Celestion G12L (what wattage?)
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Celestion G12L (what wattage?)

I have a Marshall 4 x 12 cabinet that I'm trying to sell. Inside are Celestion G12L speakers. On their labels the identification is 'G12L' only. It seems that usually the wattage (such as '35') should follow that code, but it doesn't on these speakers.
I need to know the wattage before sticking them on ebay- can anyone help? It may be useful to know that the overall cab is 8 Ohms.

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35W afaik.
Came in Valvestate series cabs.
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did they sell for much? I also scored a 4 banger of CELESTION G12L.
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Originally Posted by Jay- View Post
did they sell for much? I also scored a 4 banger of CELESTION G12L.
They were actually never sold separately. They were only sold stock in the cabs. That being said, they usually go for between $40-$70 each nowadays.
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