SYNCING DIGI 002 RACK AND OTARI MX5050 8-track????
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SYNCING DIGI 002 RACK AND OTARI MX5050 8-track????

how can i sync these equipments to work together???


Old 6th December 2007
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The quick and easy way is to get a JL Cooper PPS-2:
JLCooper Synchronizers

Use it to strip timecode on one of your edge tracks. Make sure to print it at no more than -10db on the VU meter. Run the timecode track back into the PPS-2 and connect a MIDI out cable to the MIDI In on the Digi-002.

Then consult your Digi manual on syncing the software to external MIDI timecode. I don't recall all of the details, but I know if can be done. Once it's all set up, the Digi system will chase the Otari.
Old 6th December 2007
Old 6th December 2007
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I'm sing a PPS-2 as well, to sync my Tascam TSR-8. Works like a charm. The Digi side is pretty simple too, once PT is 'online' (control+J on the PC, Command+J on the mac) You just need to tell it to use MMC as the master and when you press play on the tape machine PT starts rolling as well.

Old 6th December 2007
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I have a Digidesign SSD for that available if you want.
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