Drum room: What is S, M, L, and XL in your book?
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Drum room: What is S, M, L, and XL in your book?

I'm working on some web content and want to make sure I'm not over- or under-exagerating my facts. I am trying to determine what sq ft measurement makes a drum room "large" or "small". As near as I can tell:

very small: < 100 sq ft
small: 100-200 sq ft
medium: 250-400 sq ft
large: 600-1000 sq ft
XL: 1000+ sq ft

Do you thing these are correct? Off center? Need to be revised up or down to fill gaps (for example, small is up to 250 or medium is down to 200, or they meet at 225)? On a related subject, what do you think the typical sizes are for EFX units that say "small room" "medium room", "large room", etc? Any relationship, or is that totally different.

If you are feeling very ambitious: what goes for piano rooms? Other special purpose instrument rooms?

Old 12th October 2007
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I have a medium room (to your specs), and I think it's quite large! It's 12 feet high.

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