Im looking into Fantom is it
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Im looking into Fantom is it

Ok i been using alot of different softsnths for awile now. I never did'nt anything threw the hardware route. Can anyone help me out and tell me how you would use the fantom xr. Do i hook my midi controller to the XR and than from xr to my computer. Someone help me out here. Im new to all this stuff, i always was the good recording engineer but im new to actually making the music. I feel like im the freshmen on his first day of highschool...LOST e
Old 3rd January 2007
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If you want to use the XR with your computer i would suggest that you use a USB connection.
I found a big difference in the tightness of the timing when i compared the USB connection to a regular MIDI connection with the XR.
Depending on your host sequencer you will need to establish the connection by setting up a multiinstrument that talks to the USB port (f.e. in Logic)

Since the display in the XR is a pain to use i would also recommend that you install the editor that comes with the XR and use that alongside with your sequencer for dialing up sounds and assigning them to the different midichannels etc.

Good luck!
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That's interesting, I didn't notice any change in timing between using the midi and USB ports with the XR. It should be noted that midi over USB is transmitted at the same speed as midi over midi cables. So there's no reason why it should be tighter over USB unless there are other factors affecting the transmittal of midi over midi cables. Not knowing what computer you are using, it might be midi drivers or a midi hardware issue. Or not, it's just an interesting comment because I don't think there's any technical reason why midi over USB should be any tighter.
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