Logic 7 Track Automation won't show - what's the fix?
Old 23rd September 2007
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Logic 7 Track Automation won't show - what's the fix?

I DESPERATELY hope someone knows what I need to do!!!!

I've come accross a problem before where when I select a track (any track) and hit F4 or choose "Track Automation" from the View menu in the Arrange window, and nothing happens (except you get the Select/Curve menu for the Automation tool)...

I've always just accepted this with frustration.

Today, it's decided to happen to a song I need to edit the existing automation for (was just working on it yesterday.. wtf?)

I'm supposed to have this finished for duplication before the end of the day :(((

HUGE THX for any insights..

this quirky problem has risen it's head before, but I've haven't been able to fix it nor figure the rhyme/reason
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