Need hep with poor vocal recording please
Old 23rd September 2004
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Need hep with poor vocal recording please

I have a lead vocal track that was recorded poorly. The vocalist half the time is too far from the mic and they must have had the headphone facing the mic. the vocal sound like it is phasing a little.

I am trying to keep the vocal warm and have body but I keep finding the anoying frequency to be aroun 350-400 range. when I drop this it gets thi. I tried raising 115 hz to warm it up by 6 db. Then it gets borderline bass muffly. If I add high mid then itbrings out the phase effect.

Any tops on how to fix this.
Old 23rd September 2004
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Re-record. And proof your typing. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a wiseguy... But I type with two fingers and proof every word!

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