, how do I get the voulme down?

In Pro Tools, either the Master fader is down or the track has to be down. if not the volume is too loud! I mix at conversation level a lot. Before I had a Yamaha P2100 Amp and it worked fine. I could turn the levels way down on the Yamaha amp. I always kept my Master fader in Pro Tools at unity gain (where it should stay I'm told). Any ideas? Find another Yamaha power amp? (which I thought sounded nicer imho before it started crapping out)

Thanks in advance!

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Old 2nd January 2006
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You seriously need a monitor controller with a big volume knob... either a Mackie Big Knob, a Presonus Central Station, or for more money, a Dangerous Monitor ST, Crange Song Avocet, or a Grace Monitor Controller. Either that or get a console. Good luck.
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