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FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics) Dynamic Microphones
Old 18th October 2010
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by guze View Post
I think i have a fake SM57.
Is it confirmed that the capsule resistance should be +-400 and not +-600???
Old 18th October 2010
Lives for gear
DarbyOhara's Avatar
Originally Posted by beatnik View Post
hi guys!

i have bought two sm57 here in italy.

i have seen many articles on the web about spotting fake chinese copies.

i am confused on mines... they have some details of the original and some of the fakes.

- green and yellow wiring (both on the capsule and on the xlr connector, the original should have blue and red on the connector)

- weight is 240 grams (original rated 284)

- three holes in the bottom

- on xlr connector i have marks for pin1,2,3 and shure, and also the silver line

- resistance between pins 2 and 3 is 600 ohms (i've heard it must be 400)

- the package contains all but the user guide and the sticker look very poor quality. the bag is the bigger one and has a "made in china" label inside.

what do you think about them?

They are no good and fake. Sell them to me, both for 1 Euro and I'll take those fake bastards off your hands and you won't have to put up with them anymore.
Old 18th October 2010
Gear Maniac
Bopkit's Avatar

there are some fake Beta 87's out there too.

someone tried to sell me one on craigslist. it had a green rubber windscreen ring instead of blue and a switch (no Beta 87 has a switch). the switch interrupted phantom and made a huge noise. it was pretty obviously a fake.
Old 22nd October 2010
Gear Nut

Thanks for the great information. It helps a lot. I will go to guitar center to buy my

shure sm57, and not ebay.
Old 22nd October 2010
Lives for gear
Slikjmuzik's Avatar

I bought 3 fakes off ebay a while ago. They are probably lying around. I couldn't even get rid of them. A lot of the guys in my engineering class wouldn't even buy them fro $20. In trying them out, the amount of gain they required was more than a real 57 and the sound once amplified was thin and, well, not a real 57. Honestly, even the new 57s aren't what the good ol unidynes were. Best thing to do is spend an extra $80 on a good, beat up, still sounds great unidyne:

Shure SM57 Unidyne III Dynamic Microphone Mic Vintage - eBay (item 130445724460 end time Nov-18-10 05:55:27 PST)

That's the real deal and will never go bad. However, with that said, I haven't used a 57 in idk how long. Don't like it on snares and my guitar cab mics are sm7b and AEA R92, so I have no real use except for scratch vocals in the control room while drummer and bass player are tracking. None of my final recordings have a 57 on them and for the cost of a real unidyne I'd spend a little extra and buy a Heil Pr30 which happens to be what I use for bottom snare or a Beyer M201. That that fwiw...
Old 23rd October 2010
Deleted User
FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)

I thought I'd bought a fake due to the price, came to this thread and found that it contains all the characteristics and documentation of a real 57. However, the capsule doesn't infinitely spin round like other 57's I've worked with... What's this?

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Old 26th October 2010
Here for the gear

So... I have joined the great "duped" gang! I bid on a pair of sm57s and got... not sm57s! The faking techniques have gotten much better but you can still tell that they are fakes. The sticker on the collar and shoddy glueing on the inside are the most obvious tip offs. I am in the process of working thins out w/ ebay but, it's a major hassle! I'll never buy a sure mic on ebay or craigs. I did't realize that the problem was so big. A shure rep told me that they find 4000+ counterfeit listings on ebay each MONTH! Be careful out there guys and gals!
Old 2nd November 2010
Gear Nut
i ordered a par of sm 57 few days ago, didnt receive them yet, i paid 168us dolars.. i hope that they are not fake, but i think they are... whay i dint saw this few days ago
her is the picture of the item, and the seller is this SOB
eBay My World - eray61

Uploaded with
Old 2nd November 2010
Gear Maniac

I think some of the information provided by the op is wrong here...

I bought the 2 57's I have about 5 years ago at Guitar Center and the bottom were the xlr connector is , looks just like the fake ones in your picture (the 1st pic).

However the pouches/bags look just like the real ones. Although I do not have the original boxes I did receive all the same paperwork (i.e. sticker, blue warranty card etc.) as the original.

And mine only has one circular hole as the real ones in our pics.

anyways just thought I'd share...
Old 16th November 2010
Gear Nut
I recorded some guitar on MARSHALL MG30 amp and i recorded on SHURE SM57 (which i think is fake, it's from that pic from post above)
and my SHURE SM58.
I recorded simultaniously using two mic inputs on my RME FF800.
My SHURESM58 is about 5 years old, its form a local store and 100% real thing..
I will take from a frend an original SM57 to do the real test soon, i just couldnt wait, so i made this test..
Im not a guitar player so dont judge that :-)

2shared - download SHURESM57fake58test.rar
Old 17th November 2010
Gear Maniac

haha i totallly just checked my 57s!
Phew!! got the real things
Old 17th November 2010
Gear Addict

FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)

I definitely fell for this a few years ago. Got 5 for $200 or something stupid. The sticker around the top is glossier with slightly different font and if you open the capsul up the wires are both blue inside the fake where the real had two different colors. Dont recall which colors specifically, but it's easy enough to tell just by unscrewing the bottom.
Old 17th November 2010
Here for the gear

My singer came in with a couple of these a few weeks ago. I could tell instantly by the weight because i'm so used to 57's... I thought it was funny that they filled it all full of hot glue on the inside to try to hide the fact that there was no transformer. Also that, as the post above mentions, the wires were red/black instead of (as even the bootlegged manual stated they should be) yellow/blue or whatever. The wires came unsoldered as soon as I cracked it open as well .

Also, I ran across a fake beta 58 recently. I was recording a demo for a friends band and when monitoring this beta 58 I noticed it was really ****ty and noisy sounding and told them we should use a different mic. The owner of the mic was reluctant tho cause the beta 58 was "a $150 mic" haha. later I checked it out and it was definately fake. I guess he got a great deal on it on craigslist haha
Old 17th November 2010
Gear Nut
Did anybody listen to my test from post above, i wanna see what you think..
Old 21st November 2010
Here for the gear
chev's Avatar

I just got an awesome deal on a brand new SM57 I bought locally but after finding this thread is not so good anymore..., I did verify all the stuff to check at 1st when buying and everything was fine! unfortunetly I didn't had my original SM57 to compare side by side!

Few things are similar to the real thing, red stamp on circuit board, all the papers and accessories, ID on pins with Shure, 2 holes (screw, xlr hook) like my newer and real SM57.

Here's the differences I've notice after comparing it side by side with the real thing

the stainless grill and plastic cap is a bit bigger and more dark grey than black, looks cheap already.
feel a bit lighter
the body contour around the xlr connection is different like in the pics posted earlier
poorly sticked brighter sticker with different font
green & white wires between capsule & transfo...
not solid pins but folded pins
sounds muddier and thinner

wanted to measure the impedance between pins 2-3 but found out one wire got broke while checking their you say!

I'll never buy one online and will bring my real one to compare if I ever buy another one used which I doubt!

I'm working out a refund with the seller...
Old 21st November 2010
Gear Maniac
Ben J's Avatar

I'm having trouble telling if I have a fake or not. Everything seems to be legit, except for the fact that it has 3 holes near the bottom, and it has a sticker instead of a metal band. Also, the logo is slightly larger and not "italicized." But the impedances are very close. The real 57 is around 18Ω between pins 2&3, and the fake one is around 26Ω...

Here's the result of an incredibly un-scientific test:


Seems close enough to me, so even if it is a fake, I'll still use it. Although I'm never buying a used 57 on ebay again...
Old 24th November 2010
Here for the gear
chev's Avatar

ok so here's my contribution for identifying fake SM57 for the 1st look.

fake SM57(left) vs real SM57(right)
Old 15th December 2010
Gear Maniac

Fake shure sm57

Allright. First things first - respect for the first post.
Now, after being a long-time lurker of information of this forum, i decided to add in also because i have bought two fake shure sm57's as well.

As i own a perfectly original shure sm58, and know that the sound of the sm58 and sm57 have to be very similar, i was flabbergasted to find that the two sm57 had a lack of proximity effect, sounded muddy in the lows and tinny in the top, empty mids. Also, the output was much lower. The handling of the mic sounded differently, too. For a gearslut like me, that was fishy. It took balls to start considering these might be fakes, cause I seriously didn't know they even could be.

Thank god i am a gearslut. I picked this up from marktplaats,... a dutch equivalent of ebay, in december 2010. Just so you know this **** is still prevalent and internationally spread. Anyway,... i stumbled across this thread and found it very respectable, and it got me into making an account. Here's some pictures of my experience for you guys to consider.... i hope you will be able to get your money back, like i will be, otherwise, you are in trouble.

edit: my fake mic weigh in at 210 grams. That is 74 grams less than it should be. edit 2: added picture.

this was my first post! Hooray. catch you on the flipside

Update: I got back my money. I warned him to not sell these anymore.
Attached Thumbnails
FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0144.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0145.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0147.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0149.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0151.jpg  

FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0152.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0153.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0155.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0156.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0157.jpg  

FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0158.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0159.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0161.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0162.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0165.jpg  

FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0166.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0168.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0169.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0170.jpg   FAKE SHURE SM57'S (including pics)-imag0171.jpg  

Last edited by Gearowner; 15th December 2010 at 05:06 AM.. Reason: Forgot to mention the weight of the mics.
Old 15th December 2010
Gear Maniac

in for later when i can check my 57's at the studio. Thanks everyone!
Old 15th December 2010
Gear Maniac
SortaLucid34's Avatar

To anyone that is just reading this thread now... check out this page first...

The OP's post could be a bit misleading... there are some qualities that are similar to real Shure mics.... so don't freak out.

Good thread.
Old 16th December 2010
Gear Addict

A few years ago, a friend and I were at the NAMM show. We saw a "down stairs" company selling fake Shure SM58 mics.

They had tape covering the names so you couldn't know which was which. My friend sang into each one and easily picked out the real thing. The guy was shocked that my friend could so easily pick out the Shure.

He said it was easy... the one that sounded good was the fake.

Old 26th December 2010
Here for the gear

Shure mics and parts

Thanks for the great thread. I just stumbled to your forum after google search. I had to sign in to share some info with you guys. I have been working as a contract production engineer in several manufacturing plants across the globe. Last 15 years mainly in China and SE Asia.

The way you "look things" here is impressive but not always truthful. SHURE, AKG, SENNHEISER they all let chinese sub contractors to make parts for them. Asian market area is mainly filled with "made in China" microphones due high import duties from USA. ASEAN Economic countries can deal easier with such import issues. Big brand names realised its cheaper for them to make it in Asia than export. They still got their market share and do their win.

Lots of products targeted to Asian Market area is sold to Europe, USA and rest of the world. They look similar but there are differences. Material savings, small design changes etc. Its purely done because Asian Market are cannot "pay" the same as wealthier western countries. Product packaging is usually close to Western Market retail product but not the same. Asian countries are forced to use more recyclable non-bleached carton material (print will be fade and not so bright).

Going back to to original thread... SHURE Mexico import lots of parts from China (and yes, I'm eye witness for this when parts were made for SHURE Mexico in China). They also manufacture several models in Mexico but not all parts what you see in microphones. Production "batches" are not always the same. Nowadays subcontractors are under pressure to maintain same color and feel and concentrate to Quality Assurance. Unfortuantely "Made in USA" is no longer what it says. After certain percentage which was done in USA (inc. assembly) you can make such claim (even most of it was made elsewhere).

If you keep Western retail products and packaging as "original" stay on those and forget Asian cheaper retail options. Products will never be the same whether it was made by JOHN, PABLO or XIULING.......
Old 30th December 2010
Here for the gear

Regarding Fake SM57's

I have a sneaking suspicion there are quite a few of these going on sale on ebay! I have been looking for a used one in a reasonable price range used. There are two ebay users that consistently are offering these in pairs, week after week, always going for around 100+ dollars. I have sent them both messages questioning where they are getting all of these microphones from, and neither seller will reply to my messages. My questions started out asking if they were authorized factory refurbishers, repair techs, and if these are refurbished.. no response. I also came right out and asked where were they getting all of these microphones? No reply. Watch out for these two guys.. One from IA and username starts with "ezl**" and the other from NY username starts with "Saturday_***" . I'm not saying they are NOT legit, just seems a bit fishy that someone would be able to offer week after week 10-20 sm57's !!! I'm not sure music stores have that kind of turnover, and if the sm57's rep is correct, there should not be this many refurbished mics to go around. The user "ezl**" currently has 4 pairs of these for auction, all the same photo used, and he has listed this many every week for the past 3 months at least.. do the math. The other User "Saturday_*****" currently has 8 pairs up for auction as well, and has for the past months, and I suspect in the future as well.

Old 3rd August 2011
Here for the gear

Another eBay purchaser...

I didn't look into the topic before I bought two SM57's on eBay.

Anyone ever seen this box before? I couldn't find it when I searched (briefly) on google images "Shure SM57 box".

Two mics arrived, the pouches have "MEXICO" stamped inside:

Inside the mic caps, they have the yellow/green wiring. AF stamped on one, TF stamped on the other.

Thanks in advance. Did I get lucky?
Old 17th October 2011
Here for the gear


D'ont order in this site :,
It's only counterfeit, i lost my money there.
Remember :,
Old 17th October 2011
if you see brand new shure mics for sale at a discount of any kind, it's probably a scam.

shure doesn't usually sell at discount. they don't have to.
Old 31st October 2011
Gear Head

Originally Posted by Crematech View Post

Going back to to original thread... SHURE Mexico import lots of parts from China (and yes, I'm eye witness for this when parts were made for SHURE Mexico in China). They also manufacture several models in Mexico but not all parts what you see in microphones. Production "batches" are not always the same. Nowadays subcontractors are under pressure to maintain same color and feel and concentrate to Quality Assurance. Unfortuantely "Made in USA" is no longer what it says. After certain percentage which was done in USA (inc. assembly) you can make such claim (even most of it was made elsewhere).

Very interesting, and well informed, thanks. I'm pleased this point has been made amidst these 6 pages.....

I MIGHT BE WRONG, BUT.............

I used to work for a reputable high street seller, and we pushed a certain german brands alternative to 58's with its 10 year warranty, and the argument that from conception through production, all was done in one place, where shure is chinese parts assembled in mexico for an american company. Why? Did we think the 57's and 58's people asked for weren't as good? HA - The trade price and retail price on these set by shure is so close, that we maybe made a 3 quid on every one we sold.

Today here are the prices from thomann who buy in HUGE bulk so i'm sure get relatively good deals from Shure, and who in my experience stick quite happily with RRP most of the time.

SM57 costs.....

Thomann £92.16 with shipping to uk
Digital Village £96.00

Next to no difference - SHURE are making all the money, except for the fella who takes the parts, mugs a westerner and feeds his family for a week.... Fair cop.

My point being, if it sounds too good to be true..... I'm off to support my local high street reseller.

Sorry if that was too far off the point.
Old 31st October 2011
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by sameal View Post
shure doesn't usually sell at discount. they don't have to.
Well, a twenty-eight dollar Prodipe mic I ordered a few weeks ago didn't have the usual sub-fifty dollar dynamic "trademark sound". If a trend begins, and similar cartridges start showing up in lots of different low end dynamics, who knows? They may at least choose to come down a few dollars after all these decades.

Has anybody done a vocal test between a counterfeit Shure and a real one (just curious)?

Old 14th December 2011
Here for the gear
Charvelguy's Avatar

The audio comparison vocally is subjective of course, without hardware or software to really do a scientific comparison to show hard data in the results.

So personal taste being subjective, its really akin to what is your preferred cup of Joe. Its also my ears, my setup vs yours.
Same as it is with monitors, computers, speakers, cables, software or hardware etc.

The obvious noticeable difference to the human ear is the knockoff mic has much more top end, the overall balance sounds different in body with slight difference in the mids to lows, but, to me, for vocals it doesn't sound that bad.
Even though they may be similar in construction with rated specs similar or same to one another, the impedance does differ from the original design.

While this may initially be perceived to have a tendency to open it up more vocally relative to 57, its still not a 57 true to its character. The 57 sounds much more balanced and suited to being an instrument mic. However, if I wanted to use it for vocals, this knockoff would an option as a go to mic, or side by side blended for a variance.

My knockoff is the SA (Seismic Audio) M20, (which doesn't hide the fact that its a knockoff)
The test comparison was to a newer (bought within last 5 years) SM57.
Old 18th December 2011
Gear Nut
audiogeekzine's Avatar

Still lots of fakes on ebay all the time

There are a lot of bids on these mics, all fake. The seller helpfully included a photo of the xlr jack - no numbers, no logo, groove around edge rather than smooth.

snowtosnow | eBay
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