Profire 2626 + SM7 Mic. + GAP Pre-73 Microphone Pre-Amp
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Profire 2626 + SM7 Mic. + GAP Pre-73 Microphone Pre-Amp

I'm setting my home studio up for the first time and need assistance on what type of cables I will need. Do I simply need 2 microphone cables to hook up these 3 items?

Okay, my other issue is that I am using Komplete 6 and recording it to Pro Tools. I am using an Axiom Pro 49 controller. Do I record through the USB or should I get some kind of cable to hook up my controller to my Profire 2626? If I need to do the latter, what kind of cable will I need?

I hope to post a recording for you guys soon once I get this set up.
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