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Beloved songs with sonic faults Audio Interfaces
Old 25th August 2007
Lives for gear
YUGA's Avatar

Originally Posted by Parabola View Post
Coldplay - The Scientist - 2.00 mins in from when the acoustic guitar comes in for the entirety of the song there is this high pitched ringing sound on the 2 and the 4. Its quiet but it really pisses me off. I cannot believe it was deliberate, but at the same time, how could the miss it? No one else I know can seem to hear it... Someone please confirm this one with me!
I hear it clearly. but it doesn't bother me at all.
Old 25th August 2007
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lowfreq33's Avatar

Originally Posted by B.Santillan View Post
queens fat bottom girls, but I heard it recently on the radio with all the low end sucked out of it so it was nice and loud and bright. It sounded awful.

Something that came to mind when I heard it though.........Why do classic rock stations feel the need to overcompress their stations like typical rock and pop stations? For the most part they have little to no competition.
Crank the intro and you can hear either print through or headphone bleed of the guitar.
Old 25th August 2007
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Sigma's Avatar
steeley dan --Katy lied -- DBX nr failure

king Crimson --in the court of---sounds like a blanket over the recording even fripp admits it
Old 25th August 2007
Gear Maniac
BrettMorello's Avatar

Crazy though how you seem to live with things. What I want to say: first time I heared Kyuss' 'Welcome To Sky Valley', I couldn't understand why everything sounded so muddy. No clear high end, just some rumble on everything.

Now so many years later and played the record a million times, I can't imagine it would sound different and would even be very upset if someone remixed it to normal standards.
Old 25th August 2007
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andychamp's Avatar
Beach Boys/Good vibrations: the tape edits each time the chorus kicks in.
I never noticed them until I read about them, and now I can't seem to be able to ignore them.
Still:gorgeous song.
Old 25th August 2007
Originally Posted by Silver Sonya View Post
This thread is just for fun. Not meant to be taken too seriously.

List a song or that you love with all of your heart that has bad/weird/distracting sonics. In other words, the song is emotionally great, but the recording or mix leaves something to be desired. In some cases, these "faults" become endearing and inseparable from the song. Arguably, in most cases, this is what happens.

My studio partner TJ's expression is "Juice over tech." Word.

I'll go first.

Elvis Costello's "Veronica"

The snare drum sounds like a metal-shelled piccolo with 2khz cranked 10dB on an SSL console EQ.

The song is transcendent genius (Costello/McCartney composition!). And Kevin Killen, T Bone Burnett, and Mitchell Froom are obviously deities.

But that snare!!... Was nobody listening?...

Okay, you go.

- c

I'd say the entire recording and production of Derek and the Dominos leaves much to be desired, even withint the limitations of the era.

That said -- touch one bit of that classic recording, warts and all, and you're gonna have a problem with me. I do not want to hear what some tin-eared "mastering engineer" is going to (or has done) to that piece of our musical history.
Old 25th August 2007
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Unclenny's Avatar
Originally Posted by DeBasement View Post
Sometimes it's those little mistakes that give a song the immediacy and excitement of an 'almost live' recording.
Ah, yes........those aren't really mistakes. They are just a part of the music.
Old 25th August 2007
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mikecorwin's Avatar

Van Morrison, Astral Weeks

Van Morrison "Astral Weeks" - The upright bass player's intonation is pretty "liberal," and the rhythm section is super elastic. I know that Van kept takes based on his vocal performance alone, so there you go. Amazing album nonetheless!
Old 26th August 2007
Here for the gear

Brian Auger and Oblivion Express first album...

can a fukish record be mixed with drums so low?
Old 26th August 2007
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laser's Avatar

Thin Lizzy's "Boys Are Back In Town", bass track can barely be heard.

Beatles' Revolver album, half the album sounds boxy and tinny especially "Taxman".

Old 26th August 2007
Lives for gear
Silver Sonya's Avatar

Originally Posted by laser View Post
Beatles' Revolver album, half the album sounds boxy and tinny especially "Taxman".
Um... we hear things differently, you and I.

- c
Old 26th August 2007
Lives for gear
themaidsroom's Avatar

Originally Posted by narcoman View Post
Iggy Pop - Lust for life album. Best album ever - terrible sound though !!
i must agree and disagree

i just got a fresh rca vinyl copy of this record - it sounds like roxy music next
to the idiot !!

great sounds
the bv's on turn blue are stellar - beautifully produced and recorded

not a lot of bass, kick drum or lows......

be well

- jack
Old 26th August 2007
Gear Head
cool thread...

I think it's really important to hear all 'records' in context. They all sound DIFFERENT and that's what makes them great. The tones give them eternal identity.

yes 'Lust for Life' is really sludgy and dark...but man o' man, that's one hell of a record. Some of the best rock guitar ever and how about Hunt? It kills. I admit 'Sweet Sixteen' can sometimes feel like a dentist drill between the ears but of a kind.

here's one though that always had me longing for more:

'Wild Gift' -X
super lo-fi and midgrangey, small sounding. Again, another work of genius from start to finish. Someone ****ed up though...

it's all subjective for the most part. room sounds one way one day with instruments this way, that way, musicians played too hard too loud too quiet, wrong mike, bad eq's OK.

I mean some people might like the later X record with '4th of July' (such a beautiful song)...that to me sounds really "80's hair band". I'd rather hear Bonebrake smallish y'know. Gotta love ALL of it though...great songs performances etc. ALWAYS win.
Old 26th August 2007
Lives for gear
doorknocker's Avatar
Originally Posted by Improv View Post
The Beatles... "Rubber Soul"... it's me and my wife's favorite sing-along Beatles album, but boy is it crispy and jangly! Really hard to listen to at times unless you're belting along with it on the freeway.
Are you talking about the CD or the original vinyl? 'Rubber Soul' was REMIXED by George Martin for the CD issue, as I just learned from reading 'Recording the Beatles' (What a great book!!!). All the other CD versions except I believe 'Help' were the original mixes though.

Anyway, my fave 'bad' recording is Derek +the Dominoes whole 'Layla' record. Had it on vinyl first and found it sonically lacking at a time (teens) when I absolutely didn't care about production values at all. Then got it on an early double CD (ughhh!), single 'remixed' CD (arrrghhh!), single 'original mix' CD (well....nah, o.k) and finally CD/SACD (could it be.....maybe, not really). ALL versions are seriously flawed and no attempt at bettering it really succeeded but it's still one of all-time faves, such great playing and songs.
Old 26th August 2007
Lives for gear
firby's Avatar

The most lofi singles that stick out in my mind are "Bang a Gong" --Arcadia and Beck "loser".

Bang a Gong is terrible. I don't know how that got released. Maybe it is just my vinyl but it ... sounds like 8 bit or something.

Not in a good way either.
Old 26th August 2007
Gear Maniac
Long_Shaded_Eye's Avatar

Muse can write some nice music, but it's ruined by a stupidly huge production (they produce pop songs like if it was metal). Except the first album wich is far less produced.

Also the two last NIN sucks ... everything sounds so "disco" & digital to me on those. The fragile was sooooo great, so "organic" ... too bad he stop to go in that direction.

Old 26th August 2007
Here for the gear

Taking Back Sunday's "Tell All Your Friends" has some great, catchy as hell tracks on it, but on all of Adam Lazarra's vocals as well as the female backup singers, there's a high pitched sibilance that completely kills your ears on headphones. Great cd, horrible mic issue.
Old 27th August 2007
Gear Nut

Originally Posted by bitman View Post
Doing this gives me rack rash like nothing else.
Sorry, I understand ... there's a sample here. Get some steroid cream first.

The Bob Dylan Audience Loop!
Old 27th August 2007
Lives for gear

dEUS - Hotel Lounge.

Bass is pretty out of tune, but I do wonder if the track would still move me in the same way if it wasn't. Hmmmm

"Sonic Faults" are pretty hard to quantify in a music production, I think. I make sonic "mistakes" all the time, but over half the time when I go back to fix them the track is missing something.

Gut Instinct for the win

Edit: Just remembered those damn gated snares on Coldplay's Yello - every single one goes BLAT - hisss, BLAT - hisss... funny.
Old 27th August 2007
Gear Nut

mc5-back in the usa

absolutely no bottom end. still love the record.

Old 29th August 2007
Gear Addict

The whole Neil Young "Rust Never Sleeps" period had some, er, unconventional engineering. It fits the material, though.

There are some early Genesis songs (pre-Lamb) that sound like they were recorded on a really ancient reel of tape, or the machine was way out of alignment, or something. "Seven Stones", for example.
Old 30th August 2007
Gear Addict
samwinston123's Avatar

All of Dungen's Ta Det Lungt album. I love it musically, but the high end is severely out of control. The cymbals sound awful and whenever there's a guitar solo I have to turn my stereo down. I don't know if it was the fact that they did it digitally, or if it was sub par mastering, but it's a real shame either way.
Old 21st September 2007
Lives for gear
gregohb's Avatar

Originally Posted by Resonant Alien View Post
Everything The Beatles did prior to The White Album.

A lot of 80s material - some really great songs came from the 80s, but suffered from poor/sign-o-the-times production techniques (if I never hear another gated snare in my life, it will be too soon).

Frampton's studio albums (only the live album had really great production).

The entire Queen II album.

My Chemical Romance - Black Parade - great songs, ****ty production/mastering (not sure which one ruined it).

All Rush albums after Moving Pictures and before Counterparts.

Ozzy's first two albums.

Cinderella's "Gypsy Road"

There is a whole website with blogs dedicated to finding anomalies of Beatles records. People listen with headphones and extreme EQ settings to pickout all kinds of tiny mistakes. My favorite is John saying "f**king hell" when he plays a wrong chord in Hey Jude - in the final version that was released. Evidently its very quiet in the background but there.
Old 21st September 2007
Lives for gear
jindrich's Avatar

-Norah Jones: Come away with me.
The whole CD is spread with preamp clipping + distortion on Norah's voice.
It received however a Grammy for best engineered album. That says it all about the current Music Biz and engineering.
Also, the excessive compression and in yar face presence of the LVOX contrasts too much IMO with the rest of the instruments, which are left untouched and balanced, with room to breath.
I still love the album though.

-Michael Jackson: She's out of my life.
Is MJ really doing that VERY ODD vibrato with his lungs or was it the mix engineer abusing an automated tremolo at the end of the phrases? Anyway sounds SO weird!

cool thread.
Old 21st September 2007
Gear Maniac

For me, "Shake Appeal" from The Stooges' Raw Power record is too much. I like the overall sound, but the levels on that song are way too high.

For those contemplating an "if it's too loud, you're too old" reply, I will add that I thought so even as a teenager.

I can't think of any specific examples, but I seem to recall that a lot of early Black Flag (was the singer's name Keith Morris) songs had pretty big mistakes. That was also part of their schtick, but still...
Old 21st September 2007
Lives for gear

It's funny how subjective the notion of "bad sounding" is - esp. as I read through these posts. There are different ways to look at this. Some recordings just have a 'weird' (and most likely far from technically 'perfect') production quality and I think this often can be what lends the material a strong identity and a potentially timeless quality. A good example of this would be that Kyuss record, or the Iggy Pop 'Lust for Life' recording, mentioned earlier. Then there's stuff that's just plain bad-sounding (think, Husker Du) and noone is gonna argue with this...not that this can't be an endearing quality in it's own way. I actually have always genuinely loved the lo-fi aesthetic and this can be a brilliant and beautiful thing in the right hands. Gimme a Billy Childish record over just about any cookie-cutter college radio "garage rock" band any day.
Old 21st September 2007
Lives for gear
biohazards first cd.
God that CD is a terrible sounding CD!

Some others I know of:-

U2 - Pop
Unfinished, badly produced, whch is such a shame cos it's got some of my favourite U2 songs on it!

Ride - Chelsea Girl - amazing song, but I'd love to hear it properly!

Twilight Singers - Powder Burns - great album, but would be even better if it wasn't squashed to hell (Californication is bad for this as well)

Prong - Beg to Differ - there's always been something mechanical sounding on that album that's bugged me - drums sound almost like a drum machine! Sorry Ted...
Old 21st September 2007
Lives for gear
vernier's Avatar
Queen II sounds wonderful ..tape saturation galore. Fat bottom Girls, that album sounds like everything is thru cheap IC's, and doesn't hold up. As for CSN&Y, the early stuff, they were gods. Hmmm, what else, Night Fly ..I can't listen to that one ..comb filtering on vocals ..early digital or bad use of Eventide.
Old 21st September 2007
Lives for gear
Santiago's Avatar

Originally Posted by MarkRB View Post
dEUS - Hotel Lounge.

Bass is pretty out of tune, but I do wonder if the track would still move me in the same way if it wasn't. Hmmmm
A big time favourite with me. I had always thought it was the guitars that were out of tune, but now you say it, it IS the bass.

Love those early dEUS productions, full of mistakes but with an excellent vibe...

Old 21st September 2007
Gear Nut

Old Punk Rock

The Misfits - All their stuff with Danzig.

Like most old school punk, terrible recordings, but great songs with tonnes of energy and aggression.
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