When to use the Bass Roll Off / Mid bump (Shure SM7b)
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When to use the Bass Roll Off / Mid bump (Shure SM7b)

So I have owned a Shure SM7b for a few months now and its been sounding great on guitar cabs (I bought it for the dual purpose of guitar cab and male vocal in a home/hobby studio).

I have an Apogee Duet which gives it plenty of juice.

So I noticed that since I have owned this mic, the bass roll off and midrange bump switches have both been turned on since I got it.

I was able to quickly hear how much better the mic sounded on vocals once I turned the mid bump off. I am not sure which I prefer (bass rolloff on or off) better for vocals.

I have not tried the different switches while recording electric guitar.

So - I know there is never a right answer and it always depends, but what sources would one typically use the bass rolloff and mid bump for?

Are they more for when using with drums/speech? Im wondering if I should just always use it in flat mode for the above two sources so I dont "lose" anything.

Any pointers would be appreciated...
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