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Mp3 to wav

someone please help me on this.

if an mp3 is created in iTunes from an original source WAV, can iTunes convert the mp3 back to its full quality WAV format?

i've heard yes and no. can someone please confirm for me?

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It can can be converted to a full sized wav, but not restored to full quality.

The MP3 conversion process discards some information as part of its compression scheme. This is called "lossy" compression.

Other types, like FLAC and AAC Lossless can be restored to a full quality WAV as these are simply bit compression methods, like .zip or .rar. These methods are simply "unzipped" on the fly to play back as if they were an uncompressed file.
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aw, that makes sense now.

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no you cant get back to the same original wav file by converting an mp3 back to wav

edit: too late ;P
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your actually have more chance of degrading the audio even more, with intermodulation distortion etc.

if somethings mp3 try to keep it that way.
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