Suggestions: Freelancer-friendly / affordable studios to track drums in Boston?
Old 27th May 2009
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Suggestions: Freelancer-friendly / affordable studios to track drums in Boston?

Who's got the lowdown on some good drum rooms in/near Boston with decent rates for a freelancer?
Old 28th May 2009
How about Q Division?

I think they are near Boston. And there's "Kissypig." But they're site's not responding right now...
Old 26th August 2009

mad oak (next to kissypig)

q division

the moontower (cheap)


woolly mammoth
Old 26th August 2009
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I recorded at Kissy pig before. They have a good room and an old Neve broadcast the sound is ok overall. I would check out Newbury sound. They have the best drum room in town
and I think (hope) they still have their Harrison console

The best studio in metro Boston is BlueJay but it's out near 128/rt224
they have a mad labs console and a really awesome drum room too
awesome Blue Jay Recording Studio

Pretty much all the other rooms in town are for demos

For freelance engineers there is a guy from dedham runs a room called Vortex studio. His studio is small but he is one of the best engineers. He's worked with Yes, Extreme and I think aerosmith.

Really talented engineer use to be the house guy at sychro sound after the cars sold it and until it closed ( it wasn't his fault) forget his name but he was the only engineer in town that ever blew me away

In fact there is a studio in town called Sanctum and it is real good too. Well the guy who owns that studio think his name is Leo? He actually hire the guy who runs Vortex to produce his solo records so that says alot. since Leo is a great producer himself
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