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Firewire Mixers

im in need of something to record my bands performance at our practice space and was wondering if the firewire mixers offered by the likes of alesis and mackie were able to transmit all of the channels simultaneously over firewire into my recording software, or if it is sent only stereo. i do know that it is sent TO the mixer in stereo for monitoring purposes but am not sure if they SEND all channels to be recorded and multitracked or not. ive looked for this specific answer on their websites but couldnt find the answer. sorry about the dumb question. thanks in advance.
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The mackie ones, if you get the firewire card, send each channel separately, pre eq, and a stereo main mix simultaneously to the computer. I don't know about the others, butt you could always download the manual and fiind out if you can't find the relevant specs online.
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