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What impact does the internet have on your studio?
Old 13th February 2003
What impact does the internet have on your studio?

Positive or negative, list the effect the internet has on your recording business (or hobby).

Old 13th February 2003
I comunicate / plan sessions & legal / contract matters with email

I get little or no business from the audio forums I frequent (one paid session in what?.... 5 years!)

I find my website a terrific promotional tool to direct potential clients to

I can keep in touch with friends with quick emails. Keep that social life alive!

I once listened seperate LA & Compass Point Nassau mixes of a project I was recording here in London via MP3. It was REAL exciting to hear the mixes 'hot off the presses' and was WAY quicker than FedEx.

Hanging on forums like Gearslutz at the end of a late session can be a good way to wind down after a long day. I have made good friends & vauable contacts from audio forums.

I get software upgrades via the internet

Gear deals off Ebay & second hand gear lists that dealers send me.

Sometimes I spend a little TOO MUCH time on audio forums!!!!


Old 13th February 2003
Old 13th February 2003
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Messiah's Avatar

Well firstly, my studio is my studio and I don't rent it out or have a site for it as I generally work in other places.

So, from the other side of the fence, the only thing I use studio sites for is checking out specs before I go there. I've never worked in a studio as a result of seeing a web site. The only other reason I'll go to a studio's site is the curiousity/gearslut factor.....

Who are these websites for anyway? A&R, producers and bands?

It seems to me like they can be a bit of a pissing contest to bolster some guy's ego's too...

I think that a spec list, a few photos, client base and a few other things are enough. It pisses me off to no end when I have to click "skip flash intro" and then suffer all the bull**** graphics of flash, when all I want to know is whether I would need to take any additional gear with me..

Jules, seeing as you raised it, how much work have you got as a result of your site?
Old 13th February 2003
Gear Addict
Curious G's Avatar

The net is huge for my business, maybe 30% gross income. I record/edit/create alot of files for businesses with web based training and promotional programs. I also distribute spots via the net and transfer files via ftp. Digital technology, everything from the DAW to the net, has not only completely changed the way I work (duh) and my client base but has routinely trimmed days off of turn around time on most jobs.

Back in 1995, before I bought/learned PT, I remember having a recurring nightmare about freelancing in a studio I'd worked at and not recognizing the tools and being unable to record on a computer. I went out and got PT about a month later. It took a lot of hard work to wrap my analog brain around digital and at the time I wondered if I'd made a mistake. It took me several weeks to edit as fast as I could with a blade for instance. But now I can't imagine where my studio would be without all this stuff. It has had a HUGE impact.
Old 13th February 2003
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pounce's Avatar

a huge client of mine for years just moved to florida, and i'm still in ohio. i'm sure i'll still do much work for him. i'm setting up the ftp server thingie on my machine so i can transfer the files back and forth. i expect that to help cover my ass so i don't lose his account. oh, we should add high speed internet as essential.

oh yeah, besides entertainment value, upgrades and synth patches and so forth. there is a whole lot more movement in my computer setup thanks to the net and what seems to be faster developement cycles for some things. anyhow, i appreciate the upgrades to software i get this way.
Old 13th February 2003
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Kris's Avatar
I would say that the it has been my biggest form of 'internship'. I followed Jules from the DUC to MP, then PSW, and finally GearSlutz... Thanks Jules! I get all of my questions answered from a variety of different angles... gotta love that...
Old 13th February 2003
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cashewcupcake's Avatar

Without the net I never would have learned how synthesizers work, the fundamentals of engineering, and would have wasted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS buying **** gear or inappropriate gear. Business? I'm a musician with a studio. I figured that I should build my own studio rather than renting time at someone elses.
Old 13th February 2003
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doug_hti's Avatar

The internet wouldn't mean much if I didn't have a higher speed connection, but since I have DSL, every month I save probably about $300+ on FedEx charges and even more on possible courier charges. And the time saved is unbelievable. Things are finished a lot faster. Decisions are made more efficiently. If five people need the one song, it's not five cds and five fed ex's.
I have to communicate between LA and Nashville with songs usually 3 times a week and within LA mostly every day.
I first started by sending mp3s for reference but now I have 700 Megs of off site FTP storage, so I usually upload the full 44.1 16bit aif files. Then most everyone can burn them at there own place.
I email midi files and PT session files to a programmer we use about 20 miles away (translated to a possible 2 hours round trip in LA traffic)
I also use a drummer in Florida sometimes. We send him a mp3 or aif track and tempo. He then uploads some stereo comps to know we got it right, followed by Fed Ex with about 4 keeper passes on 12 tracks. Instead of turning into a 4 day, it turns into 2 total.

I still look forward to when I can have a T1 type speed connection at home at a reasonable price or at least the same upload speed as I can have my own servers at home with no storage limits...
Old 13th February 2003
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PlugHead's Avatar


I also garner a fair amount of business from having DSL. I live in a very remote part of the world, and have tracked anything from horn sections here and fire them off to locations thousands of miles away to be transferred into a session, or send mixes across to Taiwan for TV spots: it is really advantageous, and I really appreciate having this integrated into my work environment - it is essential to my existence... Not to mention researching gear, and purchasing items on-line that I would rarely have a chance to see in person (Vancouver/Edmonton are 1000's of miles south)
Old 13th February 2003
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matucha's Avatar
without inet, I'd be still using SB Live! and trying to get a good sound from old hifi speakers with no clue what is wrong.

without inet, I'd rely on a few arogant salesman in the gear shops around.

without net, I'd have much smaller audience

without net, I'd never have access to read what some of the most influential audio "gurus" are writing at the forums

without net, I'd be more out ;-)

without forum like this and gear manufactures sites, I'd have far lower goals in "what gear to get"

and well, it looks the world of audio small, because you always find the same people on various forums.

I really like to hear what sucks and what's great, I like to get and sometimes give an advice from/to someone I can't ever meet personally.

And what I like the most about forums like this is, you look the same if you're wannabeeee or guru, it makes the comunication to be more direct and without prejudice.

and it is nice to get a mail saying your music is great...
Old 14th February 2003
"Jules, seeing as you raised it, how much work have you got as a result of your site?"

I target upcoming alt rock bands, I aproach them after gigs or getting demos. Part of my persuasion to get them to work with me is to get them to check out the bands on my site which are a mixture of estabished bands, hip small bands and newbies. Obviously I dont send folks to see it that are doing music genres far removed from one I specialise in.

What I often hear,

"We checked out your website - it was cool"
"Can we get on it if we work with you"?
"Youv'e done some cool bands, I didn't realise you did "--- --------" we loved that one"
"It was cool to see the studio before coming here"

Also, over the years I have learned one key aspect of 'pitching' to work with a band if for ALL members to be aware of your credits..... The website helps with this. My production track record is up there.

So to answer the question, the website is a very big tool to promote my business. The band I am working with right now, may have been persuaded by it. So it is a constant help.

Its very interesting to read the responces, I really MUST learn how to FTP!
Old 14th February 2003
Old 14th February 2003
Gear Addict
Curious G's Avatar

Originally posted by Jules
I really MUST learn how to FTP!
Jules, since you're a Mac guy you can use the program FETCH to FTP with:

All the information on how to use the software is up there and your webmistress should be able to lead you through the specifics and set up your user names and passwords in about 2 minutes.
Old 14th February 2003
Old 14th February 2003
Gear Head

I hardly see my studio thanks to the Net.
Old 14th February 2003
Gear Maniac
palebluedot's Avatar

well, for me the internet has really been useful

My work is mainly programming for people.
I also make house music and do a bit of RnB production stuff for people (though I'm not a producer - I'm only 20!)

The internet is great because it means I can keep in touch with a lot of people with relative ease across europe and the rest of the world, It is particularly useful on the tracks I make myself as I can email mp3's of tracks to labels and press etc which is very important to me.

I also find using forums to be a very useful way of getting solutions to problems and keeping in touch with whats going on.

I do get a little upset when I see music I have worked on getting 'shared' on p2p software like kAzAA and am sure that it is now starting to really undermine small indipendent album releases, rather than helping to promote them!

As for what it is doing to the majors, well that's another kettle of fish and I have far less sympathy to be honest!

I f anything the ability to talk to people on such an equal level is a great thing and I would be now lost without it.


Old 15th February 2003
Lives for gear
mac black's Avatar

positive-download upgrades(no need to wait for a dis.)
negative- no one to shout at when u have a problem(except email and even then...)

positive- know where to go and see the future

positive-download music
negative-download music.

i can sum up by saying that although the net has great benefits for everyone in every business for music it has only created problems(did u know that sales fell 61%!!! due to downloading).
back in the day we did the same on cassets(copy from a friend) but today you dont eaven have to pay for a tape , connect ur i-pod and there u go...

i think that people who download ilegal music should be punished as if they stole it from a shop(imagine stealing a cd from hmv/virgin etc. and getting caught). we have to find a way to stop it.

also the mp3 generetion is used to less quality of sonic perfection and more to quantity .

music has lost some mystery and magic and its the beggining of the end(we can still stop it)

advice is great but when a record that last year i would hav signd for 200000
gets a 20000 or 10000 these days i worry and as a producer/artist/lable i dont want anyone stealing my music its not a joke to me, its my life and i havent worked like a crazy fool for 10 years gaind exp for someone to disrespect my music by not paying for it(its my right to ask for that !!!).

i say sue the downloader and give the money to the artists!!!!
Old 15th February 2003
Lives for gear
pounce's Avatar

now i can get porn on my daw too
Old 15th February 2003
Lives for gear
matucha's Avatar
I don't see a way back, mp3 downloads and also divX downloads on sharing networks destroyed the biz like you knew it... it is no way back, it is just a struggle... If you close one network there are 10ths other, you can't ask for money, because they'll build another network free. Music and Film business is in real trouble, someone has to find another way of getting money back.

However for some, these networks are the best way of distributing their music, but it is not a way to get at least invested money back ;-(.

I think there is one way, but it is very strange... to have music for free, but with built in advertisment, that could pay it... it is like radio, but more intensive. And I know this is the end... the way to hell
Old 15th February 2003
Gear Maniac
palebluedot's Avatar

Its really strange, When I take on new work now, I don't talk about percentages of sales, all I worry about is liscensing!

I'm not on my won either, msot labels don't seem to expect to see a positive income from sales anymore, its ok at the mo as liscenting is still paying a reasonable wedge, but it's coming down all the time and competition will bring it down much further in the next 2 years.

then what?

producing music to advertise p2p software?


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