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does anybody in here have less than $10K worth of equip?
Old 13th April 2010
Lives for gear
Kestral's Avatar

BAE 1073MPF ~$2700
UA1176AE ~$2000
Bryston 3BST + Yamaha NS10 ~$1200
Novation 49SL mk2 + Mackie 1202vlz3 ~$1000
Oberheim Matrix 1000 + Juno 106 ~800
Gibson SG + Gibson LG-3 ~$2000
Shure SM57 + SM58 ~$200
A bunch of guitar pedals and my guitar amp ~$2000

Plus I got a Rosetta 200 + FW400 card today so this puts me over $10K
Old 13th April 2010
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Old 30th June 2010
Here for the gear
Perry Grinn's Avatar

  • Pro Tools HD/LE
  • Digidesign 192
  • Digidesign 003R+ w/ BLA Mod
  • BLA PM8 Summing Amp
  • Yamaha HS80M x 2
  • T.C. Electronic BMC-2
  • Mytek Stereo 96 ADC
  • Focusrite ISA One
  • BLA Auteur
  • M-Audio DMP3
  • ART Tube MP
  • MXL v69ME w/ MJE Mod
  • MXL 602S w/ MJE Mod x 2
  • RODE NT1a w/ MJE Mod
  • Shure SM57 x 4
  • Audix i5
  • FMR Audio RNC x 3
  • FMR Audio RNLA
  • Joe Meek MC2
  • MXR M80 Pedal
  • EH Big Muff Bass
  • Orange B30 Combo
  • Kustom 35 Combo
  • Ibanez SR300
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Lots of little percussion instruments
  • Loads of Soft synths + effects plugins
Not sure if that is over $10k or not? Maybe it is now that I look at it.
Old 30th June 2010
Gear Nut

Big Ticket Items

2x Tannoy Ellipse iDP 8 --FREE
RME Multiface --$1000
GR MP-2NV --$1700
2x FMR RNP --$1400
2x AKG c480 --$1200
2x Josephson c42 --$1200
EV RE-20 --$500
AKG c451 --$500
Mackie Control --$1000

TOTAL: $8500

I'd probably be a bit over if you add up the small stuff like SM57s, Cheap Chinese Condensors, Cables, Computer+Monitor, Acoustic Treatment, etc.
Old 3rd July 2010
Deleted 86c3d96
I got 10K in just WUPS fees.

I have $7000 just in guitars.
Old 3rd July 2010
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Old Goat's Avatar

Nope. Not even if you include the '95 Ranger I haul my stuff in.
Old 4th July 2010
Gear Head
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Console: £150
Macbook: £2,200
AI: £100
Guitar: £130
Shure Beta 58A: £120
Cables: £20-30

Total: £2,730

In Dollars: $4150

Old 4th July 2010
Lives for gear
this is an oldy posty.......

10k worth of gear is only cool and admirable if you can make it sound like a 100k worth of gear or whatever.

Anyone can brag about have lots of cheap gear much like anyone can take a loan out and buy loads of expensive gear and brag about that, but if what you are creating with the gear doesn't sound good who cares how much you paid or how little you paid?

Lately it seem legions of posters here would rather talk about how cheap gear is all you need, yet you never hear one great recording they did with that cheap gear.
Old 4th July 2010
Lives for gear
Halloween's Avatar
Don't you think a poll might of been better suited for some ******** question like this?
Old 4th July 2010
Gear Maniac
Tal Black's Avatar

Let's see: "SonicHammer" computer
Cubase 1.01
UAD 1 x4
MOTU 2408 mkII
Groove Agent
Mackie Onyx 1204
Adam A7
Roland U20
Drum Kat trigger
UA 6176
SM57, KSM44, RE20, CM98st
The Brick

Damn! I'm over 10.000 with just the above. I wouldn't have thought so without adding it up. However I have a "WhisperRoom" whhich itself is 5000.00 so with that I'm well over. Geez, with this kind of investment you'd think I'd be happier with the results.

I know! Summing mixer! Yeah, that's the ticket...
Old 4th July 2010
Lives for gear
Amber's Avatar

I probably own less that $1,000 in gear if you don't include software.

Bought a Macbook Pro with my first composing gig.

Don't really buy anything anymore.

About 5 years ago I probably had about $4,000 worth of guitar stuff alone, Boogie Mk1 head, JMP100, Boogie Mk3, Boogie cab, vintage big muff, some older hard to find Boss pedals, various guitars etc. Sold it all to afford time to spend writing music and networking. I actually made a profit on it all since the older stuff seems to keep its value well.
Old 4th July 2010
Recording computer: Super Nintendo (used) $20
DAW of choice: Mario Paint (used) $5

do I win?
Old 14th July 2010
Gear Maniac

My total is $429.95. I'm not even gonna post the gear.
Old 21st July 2010
Lives for gear
peter_martin's Avatar

Originally Posted by Bossatmusic View Post
My total is $429.95. I'm not even gonna post the gear.

Thats awesome...
Old 21st July 2010
Lives for gear
mikethedrummer's Avatar
Anyone down to start posting their work? I have less than 10k =]
Old 21st July 2010
Gear Maniac
If I add everything in, instruments as well as recording stuff, maybe...heh
Old 21st July 2010
Lives for gear
The MPCist's Avatar

Originally Posted by robertshaw View Post
this is an oldy posty.......

10k worth of gear is only cool and admirable if you can make it sound like a 100k worth of gear or whatever.

Anyone can brag about have lots of cheap gear much like anyone can take a loan out and buy loads of expensive gear and brag about that, but if what you are creating with the gear doesn't sound good who cares how much you paid or how little you paid?

Lately it seem legions of posters here would rather talk about how cheap gear is all you need, yet you never hear one great recording they did with that cheap gear.

Yep, cheap gear is all one needs. Ethan's done tests and has "proven" that all you need is a SoundBlaster and you're good to go! heh
Old 21st July 2010
Gear Maniac

i think im at around £1200 GBP. so yes, I do..

centered around :

digi 003 - £500
2x ada8000 - £200

once its paid for itself, im going to buy MOAR GEAR!!!!!
Old 21st July 2010
Lives for gear
Great thread. Got me thinking. Here's my setup (recording equipment only-no instruments,amps,etc.)

Alesis HD24(used) $800
Alesis Masterlink (new) $750
Mackie Onyx 1620 (used) $450
Event ASP6 pair (floor models) $200 (seriously)
Presonus HP4,2 pairs AKG K271s and 1 pair Sennheiser HD280s (all new) $550
John Hardy M1 2 channel,Great River ME1NV,ART Pro MPA 2 w/NOS Telefunkens(all new) $3075
ART Pro VLA(new),FMR RNC(used) $250
TC M-OneXL,Yamaha REV500,Klark/Teknik DN700(all used) $325
Beyerdynamic MC930 pair(new),Shure SM7b,AT4050(used/not working +repair cost),Kel HM7U(new),Kel HM3C(new),SM57(used),AT3060(used),Cascade Fathead(new)+DIY Cinemag transformer upgrade $2000
Acoustic treatment(all DIY) $600
Cables and snakes(new/used/DIY) $400
Desk(DIY) $125
Mic stands(new) $150
Patchbays(two new/one DIY) $250
Rack cases (new and used) $200
Power conditioners(new) $150
Misc.(pop filters,direct boxes,etc.) $150

Total $10,000+ and I still plan on buying more effects, better compressors, and a Pearlman TM1. I still haven't finished the album that I could have done at a good local studio for $2500,proving what I always say: "I have more money than sense".
Old 21st July 2010
Gear Maniac

I do! I have less. I'm an almost 100% vocal studio, so I don't have the wide variety of things, because I don't have to deal with drum kits.

I think I'm around 6K including plugs. I do have an M3 organ and Motif 8 keyboard, but I don't use those in my recording business, just because I like playing keyboards, so I didn't count them.
Old 22nd July 2010
Lives for gear
Tom Hakala's Avatar

hmm... wanna do an inventory for myself. So here we go:

RME FF400 - 800e
Steinberg MR816x - 600e
Behringer ADA8000 - 200e
GAP PRE73 - 300e
ART Tube MP - 50e

KRK RP5 - 300e
NS10 - 450e
Alesis RA500 - 200e
Sennheiser HD600 - 250e
Beyerdynamic DT770 - 150e

Beyerdynamic MC930 (pair) - 650e
Shure SM7b - 250e
Shure KSM32 - 300e
Shure SM57 (2) - 170e
Shure SM58 - 100e
Audio Technica 4050 - 250e
Sennheiser e504 (2) - 100e
Sennheiser MD441 - 230e
Sennheiser MD421 - 220e
AKG C451B - 280e
Cascade Fathead - 150e
MXL 603 w/omni caps (pair) - 130e

Fender Telecaster AVRI '52 (1996, one piece body, 6.5lbs!) - 1650e
Gibson Faded Flyin' V - 450e
Yamaha TRBII-4 - 450e
Martin 000-16GT (with k&k pickup) - 900e
Peavey Triple XXX 212 combo - 550e
Laney pre-Supergroup 60w (1968) - 800e (traded for Koch Multitone and I traded my Parker Nitefly to Koch which cost me 800e)
Vox Tonelab SE - 150e

Plus stands, cables, shakers etc. and my laptop and desktop pc. And I forgot all the plugins, DAW... well... :D

Aprox. 11500e
Damn over 10k heh
Old 23rd July 2010
Lives for gear

well if you count instruments and go by new price I probably have 10k worth of gear, but I'm definitely on a budget and I definitely don't have as many options as I like. Not to mention the instruments I have been collecting over a big chunk of my life, and many are "beginner". I have a bunch of various cheaper guitars so I wont list all of them. This is what I use:

Mac G5 dual 1.8ghz
Mackie MR5's
Altec Lansing computer speakers w/ sub
Sennheiser HD202 headphones
Sony MDR-7506 headphones
Pro Tools M Powered/keyboard
Profire 610
SSL Alpha Channel
Abbey Road native bundle
ATM 450
AT 3035
AT 4040
Sennheiser MD421-U-5
Sennheiser e835
PVM 45
Nady RSM-2
Fostex MR8 digital 8 track

Gibson SG standard
Mesa Dual Rectifier Head (dual channel)
Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab
Marshall Valvestate VS102r 150w 2x12 combo amp
Fender 38w practice amp
Hofner Icon Series Bass
Takamine E314 acoustic guitar
Takamine G series acoustic guitar
Yamaha PSR273 keyboard w/ midi
Student Practice Viola
Striker Bass
Cosmic Percussion Conga
Large Rainstick and various tambourines, shakers and percussion.
Old 24th July 2010
Here for the gear
elysianforest's Avatar

Just get out the soldering iron!

Well, this is an interesting exercise. I've always been a dealmonger and scrounger and I seem to be coming in well under $3000 for recording gear - I won't go into instruments since that's not what this was about. The key for me has been knowing the right people at the right time and not being afraid of some pot cleaner and a soldering iron. So here goes:

Homebuilt Intel q6600 based system running XP Pro - $600
Adobe Audition 3 - $99 upgrade from 2.0 which was given to me
Included DAW plugs plus very good freeware plug-ins
(Kjaerhus classics, Boosty, Digital Phishphones, and a number of others)
Alesis io|26 interface - $275 with sale and rebate

Peavey PV-8 - $100

Pair Tascam VLX-5 monitors - $250
Hafler PRO1200 (repaired free salvage) powering pair of Rectilinear VI’s - $100 (including replaced midrange drivers)
Audio Technica ATH-MH50s headphones - $99
2 pairs AKG K-44 phones for artists - $40
Cheap computer speakers, old boombox, car stereo, earbuds, etc …

Tape Decks:
Nakamichi MR-1 (free salvage-needed cleaning)
Ampex AG440c ¼” 2-track RTR (free salvage- haven’t quite repaired this one, has some transport issues and I have no tape anyway!)

MXL V-69me - $300 (modded with NOS Siemens military grade tube, I'll put in some new caps when I get around to it, but it sounds damned good on lower voices)
Pair Avantone CK-1 sdc’s - $298
Studio Projects B-1 -$100
Nady RSM-5 - $80
Nady PCM-200 dynamic - $70
Pair Behringer XM-8500 dynamics - $40
3 Audio Spectrum AS-400’s (these came with some mic stands and are dreadful, I call them ASS-400’s as they continue to defy the notion that any microphone is good for something … but I do have them still)

Mic Pre:
Ampex MX-10 (free salvage-powered on with a variac and it works wonderfully)

Outboard Gear:
dbx 3BX expander (gift)
Alesis XT:c reverb (gift)
Roland SDE-1000 digital delay (gift)
Yamaha Q2031 eq (gift)
Yamaha FX900 multi-effects (gift)
Homebuilt I/O panel for Ampex Pre – around $30
Behringer Ultrapatch PX1000 - $35
Shure PS1A phantom power supply - $40

I tracked & mixed my band's album with this equipment which can be heard here:
music player

This guy came to me with really badly edited tracks, horrible phasing, and bad mic placement in a icky sounding basement, you can listen to what I was able to do with that here (I also designed that nifty trebleclef S btw): » Music

For what it's worth, I think the most bang for my buck actually came from taking classes at my local community college.
Old 24th July 2010
Gear Head

I really like this thread. Neat ideas.

I'm probably nearing $10k for my stuff if you're looking at retail, but I've always been amazed at how cheaply people will sell their stuff for when it's 6 months old and essentially unused.

'94 Fender CIJ Telecaster - $500
'78? Yamaha FG-200 - Freebie
w/ LR Baggs M1-A - $160
90s Epiphone Sheraton - $300
00s Gretsch Pro Jet w/ Bigsby - $300
Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 - $350 (Got it in trade for paying the fees on a guy's car purchase)
Fender Deluxe Reverb RI - $700
Pedals appx. $800

Sub-Total: $3110

5U Rack case and Juice Goose power thing: $60
MOTU 828 mkII FireWire: $325
Furman Patch Bay: $25
FMR RNC: $100
DBX 163x: $60
Sytek MPX-4Aii: $610
AKG K271 headphones: $90
JoeMeek VC3 x 2: $200
ART Tube MP Studio x 2: $40

Shure Beta57: $90
Shure SM57: $60
Shure SM7: $280
Little Woodies: Gift
Beyerdynamic TG-X50: $110
Sennheiser e835: $65

Cables, mostly homemade: $250

Sub-Total: $2365

If I somehow didn't add wrong (all-too-common) then that brings me to $5475. There's still time to break that $10k mark
Old 24th July 2010
Gear Addict
Brian Cares's Avatar

Well, lets see:

Monitoring: Kirsch Audio Q6 + Audiolab Amp --- 3000€
Room (not finished): --- 1000€
Mixer: A&H ZedR16 --- 2200€
Compressor: RNLA --- 200€
Samsung Laptop + Flatscreen: 1500€
Synths&Drummachines: --- 2000€
DAW: ProtoolsLE & Reaper & Live --- 800€
Mic: SM58 --- 70€
Keyboard: CME UF6 --- 150€
Plugs: aprx --- 1000€

A bit over 10k.

Here´s my album: FINGERPRINTS CD
Old 30th January 2011
Here for the gear
soundBringer's Avatar

My Setup

I just found this section today and funnily I had started to add up the gear price yesterday night to get an idea

VIDIKRON Projector
Shure SM58Beta
Fender Condenser
SE Z3300
AT 4040 *2
Fairman TSC
EMU Proteus
Casio VA10
Sony MD
JVC stereo

It came to about 10K euros but that's beacause I took the resale price of all the gear and counted my hackintoshes as PCs if i had bought them from Apple I would have gone over the 20K barrier already.

I left out the sound system in the convertible although it's my second studio!!

I made really decent music for years on a 300 bucks setup with a PPC and Logic with the built in mac soundcard a **** noisy Star Dynamix Analogue desk and a crap dynamic.
Check for my 1998 stuff on soundbringer's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free. Made with skill and great musician friends..
Old 30th January 2011
Lives for gear
AndyFromDenver's Avatar
Originally Posted by goldendeathmusic View Post
Recording computer: Super Nintendo (used) $20
DAW of choice: Mario Paint (used) $5

do I win?
Yes, and that totally made my day
Old 17th March 2011
Here for the gear

Bc Studio

power pc = $600.00

reason /record 5/ 1.5 = 600.00

korg M3 = 2200.00

mpc 5000 = 1800.00

mpc 4000 = 1600.00

avid 003 = 1300.00

mophat = 100.00

presouns pre =399.00

korg49 = 399.00

samson 2.1 spearker set = 399.00

I made it !!!!!!
Old 17th March 2011
Gear Nut
jon_waite's Avatar

This should be good.

Computer. Pentium 4 2.4ghz Home built
sony sound forge pro 10 with misc plug ins
Monitors. Paradigm Bought on ebay, cheap
Harman Kardon Receiver, bought new.
2nd set of monitors. from 18 year old boom box.
Crown D60
sony C38b
2 Cad E II's
Beyer TGX-50

Mostly do mastering.

Old 22nd March 2011
Gear Head
Caffeine's Avatar
This is really interesting, I've never listed all that stuff coming in through the years. I realize it's quite a bit. Not loving all of it, missing some stuff I had to sell for other stuff- and most of all not feeling anywhere near having "collected" everthing desirable. A slutz' inevitable destiny, i guess...
I'm coming from an instrumentalist's background, so here's about everything currently sitting here with me:

Recording stuff:

EV RE 37 N/D
2 Wooden Blondies (being build at the moment)
Lexicon LXP-1
Roland RE- 201 Space Echo
overstayer stereo comp (as soon as my bank account permits)
RME Fireface 400
iMac 24" 2.8Ghz, 4GB RAM, OSX 10.6
PT 9 + few plug- ins
2 Adam A7x
DIY absorbers & diffusers
cables, cables,pop shields, cables, mic stands, cables, cables, shock mounts, cables,...
and a Fostex 280 Multitracker

Instruments, Amps, effects & accessories:

Duesenberg Carl Calton
Höfner '71 Tele
'56 4570
unknown ca. 70's Les Paul copy
Voss ca. '61 semi- hollow guitar
EKO '68 12 string Jumbo
Yairi '91 nylon string
Fender J- Bass MIM

Pearl xylophon
misc. percussion, harps, flutes, etc.

Bogner Shiva 112 Combo
M./ Boogie Quad pre
Hohner Orgaphon 20MH
41MH (currently on
Marathon tiny fleamarket transistor- something

Boss DD 20
Line 6 MM 4
Digitech Bad Monkey
Fulltone OCD
BSM spectrum
Z.vex fuzz factory
Ibanez de- 7
Morley Bad Horsie
Warwick Pedalboard w/ power supply

I don't feel ready yet for putting pricetags on that list.
Regards Christian
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