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does anybody in here have less than $10K worth of equip?
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Here for the gear
🎧 10 years
All prices are what I paid in canadian

AMD 3000+ Dual 2 Gigs ram, 500gb HD, Antec Sonata III
Acer LCD - $500
Roland SI-24/RPC-1 $400
Sonar producer $500
KRK Rokit RP5s - $300
FMR RNP - $400
FMR RNC - $200
SP VTB1 - $120
Vesta Fire RV1 (spring reverb) - $75
Shure SM7B - $390
SM57 x3 -$150
Apex 205 - $100
Apex 126 - $40
EV Blue cardinal - $100
Cad Trion 7000 - $200
Fostex mc10st (2)- $100
Kel HM1 x2 - $250
Kel HM2d - $175
ECM 8000 - $70
SP B1 - $100
AT2020 - $50
Apex headphone amp $50
Grado SR80 - $150
Sony 7506 - $175
Other $50 and under headphones probably add up to another $200 or so
Mic stands, cables, misc - $500
DIY Bass traps - $200
EH memory man - $325 (theyve gone down since I think)
Axiom 25 -$225

Total: $6645

I didn't include what I have spent on guitars which is probably twice that + keyboards and drums butI did include the memory man because I use it for vocals now and then.
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Lives for gear
DigitMus's Avatar
🎧 15 years
I don't even have less than $10K worth of cables!

...I need help...
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Gear Nut
🎧 10 years
mpc4000 3000
fantom g6 3200
moog voyager rme 2200
se-1x nova ed. 1700
motif rack es 800
2 radial j48 400
pmc tb2s-a 3700
samsung lcd 24" 800
samsung lcd 15"100
dual g5 800
logic 8 500
waves gold 1000
ensemble 1800
bcf2000 250
mytek adc96 900
millennia hv-3c 2000
2 chandler germs 2100
2 bae 1272 2200
bae 1084 3600
purple audio mc77 1800
neve portico 5042 1850
avalon u5 600
at4040 400
neumann u87ai 3200
mogami's gold cables +-500
apogee's cables 100
akg xx 280
beyer dynamics xx 220
stands 300
auralex's 3000

+-38.300 but the passion haven't price
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Here for the gear
🎧 10 years
a few analog cassette decks is all I have left.

studios are extinct since bearsville closed,it was the last analog studio
in the country.

bargain crap is all you need now since everyone is listening to music on

really sad in about another ten years no one will even know the way music
is suppose to sound.
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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
im on the portable budget set up too. although i would like to get some new stuff soon. ie. 1176LN, presouns eureka, and another at4050 would be nice, but then i might have to get to eurekas....

but this is what i have right now currentley

1. macbook pro 15.4 inch, 2.2 ghz, 2 gb ram. (i wana upgrade to 4gb soon)
2. logic studio 8 (educational/ or whatever they call the one you cant upgrade)
3. protools m-powered 7.4 (had to buy it twice, the first time i paid 160 second hand and never got the ilok dongle password and username from the guy, then i deleted his phone number out of my phonebook and email DONT EVER DO THIS ITS STUPID!!!)
4. m-audio firewire 410
5. 2 xlr cables (15 and 25 foot i think)
6. AT 4050 mic.
7. toshiba laptop, 600 dollar on sale costco model
8. sony soundforge audio studio (50 bucks, but i got mine free when i bought acid pro 5 along time ago and i dont use it anymore.) definetly worth the 200 or 300 ish i paid for acid with all the use soundforge has gotten me!)
9. native instruments battery 3
10.akai mpc 500
11. stacks of viynl and cds to sample
12. last but not least, 500 gb firewire harddrive and a 160 gb usb 2.0 one also
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Gear Maniac
🎧 10 years
just ordered a bunch upgrades that may put us over 10k

Heres is the total list
Mackie ONYX 1640FW (IMO maybe the best budget board for a beginner)
A&H mix wizard
Apogee Duet
Echo Audiofire 12
BLA PM8 summing Mixer
Great River Me-1NV
Chameleon Labs 7802
FMR Rnla
DBX 1066
Lexicon MPX-1
Korg DT-1000 tuner
2 x neutrik patchbays
Presonus Monitor station
Blue Sky 2.1 monitor system
event tr5 monitor
Boston Acoustics HI FI speakers
Bose 301 HI FI speakers
Akg C414
Akg d112 x 2
Shure Sm81
Shure SM57 x 6
Shure SM58 x 3
Shure SM7b
Ev ND976 x 2
Rode NT 5a x 2
Audix I5 x 4
Audix D2 x 2
Audix D4
Sennheiser MD421 MKII
Engl Thunder amp
B52 At100 Tpl Rec
Marshall Mode 4
Marshall 4 x 12 1960b cabinet
Carvin 4 x 12
B52 2x12 cabinet
Line 6 Flextone
Apple Dual G5 2.0 Power Mac
Apple Intel Core 2 duo Laptop
Apple 21" Intel core 2 duo IMAC
Simple tech 1tb Prodrive X 2
Apple Logic Studio 9
Motu Digital Perfomer 4,5,& 6
Steven Slate Drum Samples
61 key Radium Midi Controller
DDrum Drum triggers
Mackie Control Universal
Peavey 800 watt Power amp
Peavey Sp3 Loudspeakers(from 1985 I beleive still running strong)
Miles of snakes and cables ranging from crap to mogami, monster, and planet waves.
2 Auralex roominator kits
Custom made 703 panels ( have not built yet but materials are on order)

It will all be torn apart starting today and reconfigured with the new gear coming. List includes all gear including the new arrivals. Will take pictures for the forum if anyones interested. I am certain we have spent a bit over 10k but I would still call this a budget studio for certain.
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Gear Addict
JRock's Avatar
🎧 10 years
I'm on a budget. I get it all a piece at a time. I'm a stone mason. I work hard for my money. Just ordered a Jxp-3, a TR-606 and a Juno 106. Eatin oatmeal for dinner for the next couple weeks and prayin they don't shut off my electric(that'd be pretty ironic). Alot of my stuff was given to me or stolen through the years. I monitor with an old aiwa stereo someone gave me. I built my tube pre-amp from a kit I bought used for $50. I stole my mic, guitar amp, sampler, most of my pedals, 4-track... I traded one of my paintings for my acoustic. I got my roadstar 2 used for $100 13 years ago. Someone gave me my pignose, DR-p 1+2, mic stand and my TR-707. I got my bass amp at the pawn shop for $25. also found a DR-110 there for $40. I know it's kinda grimy but I got a vision and not much money. I'm very fortunate to have the gifts I do so I find ways to make it work. You don't need a million dollar studio to make good music, just knowledge, tenacity and patience!
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Lives for gear
mikethedrummer's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 10 years
doubt anyone reads these so to humor myself...

custom PC 2000
003+ 1600
roxul rockwool 1000
auralex decoration 200
krk r8s+ stands 400
414 860
ksm27 175
57 x2 200
i5 100
audix mic kit 150
bcf 2000 150
cables snake stands etc 400

+ house instruments, amps, cabinets

Ridiculous that most of this stuff is b-stocked or "floor models" from GC. The mac equivalent to my PC is $6k.

Anyone else feel like raising rates??
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Lives for gear
🎧 15 years
Hah, that's rapidly becoming all it's worth!

Old 25th January 2010
Gear Nut
Dudevico's Avatar
🎧 10 years
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
AKG K240
Shure SM58
Fender American Standard Telecaster
Gibson SG Standard Heritage Cherry
Cubase Essential 5

Am I banned from Gearslutz?
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Lives for gear
Ernest Buckley's Avatar
1 Review written
🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by Jan Folkson ➑️
I've got more than 10k worth of lumber in my place

To the OP,
I have a modest studio, probably around $15,000... Most of that went into mics & pres.
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Gear Maniac
Msilver84's Avatar
🎧 10 years
I sold a lot of my gear. I'm about to make the move out west and I wanted it to be as minimal as possible.

What I have now:

NS10 Studios
Motu 828 mk2
Big Knob
Hafler Ta1600
UAD Card
Mac Pro
Mac Book pro 17"
Emagic Amt 8

And 2k of Monster cables left over.
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Lives for gear
KevWind's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Originally Posted by Ernest Buckley ➑️

To the OP,
I have a modest studio, probably around $15,000... Most of that went into mics & pres.
Ditto here maybe 20k with lumberheh
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Gear Maniac
🎧 10 years
PC (homebuilt) $800
Cubase 4 $ 400 (upgrade from LE)
Tascam FW-1082 $ 300 (DAW controller)
Tascam M-3500 $800 (monitoring and summing)
Samson & Crown pwr amps $400
KRK ST-6 monitors $200 (pr)
Dynaudio BM5a $800(pr)
Motu 2408 (x3) $675
Behringer HP amp $125
22" LCD Monitors (x3) $675
Auditronics ASP008 pres $1550
AT-4040 (x2) $400
AT-3035 $200
AT-3032 $200
Kel HM-1 (x2) $300
SM57 $40
Beta 52 $99
ST-77 $218
PG-56 (x4) $100
Mic Stands $300
Room treatment $500


The 2 Neve clone preamps I'm DIYing
will put me over the top.

Everything was bought used, when I had the cash, except for the Kel mics (couldn't find them used yet) and the Auditronics pres which wiped out my Christmas bonus.

Patience, and staying out of debt will eventually reward me with a nice little studio.
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Lives for gear
🎧 10 years
Originally Posted by Dudevico ➑️

Am I banned from Gearslutz?
LOL of course not! this post made my day!
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Gear Maniac
🎧 10 years
rough $23,055

i wonder what I could have done with all of that dough had I not bought these paperweights. at least I'm using all of it to make records, and am getting paid 90% of the time...

to the OP-
I started out a few years back with a PC (I now have it set up along the mac, just for games!), mackie tracktion, echo layla 3g, and a few mics. Loads of cool things came out of that setup- enough projects to fund the rest of that list! each project led to the next purchase (job paid rent, projects fed the "studio"). the gear acquisition race is one you cannot win, so I say screw it and just use someone else's space!

Last edited by skills; 25th January 2010 at 07:31 AM.. Reason: who cares here what equip i have.
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Lives for gear
rty5150's Avatar
🎧 10 years
yeah, i feel you on the $10k on lumber! i did a remodel of my garage into the studio and my initial budget was $2500, that ballooned into $10k!!! 4x what i had planned! i definitely have more than $10k in gear so with this, i will STFU!
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Lives for gear
fragletrollet's Avatar
2 Reviews written
🎧 10 years
Computer 1,5k
SSL Alphalink 2.3k
SSL MX4 2.3k
Acoustic treatment 1k
Focal Twins 3k

Thats 10.1k so far, I guess Im a slut
Not counting another 2k for software...
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Gear Maniac
Harry Hughes's Avatar
🎧 10 years
If we are talking things I've actually paid for, about 1000 dollars lmao.
I got my studio monitors for free, my computer is not mine and and I use all free plug ins at the moment
Old 30th January 2010 | Show parent
Gear Addict
TC Custom Audio's Avatar
🎧 10 years
Originally Posted by Jules ➑️
Hats off to the under $10K gang, I am OFTEN being blown away by productions friends and aquantences do with set ups in that budget range...

I second this! Of course, I passed $10K long ago, but if I had to do it again, I reckon I could put together a rockin' setup for that kind of dough. The trick is buying the right $10k worth of gear. If I was starting out today with that budget, here's what I'd buy:

Apogee Ensemble, $2000
Logic Studio 9, $500
Mac Mini, $800
Focusrite ISA430 MKI (used), $1500
Dynaudio BM5A's, $1000

That leaves more than $4000 for mics!
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Deleted 86c3d96
No. those people hang out at Tweak's corner. Go get a credit card with a 10k limit, and go to town.
Old 9th February 2010 | Show parent
Here for the gear
🎧 10 years
i'm definitely under 10k.

mackie hr 624's (500 on craigslist)
event tr8's (250 on craigslist)
tascam us 122-L (150)
macbook pro 2.2 GHz 2 Gigs RAM (1900)
Logic 8 (500)
Various plugins (NI, IK multimedia, Izotope, Ohm Force, Fab Filter, PSP, more) (approx 1000)
1 alesis compressor not plugged in. (50)
2 technics 1210 m5g's and a rane empath with a broken crossfader. (approx 1900)
a couple thousand dollars spent on vinyl as well i'd say.
oh and 2 FW external hard drives, 500 gig and 1TB, (200 each a year apart)

call it 7200-8000 dollars worth of ****.

closer than i thought to 10k. damn. i'm gonna go use some of my stuff now.
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Gear Addict
monomono's Avatar
🎧 10 years
24 track 1"
Mackie 24:8
Tannoy reveals
Adat blackface
Crap outboard
Hammond M100, Leslie 130
Tama Imperial Star Drums
Various guitars, basses, keys, amps

= under 10k value
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Deleted 86c3d96
Originally Posted by DigitMus ➑️
I don't even have less than $10K worth of cables!

...I need help...
Stop falling for that Monster Cable sales pitch..

//Thank you. Good night everyone. Be here all week. Try the veal.
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Lives for gear
1 Review written
🎧 10 years
nope recording gear alone with software around 25,000 and that's not including guitars, bass, synths ect. but that's from being at it for awhile, 27 now. my advice to most people trying to get into it now i just say be prepared to spend some money but start humble and get some skill or you'll feel very stupid spending so much money and making crap when you could of put it into a new car or something else.

if you have to ask what something is for then you don't need to buy it yet. i never bought because it was new and shiney. i just kept out growing and thinking i want to do this but to do this i now need this new thing and so the cycle goes every 2 years with me.
Old 14th February 2010 | Show parent
Gear Nut
🎧 10 years
Less than 10k in recording gear, but if you count instruments I'm well over 10k. I feel it's important to get good sounding instruments first.
Old 14th February 2010 | Show parent
Lives for gear
Mad John's Avatar
🎧 15 years
My TUBES alone are worth more than $10,000.00!

Just kidding.
Old 15th February 2010 | Show parent
Gear Addict
ReubenTobias's Avatar
🎧 10 years
is this guy ****ing kidding me?

Call that a budget? damn

Focusrite Saffire,
Micro Korg
Behringer (thats right behringer) 9 Channel Desk
Emu Midi Keyboard,
Numark Decks
UltraGain Preamp
SE 2200a

and thats about the bulk of it.
Old 10th April 2010 | Show parent
Gear Maniac
🎧 10 years
That 10 Grand figure...

Is that before or AFTER depreciation?

I may have more than 10G's today, but a greater percentage of my gear is becoming obsolete rather than collectible...!
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Here for the gear
🎧 10 years
$100 recording setup (sort of)

I bought a Fostex D-80 8 track hard disk recorder, Alesis 12 channel rack mixer and a 6 space case for $100.

Aside from mic costs, I can record an 8 track gig, upload it into my PC (SONAR 8 PE) and get some great results!

There are some low-end recording examples on my website...
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