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Your first recording ever Analog Processors (HW)
Old 2nd July 2003
BevvyB's Avatar

Your first recording ever

OK, when I was about 14 I attempted my first recordings using my portable cassette recorder, my mothers cassette recorder (which usually resided in the kitchen), some pens and biscuit tins for drums, my piano (which I still have!) and was pretty good at, and spanish guitar (which was a lousy cheap thing and I sucked, the heavy metal mayhem hadn't quite entered my veins yet)

Of course, I'd record onto one, and then play it back, play along and record onto the other.

I would KILL for those first recordings.

What were yours? Do you still have them? If you do, POST THEM UP!!

(After you've remastered them through $10k's worth of sluttiness of course heh )
Old 2nd July 2003
Lives for gear
Wiggy Neve Slut's Avatar

I was actually listening to mine the other day and couldnt help to laugh as it bought me back some hilarious memories..

Like i had hired a whole stack of stuff like a desk, mic and fostex 1/2" 16 tr... we had never done anything like it before.. We didnt read the manuals we plugged it all in etc and pressed record. ntohing happened. We wasted 2 days before we realsied we should start reading the manual and we had to press the PLAY and RECORD buttons simultaneously... LOL. i heh heh heh heh .. hmm i wonder how i can put it up? i may make an MP3 and if someone can host it let us know?

Old 2nd July 2003
Gear Nut

thanks bevvy - this gave me a nice chuckle. my first was on a fostex four-track cassette recorder. for about half the tracks, everything came out of my korg m1's sequencer, then my guitar and such on the other tracks. other ones i actually multi-tracked, boucning stuff between tracks, etc. i remember taking my whole setup (4track and a single mic!) to a friends house to record the drums - mono with a shure 57 or worse probably.

the funniest part, though, is that i actually went through the process of copywriting the whole thing!!! go the application, sent in an "archival" copy to washington, etc.

hmmm. i will have to go digging around to see if i can find them. perhaps my parents can dig them out of the attic! or i suppose i could get in touch with the copyright office and have them dig it up! LOL!!!!

if i can track anything down i'll post it for sure...

Old 2nd July 2003
Here for the gear

My first time (oh that sounds so dirty) was done with the venerable Realistic Tape recorder by Radio Shack. It was a whole bunch of firsts actually, first song I wrote, first band I was in, first recording by said band, etc.

I still have it and will dig it up and post.

BTW its complete crap but it makes me laugh. The song actually never made it past that one session. It was never played again. Goes to show you how good that song was!
Old 2nd July 2003
Gear Nut
cally's Avatar

Great post and I just remembered what I used to get up to as a kid.
My first recording was a radio play " Murder at dreadwood Manor "
I was ten and me and my brother improvised the parts to story of a murder taking place in an old stately home... I found the tape just the other day.. It contains squeaky dialogue like
" Oh no Mavis , theres been another murder.."
The drama was interspersed with excerpts from bbc radio 3 (classical music station) for added drama.
Of course at the end the butler did it..
I distinctly remember really getting a buzz from doing this and soon moved up to the two tape recorders multi track Building choirs with my voice until the noise level got too high.. doing lots of silly stuff.. Such fun..
Old 2nd July 2003
Lives for gear
covert's Avatar

I don't think I have the very first anymore, but you can find some very early stuff on the first R.A.P. cd collection.
Old 2nd July 2003
Gear Nut
Bowisc's Avatar

I was 16.
She was 15.

I loved her.
She didn't love me.

I had a Fostex 4-tracker, REX 50 effects box, EV BK-1 condensor, NS-10's, Peavy amp, Carvin mixer.

Old 2nd July 2003
Lives for gear
subspace's Avatar
I don't have the very first song I recorded, it was "Louie, Louie" on a boombox, but I've got just about everything following that. Yep, I was 14 years old as well. Started out with bongos and pot lids for drums and cymbals, an acoustic guitar, and a toy lute, then moved on to a toy drum set, a Hondo bass and a Sears guitar. Overdubbing technology didn't occur to us until a few years later.
We didn't really know how to play, but luckily our introverted lead singer churned out the most filthy and violent lyrics regularly to keep listeners interested. One tape we made on a boombox in the attic ended up getting pressed as a 7" single by a label. This was before we knew any chords or had discovered distorted guitar, none the less, the flip side was all instrumental.
I'll have to find somewhere to post some MP3 snippets...
Old 2nd July 2003
Lives for gear
davemc's Avatar

I remember the old reel to reel recorder of Dad's. Crap I aint that old am I. I then had a fostex 4 track...
I listened to some of my early 80's type songs recently, I still have the atari midi files..
Some of the melody lines were cool. Octave bass on the keys.. hmmm
I still remember we sold our 909 and 303 for almost nothing to get something cooler like a R8.
Old 2nd July 2003
Gear Nut
stuntmixer's Avatar

Ha! Good one.

I was 15 in my mom's kitchen. Two tape recorders, the now "classic" Radio Shack and a more sophisticated boom box.

I multitracked a version of "You've got to Move" which at the time I thought was by the Rolling Stones. I bounced back and forth overdubbing guitar, pots and pan percussion and piano bass (piano was down the hall, I remember loving the sound of the echo).

Thanks for the trip down a forgotten lane Bev.
Old 2nd July 2003
Lives for gear
Kris's Avatar
Hey subspace, I think I was in your first band... I've got an old cassette tape I've been meaning to digitize... maybe this will give me some incentive to do it so I can post it here... it's definately good for a laugh...
Old 2nd July 2003
Deleted User
Sounds like I started later than most. Guess I was a late bloomer. I was 18 at the time (only 3 years ago).

It all started with a little comedy troupe I was in. We did small performances in parking lots and a coffee house just for grins. The schtick was horror-comedy with ska musical numbers. We recorded some backup tracks to sing along with during the act.

We recorded on my friends PC with Fruity Loops, that cheap wave editor that comes with soundblaster cards, and a computer microphone. We couldn't afford to register Fruity Loops at the time; so since mix-down was disabled, we recorded the output into the tape deck of a karaoke machine and then back into the computer from cassette.

Here's the file as it was, just for fun:
there are no vocals on the recording, since we sang those live, so it's kinda boring after a minute or so.
Old 2nd July 2003
BevvyB's Avatar

Anyone got any ideas where we can host all this stuff?
Old 3rd July 2003
Gear Maniac
Heterodox's Avatar

I can host your mp3s for free, just give me an email...I'll throw an upload script together or find a shell script if you don't have an FTP program.
Old 3rd July 2003
BevvyB's Avatar

Ok, you need to write that in english now

What's the ftp adress we could upload to


Can you browse and download from a browser

If we can up from an ftp client and then download each others stuff from a link that would be super cool


Old 23rd July 2003
Here for the gear

Well I found the tape last night. Wow this is really bad but then again it was my first recording. Whats even more sad is that I don't think I've gotten much better in the last 15 years. Oh well I guess that's why its just a "hobby".
Old 23rd July 2003
Gear Addict
ExistanceMusic's Avatar

Heh Heh, I was thinkin about this one as I lay in bed this morning, glad you brought it up, saves me searchin' heh

No idea where my first ended up, but it was great at the time. Borrowed a little 4 track off a mate, used a REALLY noisy little 8 channel desk (first time I figured out you can get dual-mono outputs from a stereo board using pans, thought I was sooooo clever heh).
Didn't have enought mic stands for the guitars after we miced up the drum in my tiny little bush shed so we gaffa taped the them to chair legs at the right height
Knew nothing about gain structure, prabably for the best, becaue with the mega hot signal to the 4 track, this was also where I leaned how huuuge tape-saturated drums sound!

mmmmm fun, I'll have to dig it up sometime.
Old 23rd July 2003
Lives for gear
David R.'s Avatar

Oh yea, my dad's reel to reel. Must have been 14 or 15, I bought a Shure SM58 from a Carvin catalog for a little over $100, an impedance transformer from Radio Shack, and started two tracking.

Old 23rd July 2003
Lives for gear
hrn's Avatar

My first recording was made with "sound on sound" on a used Sony 377 tape machine. I maxed the inputs and "played" dist guitar. When I was getting more advanced I tried to do my own tracks to music by bands like Simple Minds and David Bowie...The 377 was a nice tape echo too.

Later on I bought two Audio Technica condensers and did many live recordings to a casette deck... Very happy to have these now!

Then came the 4-channel porta....8-channel Fostex with a 12-channel Fostex mixer and a 10-channel Soundcraft running together and of course the Atari....--->

Old 23rd July 2003
Lives for gear

I've been recording since I was god knows how young. 13 or 14. I did a WHOLE ALBUM with my brother and my best friend that would be far to embarrassing to post. It was for the most part improvised. I recorded with a few bands in different places. Mainly just jams and some bad verse chorus verse chorus vocal-less songs.

Then I got a Tascam Cassette 4-track when I was probably 7th-8th grade. A drum machine later and made some very embarrassing recordings.

Eventually I discovered cool edit (before cool edit pro was even thought of) and boy i was in heaven. CUT AND PASTE MULTITRACKING was the order of the day. I recorded some very elaborite stuff this way. I had this behringer enhancer that i thought was awsome and cranked the knobs on it and ran about everything through it. I also had one of the first digitech guitar pedals ever made and used it for effects. Sounded like total ass x1000.
Old 24th July 2003
Gear Head
Mixervixen's Avatar


My Dad was into home recording. I've got a reel somewhere with me at about age 3 telling some pretty stupid little kid jokes in a strange little kid voice. I got my first tape recorder when I was about 10 -- it wasn't really a toy but it wasn't made for music, either -- sort of like a dictaphone. I just goofed around with it, recording myself and my friends telling stories.

When I got a little older and Dad wasn't using the reel x reel machine anymore, I discovered you could get these live Grateful Dead recordings and so I used it for that for awhile, and did some of that sort of "field recording" as a hippie chick back in the 70s, sneaking gear into shows and recording on the sly.

But it wasn't until the last few years that I've gotten back into it in a big way, because I suddenly find myself in a band and writing music and we want to get it down on tape/disc. So my first real, purposeful multitrack recordings are only about two years old.

It started innocently enough, digging out the old Sony D5 to record rehearsals. Then we wanted to make a demo. Someone had to learn how to do it, and I was drafted. I started buying stuff, just enough to make a good demo. But of course, I couldn't stop there. I had to have more and better stuff. And we weren't just making a demo, we wanted a whole album! Well, that takes more stuff, see .... before you know it, I was spending more than I could possibly ever recoup. But it was okay, it was my "hobby" and people spend money on that, right??? I could be into golf, you know, take golf vacations or something. But I don't. So it's okay.

But still I wasn't satisfied. I even started hanging out audio forums on the internet, to engage in enabling with other slutz! It's like a drug, and soon I had to become a "pusher", doing demos and EPs for other people, other bands. It's horrible, I tells ya!! Kids, don't start!
Old 24th July 2003
Pye mono cassette recorder.

1974 1975 ???

Artist - me, on classical gtr using a plectrum to play the Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash (oddly enough years later I was to learn that the original or Steet Fighting Man I forget wich, was origionaly started by Keef on a similar recorder as a scratch / demo idea then bounced to multitrack to be completed)

Anyhow, aged 14 or 15 I, unlike Keef, sounded totaly ****!

I nearly cried! I was stunnned how awfull I was.

So I practiced till I got better,

I became a good rhythem guitarist by monitoring my progress with the cassette recorder..

OK, I forgot, around 1970 aged 10 my Dad and I went into a booth in Victoria Station where you could record a "45" seven inch record. (like in the video for "Tribute" by those joke heavy metal idiots.....???) We told jokes and giggled, I think I still have it. There must have been a cutting lathe in the booth somewhere... We definetly had red light fever! It was fun though. Happy days....
Old 24th July 2003
Gear Addict
ExistanceMusic's Avatar

Damn, I wonder what happened to all those old boothes and lathes, they'd be worth a fortune now!!!

Probably tossed for junk somewhere.....grudge
Old 25th July 2003
Gear Maniac
DigiDutch's Avatar

Ome Henk

I must have been 12/13. Me and a friend used one of those 'my first sony' type tape decks with one of those voice pitch devices to recreate comedy bits the dutch Gearslutz might know as Ome Henk.

A year or two later I progressed to a TASCAM 4-track cassette recorder, a behringer mixer a friend owned and some cheap Shure mics. I remember using a sock as a popfilter.

A few more years and pretty much 65% of ALL money I made, and here I am!

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