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Micing or Miking...
View Poll Results: Miking or Micing... which spelling is better for you?
I prefer the spelling Miking.
77 Votes - 28.41%
I prefer the spelling Micing.
170 Votes - 62.73%
It doesn't matter.
24 Votes - 8.86%
Voters: 271. You may not vote on this poll

Old 19th November 2007
Lives for gear
Jazzpunk's Avatar

Where's the voting option for 'I enjoyed the clever plug for your upcoming DVD'?!
Old 19th November 2007
Lives for gear
Empire Prod's Avatar

Thiz thred iz hylarious!
Old 19th November 2007
Gear Nut

Originally Posted by Jonboy79 View Post
If you think the way english speakers shorten things is funny then you'd have a great laugh watching kids instant message(or IM) each other. They've managed to shorten entire phrases into a few letters. I guess you probably see it every day here on gearslutz. Examples, FWIW, IMHO, etc... Only the kids take it way further and shorten almost everything and it's catching on. Soon we'll be back down to grunting again, I think the cavemen had it right to begin with.
As i stated before..english is not my native learning from "u" guys...but i think is very interesting the evolution of the english and any fact...we ha included many "englishsm" in our dictionaries...i guess the reason is the called global fenomenon...and of course u can check yearly the royal english academy dictionary and discover many words like "duh" that been included with the years...i dont think is bad at all...just...evolution...
Old 19th November 2007
Gear Head

Originally Posted by Slim ManDjango View Post
fuuck Picnic - picnicking
fuuck Pannic - pannicking
fuuck Mic - micking

Give the man a cigar
Old 19th November 2007
Gear nut
Slim ManDjango's Avatar

Originally Posted by Moofie View Post
Ahem... cough... it's Panic.... one N not two... sorry Slim

That too! Like I said, flawed.
Old 21st November 2007
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
When I write about a microphone is say - mic
When I write about multiple microphones its listed as - mics
But, when I'm placing mics I have been spelling it - miking
These days I've changed that mindset and spell it out like this - mic'ing

Take what I say with a grain of salt since I like and use Neumann TLM103s so your milage on mikage may vary.
Old 9th January 2008
Lives for gear
Dan's Avatar

Isn't "Mike" short for "Michael?" I've used mic'ing in the past, there seems to be some logic to swapping a K for a C when shortening a word that ends with a consonant c.

Stoopid sound guys, y'all can't spell.
Old 9th January 2008
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
Yup I know what you're saying.
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
Hammer Mark's Avatar
"Micing" is what a cat might be encouraged to do in mouse infested house or barn and rhymes with icing -- what you put on a cake.

"Miking" rhymes with viking and is what you do with mics.

Even the spell checker in the bb system knows which is correct, which makes the majority preference for error even harder to understand.
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
Chaellus's Avatar
Miking is the correct term... and i prefer to call it that...hey my name is mike too so i guess you put me in front of the source...heh but really this is a funny thread.....where else would people discuss gear let alone....argue over a word...about it..
Old 14th January 2009
Gear maniac

Originally Posted by Hammer Mark View Post
"Micing" is what a cat might be encouraged to do in mouse infested house or barn and rhymes with icing -- what you put on a cake.

"Miking" rhymes with viking and is what you do with mics.

Even the spell checker in the bb system knows which is correct, which makes the majority preference for error even harder to understand.
Except "vikng" isn't pronounced how you think it is :D

(They are "viks" not kings of any sort)
Old 14th January 2009
Originally Posted by Acoustic Cloud View Post
"Miking" looks better, but there is no "k" in "microphone". "Micing" looks like what my cats do, soo.............

Maybe "Mic'ing"?? I have seen it spelled like that also...

this is usually how i spell it.

good thread topic - always a dilemma...can't believe i missed it all this time...

Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
DeathMonkey's Avatar

Originally Posted by vernier View Post
Also, "miking" looks silly and wrong ...glad nobody uses it, except for two people in the world.

It is my understanding that the correct spelling is "miking" and here's why:

C is soft before the soft vowels e, i, y, and hard before the hard vowels a, o, u. Most words with that use a hard c with a soft vowel will use a modifier or additive: choir, chord, school, technical.

So in a word - even a contraction - where a hard c/ soft vowel situation is created, there is precedent to modify the word to fit the rules of pronunciation. Indeed, this is the function mentioned earlier to change bicycle to bike. As long as you have a c and a soft vowel, it's going to be pronounced as an sss sound. So micing is indeed something cats do, regardless of what spelling logic tells us.

Again, it is my understanding that pronunciation rules almost always take precedent over logical spelling rules for the simple fact that language is primarily a spoken construct over a written one. So it's irrelevant if microphone has no k in it. It has the hard k sound, and that's what the spelling must account for. Spelling follows pronunciation, not the other way around.
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
Mark Kaufman's Avatar

I didn't read the 1000 posts, but I voted for "miking" because all other options just confuse the reader.

Sometimes if you want to get something right, you have to do it wrong.
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
drundall's Avatar

As stated before, English is often a chaotic mess, but what's great about it is the fact that it's malleable.

I use mic'ing, but maybe Deathmonkey is right. Common use will eventually force a standard.
Old 14th January 2009
Gear nut

This is a silly discussion by people who have seen the abbreviation "mic" on so many consoles they've been brainwashed.

The spelling "mic", by any reasonable application of the rules of English pronunciation, suggests the sound "mick" (tic, Bic, Vic, hic) as in Mick Jagger.

Listen to every other rap song where they "rock the mike", and you will quickly realize they are not talking about a fellow named Michael--spelling it the same doesn't make up for the different context. Any beginning audio engineering student knows that to "mike up the drums" doesn't involve making the drums more like Mike.

I guarantee you that 10 out of 10 non-engineers would see the abbreviation "mic" without knowing what it referred to and pronounce it "mick", and that they would see the "slang" word spelled "mike" and say it right every time.

Tony, if you need to credit somebody on your album for setting up the mikes, write it "Microphone Placement--"
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
ImJohn's Avatar
This whole thread makes as much sense as a bunch of english professors arguing over the best way to record an oboe.
Old 14th January 2009
Gear Head
Mental Audio's Avatar

Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
Batchainpuller78's Avatar

It's American vs British-english ( pop-quiz: which was first? heh )
I Guess across the pond they are a bit lazy to write the extra letters.

Mic'ed is correct used in British English
and Miked is correct according the American heritage dictionary of the English language

Micing doesn't exist in either.
Miking is informal use

In England they probably say I'm recording the lead singer
knowing that will involve the use of a microphone of some sort.
Old 14th January 2009
Gear nut

OK, throwdown challenge:

Name ANY other word in English (British or American use) that ends in "-ic" where that syllable is pronounced with a "long"-i sound!
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
Batchainpuller78's Avatar

Mic actually ends in -rophone :D
It's an abbreviation
Mic and Mike are accepted
and I think Mic is pronounced different from Mike.
Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
Roland's Avatar
mic (mīk) Pronunciation Key
n. Informal
Variant of mike.

mike (mīk) Pronunciation Key
n. also mic (mīk)
A microphone.
tr.v. miked, mik·ing, mikes
To supply with or transmit through a microphone.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
Cite This Source

This was one of numerous dictionary entries I saw for Miked. I found none that listed miced or mic'ed. Personally I've always gone the Mic, Miked, Miking, route, but that's me.


Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
zacheus83's Avatar

It's the same rule that changes "Half" to "Halves" to "Halved."

Many words change letters to get the point across. I have 1 foot and 2 feet. If nothing changed based on tense or singular/plural, then I'd have 2 foots! HAHA

I actually voted for Micing, but didn't realize that I would normally write down "Mic'ing" as well. I've never in my life seen it writing with a "K" in any tense, but then again, I've always said "Mike" when looking at the word "Mic"
Old 14th January 2009
Gear Maniac
JSG's Avatar

Forget the "mike" or "mic'ing", I cant stop laughing at Soundawg's signature.
Old 14th January 2009
Gear nut
Jrussell99's Avatar

for some reason I always want to pronounce micing; mice -ing...
Old 14th January 2009
Gear Addict

Its so miking!! come on!
a vowel after a "c" softens the "c"!

also in "miked" not "miced"
how do you pronounce diced as in...

"I'd like some diced meat please"?

dyked? dicked? I suppose thats not necessarily the best example
Old 14th January 2009
For the purpose of reader comprehension, retail catalogs and magazines use "miking", since readers sound out words based on our understanding of the rules of pronunciation. Micing visually triggers the "S" sound, so, aside from sounding funny mentally, it looks funny as well. Go with miking. No one will return your DVD for spelling style issues.

Old 14th January 2009
Lives for gear
nightchef's Avatar

Mic'ing has to be the most ridiculously pedantic piece of geek orthography ever devised. The problem the apostrophe is supposed to solve is not solved--it still looks like it rhymes with "icing," except that somebody hiccuped in the middle of it. To call it awkward and fussy is to give it too much credit.

Somebody up thread said that "miking" was illiterate. What's really illiterate is the silly idea that the combining form of a word must always be identical in spelling to the root form. So, "nine lives" should be "nine lifes" and the film title "The Pursuit of Happyness" was spelled correctly?

I don't care much about "mic" vs. "mike," but it definitely ought to be "miked" and "miking."
Old 15th January 2009
Gear Guru
Brent Hahn's Avatar

Actually, it's even more ridiculous when you consider that the word is the present participle of an abbreviation of a noun repurposed as a verb (like the British "to hoover.")
Old 15th January 2009
micing - but it looks stupid

So does the other spelling miking but that looks even more wrong AND Scandinavian / non English..

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