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Beyerdynamic microphones
Old 4th February 2009
Lives for gear
Originally Posted by Razorfish View Post
Used my new 930s on a fiddle session last night. Sounds bloody great. I did a shoot out with a DPA 4006 and the 930 beat it. Of course, the 4006 is omni, but that's a £300 vs a £1000 mic. I'm a happy man.
Could you please post some samples ?

It's so difficult to compare two mics with different patterns...

Old 4th February 2009
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nightchef's Avatar

I love my M260 on guitar cab, especially for clean Fender-y sounds. It de-emphasizes the bottom octaves without sounding thin, and gives lots of texture and sparkle in the upper mids.

I'm seriously thinking of picking up a pair of MC930's to replace the AT 4051's I'm using now for choirs. (The 4051's are nice, but a shade bright for this application.) And someday I want an M88 and a pair of M160's.
Old 4th February 2009
Originally Posted by AdamJay View Post
you think those are good? wait till you hear the MC930's !


Old 4th February 2009
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gwailoh's Avatar

Originally Posted by lestat26 View Post
MC930 is an excellent mic for acoustic guitar, among other things.
Very nice on snare too. Pretty nice replacement for a KM84, on the whole, IMO. A little brighter, a little less authority, to my ear. But really a very nice mic.
Old 4th February 2009
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pootkao's Avatar
The M88 has become my most used dynamic. So versatile, and I've never heard another dynamic that sounds like it. It mixes so well.
Old 4th February 2009
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Jimbo's Avatar
I'll second the m88 on banjo.

Who would've thunk that would work so well??
Old 4th February 2009
Lives for gear
UpNSmoke's Avatar

+1 on the M160

Blows away the Royer 121 on electric guitar cab and sounds equally excellent on acoustic guitar. Between an M160, Coles 4038, and Wunder CM7GT - those are all the mics I need for small ensembles and small rock band outfits.
Old 4th February 2009
Jr. Gear Slut 2nd class
chessparov's Avatar

Does the M69 emphasize the top end less?

Had a M88TG, but years ago was having some sibilance issues vocally. (6-7Khz)

Old 5th February 2009
Gear Head
pegastudio's Avatar

while all the beyer-heads are here;

favored beyer for bass drum?

for 3 apps: close, FOK, and concert/marching.

i hear M88 and opus99, que mas?
Old 5th February 2009
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AdamJay's Avatar

Originally Posted by DarkSky View Post
That's because you broke an unspoken AE rule by selling off a perfectly good tool. And, BTW, M160s are great for micing in stereo too - which is another reason why I won't be parting with either of mine any time soon!

Microphones to a sound engineer are like brushes are to a painter - you can never have too many options!!!

Yep, big mistake. My main motivation to sell it was i was doing quite a few more remotes at the time, many outdoors and ribbons just weren't an option. Then when the summer season dried up, i enjoyed M/S. but once in a while i crave that second M160. I'd prefer to have 3 though. 2 for OH and one for guitar. But i'm thinking MC930 on OH and M160 on guitar will probably do the job, indoors + outdoors which is important for my work.

at least i still have one!!! i'll never sell it. it, along with my vibro champ are permanently married to my Rhodes Stage 73. One big happy family of TONE !
Old 5th February 2009
Gear Maniac
Steele's Avatar

Beyerdynamic Microphones

In our roster we've got 2) M-160, 2) M-260, 2) M-201, 2)M-88, an M-130,101, MC-834 and M-740
The Beyer's get a lot of use in our facility. The 160's are great on everything Piano, Guitar, amps, horns, Leslie.
On guitar I do a spaced pair of 160s or M/S with a 160/130. Sometimes a 160 on the bridge side and a Royer 121 or AKG 451 on the neck.
For amps a 160 with a KM-84 rocks. Just be sure to line the ribbon and capsule plane correctly, or put the KM-84 on the open back ø.
The 130 is the best thing for a mandolin or banjo. And best off axis rejection of any mic other than a 44BX.
Try an M-101 in foam squeezed behind the bridge of an upright bass with an M-88 out in front through an Evil Twin DI/Pre (Bruce Seifried design).
Among my favorites for vocals is the MC-740 thru a Summit 2BA221 and the TLA-50 Leveling Amplifier.

Greg Steele

Derek Studios
Old 5th February 2009
Gear Addict

I use an M500 through an altec lansing 1592A Mixer/preamp for my vocals/harp. I kept wanting to use my AKG C414 through a UA 610, but that beyer/altec combo is for me. Plus I got the mic and altec for a grand total of $400. Walter

SoundClick artist: Walter Tore's Spontobeat - Spontaneously created music
Old 5th February 2009
FYI, I posted a couple of clips from a live Cathedral recording in which I used a pair of MC930's as stereo room mics. Aside from not being able to place them exactly where I wanted them, they exceeded my expectations in that capacity. Much of the sound of those clips are from the room mics.
Old 7th February 2009
Lives for gear
Eganmedia's Avatar
Originally Posted by loujudson View Post
I have a pair of nearly unheard of M600, Soundstar III vocal mics. Hypercardioid, very smoth, with a flat response chart that rises slightly - -1 at 100 and +1 at 10k. They are reserved for (mostly female jazz) singer who really know how to work a mic, and being hyper they need to be pointed properly. They sound reallt great anywhere a dynamic hyper is needed!

I worked with a jazz singer in the 80s who had one, and she sounded so good with it, I loved how it made her voice sound so clear and real. I found a pair at Musician's Trading post in Santa Cruz, but otherwise have never seen aother one, and hardly ever hear about them. My secret weapon for a number of sources!

There's another thread on Beyers here too...

I have a pair of these as well. They remind me of Sennheiser 441s. Great top end. You'd think they were condensers. MC740s are pretty serious LDCs too. Lots of high end without sounding zizzy. My M130 is sitting in the locker with a blown ribbon, but I plan to get that fixed soon. Great mic.
Old 7th February 2009
Lives for gear
loujudson's Avatar
Originally Posted by Eganmedia View Post
I have a pair of these as well. They remind me of Sennheiser 441s. Great top end. You'd think they were condensers. MC740s are pretty serious LDCs too. Lots of high end without sounding zizzy. My M130 is sitting in the locker with a blown ribbon, but I plan to get that fixed soon. Great mic.
WOW, so cool to know there are others. Do yours happen to have the original frequency pllots with them? One of mine came with one, and it is flatter than I have seen any other original mic plot...

If you ever want to get rid of them, let me know first! I thiunk I paid $150 for the pair back in 1986...

Mine are still in prefect condition, I protect them well. Only excellent people get to use them!

Old 7th February 2009
Lives for gear
insomnio's Avatar

Originally Posted by DarkSky View Post
As well as a pair of 201s, we have a pair of Revox M3500s, which were made by Beyerdynamic and are basically a variant of the 201 with higher impedance (600 ohms as opposed to 200, without the passive secondary coil and with a slightly greater presence in the response curve.

Great for snare sizzle and a dozen other things.
So you prefer the Revox over the M201 in snare?

I use my 2 M201 in toms. I'm liking them better than the MD421. Is a very tight sound with a perfect rejection.
Old 7th February 2009
Lives for gear

I recently got a MC834, great mic!!
Old 2nd October 2009
Gear Nut

I'm a beyer freak.

Soundstar XN1 on a rock snare kicks ass for fatness - sort of a 421.
M201, M400, M69 and a few more beyers will also work wonders on snare.

M69 on distorted guitar amps. I really love this. I have MD409, SM57 a few ribbons and I still go back to this most of the times. I have 2 and they sound quite different though.

M88 on kick.

M600 for screaming vocals.

M55 ultra compressed room mic on drums or for really dirty vocals. also great on harp through a smal valve amp.

M500 ribbon when tracking vocals live on the same room with the band - awesome. Recently took one of mine for a recording of a sort of pop big band and the singer was freaking out singing in an iso booth with a U87. The engineer (not me) tried the M500 in the room, with loud drums and horns in there and it worked really good.
I would really like to know the difference between a stock M500 and a Sank mod with RCA ribbon.

M260 on guitar cabs

I also have a small pzm condenser (MPC 22 EQ3) that has a steep roll off at 300hz. I have used it on violin with surprinsingly good results after trying a handful of other usual mics.

Never tried the 160 and 130 ribbons but have always heard good stuff about them.

I will be buying a good LDC soon and would love to try the MC834 and the MC840 but it's not easy to borrow one...
Old 2nd October 2009
Beyer Microphones are Sleeper microphones!

You guys are letting the secret out!!
Old 1st November 2009
Lives for gear

I have recently discovered the glory of Beyer. Own M201, M160 and M260 and there are few left on my to-buy-list.

Is "magic" a right word for BeyerDynamics mics?
Old 2nd November 2009
Here for the gear

M99 is a hidden gem on Kick
Old 2nd November 2009
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Ty Ford's Avatar
Originally Posted by skatingbasser View Post
Pretty much only use m201 on snare anymore. Picked up the Opus99 for kick drum duty and I'm loving it on almost every session. M160 for brass, guitar, and overheads most of the time. Man, my studio should be sponsored by Beyer.
I have a nice M160, but found the Schoeps cmc641 cleaned its clock on sax (among other things). If you haven't tried one of those you might want to rent one for a few days.


Ty Ford
Old 2nd November 2009
Lives for gear
GZsound's Avatar
I have an older M260 without the high pass filter in it that I have been using on sax since 1974. I had Beyer rebuilt the mic a year ago because the magnet was getting weak.

Great mic on sax. In fact, I plan on selling it now that I don't play sax much.
Old 2nd November 2009
Lives for gear
doorknocker's Avatar
One more Beyer lover here.....

My pair of M160s is always there on OHs, percussion, guitar cabs and sometimes acoustic guitars. An older M260 is my fave on acoustic guitar (call me insane but for that application I prefer it to both the KM 84s and the KM54 I owned in the past, pre is mostly a LTD-1 )

The one model that didn't do it for me was the M88TG. It was good on some sources but never really stood out. But I'm on the lookout for an older M88 and I'm pretty sure that it will be more to my taste.
Old 26th December 2012
Originally Posted by insomnio View Post
So you prefer the Revox over the M201 in snare?

I use my 2 M201 in toms. I'm liking them better than the MD421. Is a very tight sound with a perfect rejection.
I got mine for snare after reading about it here. After a while I discovered that M201 are perfect for toms. Got 3 now and am thinking of getting one more for snare when the kids show upp with three toms. The cymbal bleed is nice on these microphones.

Do'nt fancy the M201 on guitar cabs though! Still prefer SM57, cheap ribbons and occasionally Oktava MK102 for that job.

I'd love to read more about M99 and M69 if any of you out there wanna share.
Old 12th November 2014
Can we take a second to talk about the M69? I'm thinking about picking one up for guitar cabs, I could use a little more info on it. How does it compare to an M88? A 57?
I would be buying it to take over the duties of my 57. For double tracking EGTRS, I am currently using an SM57 and an E906.
Old 12th November 2014
Lives for gear
loujudson's Avatar
M69 has a tighter pattern, hypercardioid, than a 57, and is clean and pretty flat, but has some pleasant proximity effect, so closer will be "deeper" sounding in the lows. I use one on kick, cajon, floor stomp boards, and sometimes cabs, and it shines nicely on live vocals.
Old 12th November 2014
Gear Addict
Another +1 for the Beyer MC930s. My favorite SDC…the high end extension sounds so much more natural to my ears than a KM84. I haven't heard a Beyer that I wasn't fond of, yet.
Old 12th November 2014
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Santiago's Avatar

I have a few of the short-lived SDC mic systems with two types of preamps and several capsules, MC724/MC714 (cardioid), MC721/MC711 (omni) and MC726/716 (shotgun).

There quite nice and usable, natural sounding and not hyped.
Old 13th November 2014
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
I recently put an M201 on HiHat and was quite surprised at how perfect it sounded. I love Beyer mics. I just got a third M88, have the 201, a TGX50 and used to use an MC834 and M380 that the old boss wouldn't sell me...
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