DPA omni as mid in m/s overheads?!
Old 21st March 2010
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DPA omni as mid in m/s overheads?!

Tracking drums on Sunday and have a single DPA omni microphone to use. I'm thinking the DPA as the mid in a m/s config with a superlux R102 ribbon for the side. Going for a natural sound, with a bit of modern punch. Thinking about putting a xformerless 57 on snare, getting a little bit of SPL transient designer if needed, d112 on kickm again with an SPL, also a ns10 sub kick for a bit of ooomph. Just for the record, the room isn't huge, but is very well treated and sounds good. Does this sound like a good idea? I've heard mixed things about using omnis for the mid mic....
Old 21st March 2010
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