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does anybody in here have less than $10K worth of equip?
Old 17th April 2007
Lives for gear

I have :

HHB Circle 5 active monitors
Beyer DT250 headphones
PC running windows music software -MOTU Ultralite (use a few plug-ins for reverb/delay)
Class A hand built valve guitar amp with EL34's
Palmer Speaker Simulator PDI03
Joemeek MQ3 (preamp/optical compressor/eq)
Neve 8801
Rode NT1 microphone

Gibson SG guitar
Musicman Stingray I guitar (1977)
Rickenbacker 4003 bass
Martin SPOM acoustic guitar
Petersen Classical guitar

Korg Kontrol
Old 17th April 2007
Gear Head
magnum's Avatar

I'm under 10k, too.

Pre: SPL Gainstation
Comp: SPL DynaMaxx
Enhancer & EQs: SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T
TLA 5013
TC 1140 HS (analogue)
Interfaces: RME ADI-8 DS (8 ins, 8 outs @ 44.1k, 88.2 half of it)
RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632
Monitors: Phonic 8A
Sub: Jamo SW 400E
Headphones: AKG K141 Studio
Mixer: Mackie ONYX-1220 (just 4 monitoring and headphones)
Mics: Neumann TLM103
Computer: Pentium 4 2,6 GHz, 4 GB DDR-RAM
DAW: Cubase4
Plugs: Waves Musicians 1 Bundle, RenMaxx Bundle
Algorithmix BlueEQ, UAD1 StudioPak

Oh, by the way ...some of the things above are buyed used...damn, i gotta earn some cash...
Old 30th July 2007
Here for the gear
MixedBy4056's Avatar

M-Audio BX-8A
Mackie 1402 VLZ
Rack Rider Power Conditioner
DBX 296 Spectral Enhaner
API 3124
Audient ASP008
MIDI Verb 2 (This has some great thick reverbs)
ADI-22 DBX 163x
2 Rode NT-5
M-Audio Midi Controller
2 AT4050's
2 KRK 10" Subs (If using subs you have to listen in stereo. Read "Bob KAtz, MAstering Audio)
2 Switch craft TT patch bays
Avalon AD2055
Dyntronics 255 Reverb (EMT)
Metric Halo 2882
Waves Platnium
Roger NIchols Plugs (Great Meters)
Ohm Force
Tons of PSP Plugs
Tacoma DF-Z1 Acoustic Guitar
Guild F-Body (1964)
AT 4060
Sound Delux U195
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Deville

Last edited by MixedBy4056; 30th July 2007 at 09:27 AM.. Reason: Updating
Old 30th July 2007
Hmm...maybe...I'll calculate what I spent on the gear not how much is it new

Apple MacBook: $1000
Digidesign Digi 002R: $800
Event TR6 Active: $400
Sytek MPX-4Aii Microphone Preamp: $900
Tech 21 SansAmp RBI Rackmount Bass Amp: $220
Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner: $180
AKG C 414 B-XLS: $310
(2) Shure SM 81: $325
Shure KSM32: $350
(2) Shure SM57: $100
(2) Sennheiser MD421: $550
AKG D 112: $150 (why have these gone up in price so much?)

About $5300...well under $10,000

...well, if you count all my instruments I'd probably reach that amount.
Old 1st August 2007
Gear Nut
Diskordia's Avatar

i have a lot of stuff that is inherited/borrowed from friends/family but this is what i've sunk it into. nothin too special but it works

g4 1.33/ 1.5 gig powerbook- 2000
g5 dual 1.8/ 1 gig- 1200
U87- 1300
Rode Nt5 pair-250
Digimax LT- 550
Sm 57- 90
EV 635a- 50
AKG d1000- 40
Yamaha MSP5 monitors- 250
various headphones (many now broke)-250
Beta 52- 150
Sansamp bass driver-150
74 Jazz Bass repairs- 650
Ampeg B100R- 300
Rane HD6- 30
Rack cases- 350
Plugs- 100
pump organ-100

roughly $9400 over the last 3-4 years. i probably have another $2000 worth of mics and instruments i didn't buy

the real kicker is the $25,000 audio school debt that will have become over 50k by the time its paid off. funny thing is i learned nothing about live sound and thats where i make most of my money. i think im done making major purchases until i can get that crap under control.
Old 1st August 2007
Gear Addict
I think I'm under 10K

Delta 1010 (BLA modded)
Avalon AD2022
Neve Portico 5012
Neve Portico 5042
Soundelux U195
Audix SCX25
Tannoy 5A monitors

OMG.... I didnt realize until right now that my hobby has grown teeth.... I am painfully close to 10K.... if not over.... fak
Old 1st August 2007
Lives for gear
Cellotron's Avatar
OK - I have way more than $10k worth of gear now just in a single rack BUT back in 1995 I recorded a solo album (and it actually has some tracks on it I am still proud of), was tracking demos for a few other projects, and was getting paid work doing digital editing with just:

486-60 PC with a DAL Card D+ w/spdif i/o daughterboard running Windows 3.1
SAW (the original version - revolutionary for the time in that you could mix and playback 4 stereo tracks at once on a PC without any DSP cards!!)
SAW utility pack (plugin eq, compressor, echo/delay)
Cool Edit
ART Proverb (bought used)
3 Digitech looping delays (1 of them bought used)
Tascam DA-30 (borrowed from my room mate)
Mackie 1202 (borrowed from a friend)
Peavey 8 x 2 mixing board - this thing was huge & noisy with no phantom power on it (bought used)
weird tube DI / line amp built by my roomie
Infinity hi-fi monitors (gotten as a birthday gift from my brother)
Marantz preamp / power amp (inherited from my Dad)
Sony V6 headphones
2 Reslo ribbon mics (borrowed from my room mate)
2 Shure SM-58's
2 Radio Shack PZM's (borrowed from my room mate)
Gallien Kruger bass amp
various guitar amps (borrowed from my room mate)

While obviously happier and achieving way better sounds with the equipment I now have at my disposal - in some ways I was more productive and coming up with some more creative things while dealing with the greater limitations and less options I had then.

Anyway - sometimes I don't think people realize how recent the what a huge change it is in such a short period of time to have such a huge variety of affordable and powerful recording gear made available on the market.

Best regards,
Steve Berson
Old 1st August 2007
Lives for gear

I'm under 10k in gear (hopefully not for much longer) but I've just spent a bit over 3k building my live room and I'll be dumping money into the control room next.

Computer (home built, good.) 700
Digi 002 Rack (got a deal) 800
Allen and Heath GL3 24x4 800
Event TR8 500
RNC 125
DBX 118 75
Patchbay 150

Sansamp DI 50
Sansamp Bass Driver 125

Groove Tubes GT 55 x 2 250
SM 57 x 3
Beta 52 (4 came as a kit) 175
Naiant MSH-1O x 2 50
Apex 210 100
Audix I5 90

Total: 3990

Now of course, this doesn't include stuff that adds up, dozen or more mic stands, cables, cables, cables, more cables, snakes, headphones, headphone amp...whatever.

But it's a good general list. It's a decent little workhorse studio right now, but there's a few things I'd like to add to bring it to the next level.

If you wanna hear some of the stuff I've made in it so far, shoot me a PM.
Old 2nd August 2007
Gear Head
Dream Send's Avatar

Project Mix
Big Knob
BX5a Monitors
BX10s Subwoofer

AE4100 (scratch vox)

Waves Diamond
Ozone 3

4) Sennheiser HD 201

With room treatment and everything I might be a little over 10K

Last edited by Dream Send; 2nd August 2007 at 01:57 AM.. Reason: forgot monitors and headphones
Old 2nd August 2007
Here for the gear

yah here goes, in order of things that get played w. the most...

fender rhodes mark II stage... $400
mpc 3000... $1350
dda interface 32x4 console... $600
echo audiofire 12 $550
alesis andromeda... $2200
studio electronics se1 $750
hohner clav d6... $450
roland juno 60... $400
pod xt... $250
mackie hr24... $1200
amt8... $150
masterlink $600

all the rest is computer and software etc... does that count?
Old 2nd August 2007
Gear Head

I just got into this craze. Had an LE rig for a few years. Finally decided to get serious. Im in for about 20k so far and dont have good mics yet.

Heres what I got

HD3 8k
Mac Pro 2300
2 Vintech 473s 5600
Presonus Eureka 300
96IO interface 1375
Internal Hard Drive 120

Stuff I already had
Behringer Studio monitors. = Not that great I know. But they work
16 Channel Snake
C3 Studio Projects = Cheap but doest sound bad
2 Marshall condensers. Upgrading these
1 421
1 SM57
1 D112 if I can find it
Old 5th August 2007
Gear Nut
James Krumhansl's Avatar

been serious about pro audio for about a year and a half, this is what i got

Dell Precision 390 - aprox. 1000
19" Monitor - 140
alesis i/o 26 - 350
alesis multimix (old interface) - 300
M-audio BX5a - 260 (pr)
Mopads - 40
Sonar 5.0 - 400

NT1a - 200
SM57 - 1 gift, one borrowed from a friend
Rode NT5 - 400 (pr)
Nady CMY - 80 (pr) - quickly replaced by nt5's
Audix D6 - 200
SM59 - 70, used at a guitar shop
Sennheiser e906's - 180, I have 2, sent me an extra one, thank you GC :-P
SM7- 350

Presonus Blue Tube - 180
Focusrite Twintrak Pro - 600

Radial J48 DI - 180

Stands - probably 200ish overall

SE Reflexion Filter - 300

Cables - Mostly Mogami, including instrument, mic, and patch cables aprox 400

Livewire headphone amp - 50

Headphones - 80 (I only have 2, really need some more)

My total = 5960

I also use some of my cousins gear until he has a full set up of his own -

KRK 10 Sub
Sennheiser 602 II
Audix I5
MXL 603 (pr)
Behringer ADA 8000

all together still not 10k, and nowhere near happy with my sound yet
Old 5th August 2007
Gear Addict
Emi's Avatar

Genelec 8020A + 7050B sub
Focusrite RED 8 pre-amp
Behringer Ultrafex Pro
Motu 828 mk2
Behringer ECM8000
M-Patch (monitoring volume)
M Box with Pro-Tools 7.0 (for transfering)
Nuendo 3.2
Waves (all plug-ins)
M-Audio Keystation Pro 88
Pioneer CD recorder

This is the list of my personal home studio. I do all my works in real studios but sometimes I just love to mix in my little one...and sometimes it´s quite interesting what you can get.

Didn´t calculate what all my things worth but I think it´s under 10K
Old 5th August 2007
Lives for gear
dokushoka's Avatar

Originally Posted by MixedBy4056 View Post
M-Audio BX-8A
Mackie 1402 VLZ
Rack Rider Power Conditioner
DBX 296 Spectral Enhaner
API 3124
Audient ASP008
MIDI Verb 2 (This has some great thick reverbs)
ADI-22 DBX 163x
2 Rode NT-5
M-Audio Midi Controller
2 AT4050's
2 KRK 10" Subs (If using subs you have to listen in stereo. Read "Bob KAtz, MAstering Audio)
2 Switch craft TT patch bays
Avalon AD2055
Dyntronics 255 Reverb (EMT)
Metric Halo 2882
Waves Platnium
Roger NIchols Plugs (Great Meters)
Ohm Force
Tons of PSP Plugs
Tacoma DF-Z1 Acoustic Guitar
Guild F-Body (1964)
AT 4060
Sound Delux U195
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Deville
Hey where did you find your Dynatron 255?
Old 5th August 2007
Gear Addict

Interesting thread...I suffer from studio gear envy when I read so many threads dealing with gear that costs the gross national product of a small country. And yet, I own my gear - free and clear. There is a certain freedom to that, which allows some projects that I would not touch, otherwise... Studio gear total under $10K? Yes. Not counting acoustic instruments and live sound gear. Much studio gear was not new when I acquired it...We also have access to a friend's MOTU system for micro-editing.

Room was included in house plans, at very, very little extra cost, in the mid 1980's. The room was a dedicated one room studio from its inception. Control room and studio are one. Control area is 8" below studio area. 1.5 stories underground, with ceiling suspended on aluminum cables, with 3 ft of rockwool above. No real right angles... 10" cinderblocks filled with anti-resonance material. Walls and floor treated properly. Shift from analog to digital sound storage and processing accomplished, around 2004.

Studio based around three Yamaha AW2816 stand-alone workstations. Two are cascaded and wired into the studio, one is portable for on-location use.
Tannoy System 600/Reveal 6/TS10 sub/2XAlesis RA300 main monitoring system, augmented by Avantone/Cambridge Soundworks Model 16/Harmon Kardon amp for real-world reference Main monitoring system level references set professionally, using RTA and a number of good sets of ears...
A number of Luxman/Pioneer CD players for reference - Sony burner accessed by analog cabling for quick reference discs
Headphones by AKG and Yamaha
Headphone monitoring system by ART
Active and passive control and switching by Big Knob and Russound
AT/3035/801 Shure KSM32/58/57/Beta 57/SM7, various Russian mics
Blue Tube DP pres (Never use the tubes...)
Microboards 1 to 3 duplicator

It works for us...
Old 18th August 2007
Gear Head

my setup

My setup is well below 10K

- Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 i/o - 700
- Behringer ADA 8000 - 300
- PC (AMD Sempron 3000) - 800
- Cubase SX 3.22 - 400
- Tascam VL-X5 - 200
- AKG C2000B - 170
- Shure SM57 (2x) - 200
- AKG D112 - 170
- Warfdale dynamic mic (3x) - 70
- Gatt Drumkit - 200
- Cables - 400
- Stands - 300

total: 3910
(Wow, that much! I really thought that it would be around 2000 or so)
Old 18th August 2007
Lives for gear
Akoppenheffer's Avatar

Not sure, but let's find out!

Macbook Pro- 3000
Firewire 1814- 500
Pro Tools MP- 200
Digimax LT- 600
Eureka- 400
Aphex Aural Exciter- 200
Rode NT4- 450
(2) 57s- 180
Rode NT1A- 175
Shure PG Drum Mics- 350
AKG C4000B- 600
AKG C1000S- 175
Roland Fantom X8- 3000
Alesis DM5- 150
Behringer Junk- 600
Stands and Cables- 400
Plugins and Software- 800
Midi Controller and Headphones- 160

Damn, didn't see that comin...

Last edited by Akoppenheffer; 19th August 2007 at 12:12 AM.. Reason: Forgot Plugins!
Old 18th August 2007
Lives for gear
lowfreq33's Avatar

I'm sitting at around $15K, but about 5K of that is instruments and software.
Old 18th August 2007
Lives for gear
CassidyGT's Avatar

DAW PC - 700

Sonar PE - 500
Plugs/Soft Synths/Soft Sequencers etc - 2000

Room Treatments - 500
Event TR6's - 400
Ultrasone Cans - 350

Mackie Onyx 400f - 550
MBox - 100
Focusrite 220 Session Pack - 1200
UA 6176 - 1600
ART Pro VLA - 200
dbx 242 EQ - 150
FMR RNC - 150
Sans Amp RBI - 150

AT4050 LDC - 400
(2) Senn e614 - 325
Senn e609 - 100
Kel HM-1 - 100

M-Audio Pro Keys 88 - Controller - 350
MIM Telecaster - 400
Custom Stratocaster - 550
Taylor 110 - 500
Cort Curbow 5 String - 500

Fender HR Deluxe - 600
GK 400RB Bass Amp - 200
Hartke 4x10 Cab - 250

Damn over $12k - that is messed up!! Thanks for getting me to go through that process and heavily bum out.
Old 19th August 2007
Lives for gear

...i'm in the sub-$5000 range, personally

well, i might've cracked 5 g's by now, but not by much
Old 19th August 2007
Lives for gear
Alex Niedt's Avatar

Over $10K here. And I really want a Sony C-800G...ouch. I wish this stuff was cheaper.
Old 19th August 2007
Gear Guru
AllAboutTone's Avatar

NO !! 10k only gets you a few preamps and compressors, im sure over the years 50k would be more natural. damn thats a lot of cash.
Old 19th August 2007
Lives for gear

10k only gets you a few preamps and compressors
not's possible to stretch a budget of 5-10k pretty far with the products that are available on today's market
Old 19th August 2007
Gear Guru
AllAboutTone's Avatar

Originally Posted by Ironklad Audio View Post
not's possible to stretch a budget of 5-10k pretty far with the products that are available on today's market
If you want cheaper gear you can stay around 10k or less...
My preamps, one rack units are over 2k and my compressors are in the $1400 range, 10k can go real quick.
Old 19th August 2007
Lives for gear
i used to have 10k or less....thats changed alot in the last little bit. and i still want soooo much more!!!
Old 19th August 2007
Lives for gear
TheRealRoach's Avatar
I as well have just jumped into the slightly-over 10k boat with the addition of a Focusrite ISA220 (with AD card) and a TL Audio 5001B (quad valve pre). Two of the best purchases I have made. I took out a small loan in order to do so, but there was an instant quality improvement in sound (noticeable to the artist, not just to me!). I highly recommend getting a small line of credit (mine was 5k) from the bank and going shopping you slutz!

Old 28th August 2007
Gear Addict

nice thread.

-Mackie 32X8X2
-Alesis HD24
-ADC Longframe patchbays
-ADC Longframe patch cables
-KRK RP5's
-Furman/Monster power conditioning
-Sony Vaio PC
-Behringer Vverb
-Lexicon MPX 1
-Dbx 160X
-Joe Meek VC1Qcs
-HHb radius 50
-Behringer T1951
-TL audio 5052
-Shure SM 57's (2)
-Audix I5's (2)
-Audio Technica 3035's (one's for sale, the other, i don't own)
-Audix D6
-Audix D3
-Shure KSM27's (2)
-Sennheiser 609
-Cascade FAThead II
-Whirlwind cabling
-Marshall JCM900
-Mesa 4X12
-VOX 4x12
....that's most of it, plus a couple of studio drum kits, guitars, basses and miscellaneous crap i forget.
Old 4th September 2007
I have less than $10k of gear in my iso room.

Actually, that depends on the session...

I don't have any dream setup, though. Probably in the $30k range (no PTHD here).
Old 11th September 2007
Hmm I always estimated my studio at $10,000 because I calculated it a couple years ago but it's a way way different set up now.

Adam A7s and mopads - 850
Mackie Onyx 1640 - 1300
Headphone amp - 250
Shure Drum kit DMK57-52 - 250
Oktava MK-012 pair - 250
AT 4033 - 250
Oktava MK-319 PE mod - 360
2 Dbx PB-48 patchbays - 80
Tapco Spring Reverb 250
Urei graphic EQ 50
Apex 205 w lundahl 155
Mic stands and cables 300

That puts me into the 5-6000 range. I'm on my way and I'm learning a ton. I'm recording bands for $15/hr just up from $10/hr. My selling point is the nice room. Right now I'm in college and my parents are paying the rent so I can spend ALL of the money I get from recording on nice gear that will last. I have about a year before I graduate so I'm going to have to record a lot of bands while I don't have to worry about rent. Then hopefully after I move into the real world I'll have a good enough start to open a studio if only a nice home studio
Old 11th September 2007
Deleted 86c3d96
Geez, I am afraid to start adding

Mac Pro 2.66 $2800
Apogee Ensemble $1920
Logic Pro 7.2 Academic $500
NI Komplete 4 /Kore $800
Yamaha Motif 6ES $1600
Yamaha S08 $900
Novation X-Station $500
Dynaudio BM5a $800
Mackie Control Univeral $600
Extenders $900
Fender American Strat $900
Variax 700 $500
UAD-1e $1000
Les Paul Standard $1000
M-audio 1814 $300
M-audio ProjectMix $1000
Podxt $300
Trigger Finger $150
LCD's $800
Dell 9200 $600
Emu 1820m $500
AKG 414 $849
AT 4040 $300

and more crap valued over $20k

and I only know two chords. Alot has been wasted buying lower end ****, and stepping up recently.

I was a former record company Artist Development flak telling many of you that your crap will never sell. Now, I got the bug to make my own crap that will never sell. One thing many of you don't understand is that most record company types really want to be artists and that is why many are such assholes, not just because they want to exploit you and make a buck.
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