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Avatar for Stratgirl

Ok boys, I know your gear addiction and quest for the perfect tone trickles down to your floor gear. Let's see what you got. I'll...

replies: 2,320 views: 676,289
Avatar for VDB
VDB 6 days ago
Avatar for Whitecat

Here are some links to threads which are very good and a useful & informative read! Check 'em out to broaden your...

replies: 14 views: 20,160
Avatar for BarcelonaMusic
BarcelonaMusic 7th July 2018
Avatar for goldylocks

Question answered here: Recording a Bass Direct for 60s/70s Tone Hey guys. I’m primarily a guitarist & have little...

replies: 74 views: 1,791
Avatar for audioforce
audioforce 12 minutes ago
Avatar for cooker

Just wondering what you guys use or tried aside amp-sim.s be it for sound alone or useful for mixing. There are quite a lot of...

replies: 6 views: 282
Avatar for cooker
cooker 44 minutes ago
Avatar for Alrod

For a bit of history, Years ago I owned an EBMM EVH Signature Series guitar. It had a beautiful unfaded quilted maple top. I only...

replies: 53 views: 1,009
Avatar for Reml@P
[email protected] 49 minutes ago
Avatar for tubeing

Hi guys, I'm going to try an ESP Eclipse in the next few days but I don't understand which model it is. It's not an Eclipse I...

replies: 3 views: 244
Avatar for tubeing
tubeing 3 hours ago
Avatar for jerry123

So I have a Sterling Ray 34 active bass, a Gretch Electromatic, a Danaelctro Baritone and an el Degas SG copy. The SG copy has...

replies: 9 views: 455
Avatar for audioforce
audioforce 3 hours ago
Avatar for Simppu

Which 80's rack effects processor would be the best for guitar? I'm in need of more simple effects such as chorus, delay and...

replies: 68 views: 6,428
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4 hours ago
Avatar for montanasan

Hi there, I have a beautiful Blackface Fender Tremolux amp and cab that I use to record but it's not always convenient for me to...

replies: 42 views: 1,160
Avatar for bgood
bgood 4 hours ago
Avatar for 1932ford

I know it's a Crate TV 412 loaded with 4 EVs but can't find any info...thanks

replies: 3 views: 153
Avatar for biscuitdough
biscuitdough 6 hours ago
Avatar for rugge78

Hello I need a capo for my 12-string Taylor. Any brand/model? My 450 has a flat neck (as a classic guitar). I see that many...

replies: 0 views: 88
Avatar for rugge78
rugge78 10 hours ago
Avatar for johnylondon

Can anyone point me in the right direction for checking out serial/details of a potential purchase I'm about to make? I checked...

replies: 19 views: 77,006
Avatar for mvemkr
mvemkr 10 hours ago
Avatar for HSLand

For all examples I refer to the crunch/heavy tones and not the cleans. Today hi-gain tones sound very dry, boxy and demo-ish like...

replies: 524 views: 16,131
Avatar for nyandres
nyandres 11 hours ago
Avatar for Jason rocks

I am a blues player and I have an American Strat and a used Les Paul that sounds great. I played a American Telecaster today and...

Jason rocks
replies: 144 views: 4,987
Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 15 hours ago
Avatar for DanTheMan06

I may buy a used VOX acoustic amp found on Internet. Any experience with this amp? How good is it? Vox AGA150 150-Watt...

replies: 0 views: 118
Avatar for DanTheMan06
DanTheMan06 17 hours ago
Avatar for montanasan

Anyone out there using Scuffham Amps S-Gear and Amplitube? I'm mainly interested in vintage sounds. My main guitar set up (in...

replies: 9 views: 610
Avatar for montanasan
montanasan 17 hours ago
Avatar for RunnyKine

I want more low end than a Deluxe Reverb offers when playing the Baritone guitar, performance like you'd see at the top end of a...

replies: 10 views: 284
Avatar for johnnywellas
johnnywellas 18 hours ago
Avatar for sterlingcurfew

Hey all, I've got a Fender Custom Player Jazzmaster that I want to install a Lace Humbucker and Lace Deathbucker in (yes, I want...

replies: 1 views: 182
Avatar for kslight
kslight 19 hours ago
Avatar for lagwagon06

Hi Guys, I am new on this forum and would like some advice. I need to get some bass tracks done on a project and using my bass...

replies: 53 views: 1,975
Avatar for audioforce
audioforce 1 day ago
Avatar for Lethem

Hi, I am looking to get a new guitar which has two humbuckers. I already have a Jazz Master and I am looking for something for...

replies: 88 views: 2,758
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 1 day ago
Avatar for Slyym

I'd mainly be using it to track guitar Di's but would also use it for bass. I currently have a TwoNotes Torpedo Reload which has...

replies: 30 views: 776
Avatar for Moonwhistle
Moonwhistle 1 day ago
Avatar for Tiggerdyret

Do you get any benefits from attenuators on amps with gain/overdrive and master volume. In other words are attenuators already...

replies: 22 views: 576
Avatar for trumq
trumq 1 day ago
Avatar for ConfusedWave

Hey everyone, A bit confused on one aspect and wanted to sort it out to avoid future damage. I've come to view alot of...

replies: 8 views: 328
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 1 day ago
Avatar for onewire

Hadn't seen this mentioned yet. I know it's been predicted but now it seems to be official. Bloomberg - Gibson

replies: 45 views: 1,529
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 1 day ago
Avatar for Bigshredder

Hi fellow gearslutz. I used to have all my pedals in a guitarrack in my last apartment but I recently bought a new house and I...

replies: 8 views: 352
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 1 day ago
Avatar for orangefridge

Hi, I’m using my Timeline with Ableton live which is working great for a while, all the patches are changing fine with each...

replies: 3 views: 151
Avatar for ElliotG
ElliotG 1 day ago
Avatar for orangefridge

Hey peeps, My live guitar pedal rig is being fed MIDI from ableton to change presets and BPM's etc. My guitars are constantly...

replies: 5 views: 211
Avatar for orangefridge
orangefridge 1 day ago
Avatar for mbvoxx

This was the only sub forum I could find that seemed to fit this question - it would be great if there was a forum specifically...

replies: 8 views: 479
Avatar for mbvoxx
mbvoxx 2 days ago
Avatar for terr0rgasm

Just curious. I recently bought a TBX tone pot for my strat... but I am curious... Is there a way to wire it so it works on...

replies: 0 views: 208
Avatar for terr0rgasm
terr0rgasm 2 days ago
Avatar for Tulaca

Hello good people I have decided that, due to a bad hip injury and not wanting to deal with fuss and expense of maintaining...

replies: 38 views: 897
Avatar for vincentvangogo
vincentvangogo 2 days ago
Avatar for firubbi

Hi yesterday i got my Morley Bad Horsie 2. strange is the wah is not working but the direct sound is ok. the contour switch...

replies: 2 views: 204
Avatar for bmanzer
bmanzer 2 days ago
Avatar for zerocrossing

Someone in another forum mentioned that he loved the Fishman Triple Play wireless MIDI pickup and thought it was way better than...

replies: 23 views: 6,901
Avatar for midifeet
midifeet 2 days ago
Avatar for Guitarking

After 25 years of fixed tremolo on my Jeff Beck (!) strat, I've decided to try the tremolo. Does anybody know how Michael...

replies: 17 views: 1,800
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 2 days ago
Avatar for Anthon

I've been doing DIY audio gear for a while, also I'm pretty good at woodworking and I have my own workshop. I was thinking about...

replies: 41 views: 1,598
Avatar for Anthon
Anthon 2 days ago
Avatar for Chevron

Surprised there isn't much talk here of this relatively new amp. From what I have heard online it sounds pretty sweet rockout...

replies: 8 views: 4,780
Avatar for cool182guy
cool182guy 2 days ago
Avatar for Guitarjon

Hey guys! Just finished a new video. It's all about comparing my Mesa Dual Rectifier to 13 different amp modelers. It was a...

replies: 14 views: 542
Avatar for aaronsmith
aaronsmith 2 days ago
Avatar for mark1971

What is going on? I have a Marshall related speaker question. My power amplifier the EL 84 is paired to a 1936 cabinet, but is...

replies: 10 views: 345
Avatar for mark1971
mark1971 3 days ago
Avatar for Brent Hahn

Some jazz cats were in the other night, and the guitar player had this really interesting Harmony. He said he thought it was...

Brent Hahn
replies: 10 views: 322
Avatar for TurboJets
TurboJets 3 days ago
Avatar for Sneakypita

Here's some pictures of a Premier 90 Reverberation Unit, not sure of the exact date, there is a marking that says 1977 on a...

replies: 3 views: 332
Avatar for Sneakypita
Sneakypita 4 days ago
Avatar for norfolk martin

Ok,…I need some help, as my experience is mostly in transistor and IC based circuitry; A friend brought me a Fender...

norfolk martin
replies: 29 views: 634
Avatar for norfolk martin
norfolk martin 4 days ago
Avatar for cyclopeatron

Calling on true gearslutz for help! Does anyone know what this pedal is?

replies: 3 views: 258
Avatar for Arthur Stone
Arthur Stone 4 days ago
Avatar for ConfusedWave

Hey everyone! Need a bit of input from some seasoned, well equiped guitarists. I own a 7 String PRS, down tuned running into...

replies: 9 views: 363
Avatar for littleeden
littleeden 4 days ago
Avatar for whitedwarf

Hi there, I got a Bugera BC30-212 at a really good price and plan to DIY some new amp in the case. I must say that the BC30...

replies: 1 views: 272
Avatar for RBHan
RBHan 5 days ago
Avatar for norbury brook

So I'm cooking dinner and about to put my spaghetti in the pan and I get a phone call from a friend, I'm with Larry Carlton and...

norbury brook
replies: 31 views: 1,395
Avatar for RBHan
RBHan 5 days ago
Avatar for Scubaman

I recently purchased an Ibanez Amv100fmd and I’m looking to fit a Bigsby trem but I’m not sure which one to get? Ideally I...

replies: 1 views: 230
Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 5 days ago
Avatar for bgood

I own a few of their acoustic gtr impulses and they are crazy useful, but I’m curious if anybody here had played with these...

replies: 7 views: 432
Avatar for bgood
bgood 5 days ago
Avatar for astrocreeper

Does anyone have an IRs of the Zoom 9030 or 9000 speaker simulations? I'm keen to try for the early Nine Inch Nails sound.

replies: 1 views: 227
Avatar for kslight
kslight 5 days ago
Avatar for dc_r

Continuing with my flavour of the month- I got a new Twin Reverb and so far really love it. Of course, I wanted to try a few...

replies: 43 views: 1,025
Avatar for untitled73
untitled73 6 days ago
Avatar for Candymars

Hotone released the VStomp Amp one day before NAMM 2018, works both in PC and Mac, supports VST/AU/AAX plugins and Standalone...

replies: 16 views: 3,372
Avatar for Candymars
Candymars 6 days ago
Avatar for thenoodle

Looking at the gold Schaller roller bridge gb-0590-002. Never used a roller bridge on my other Les Paul's that have...

replies: 5 views: 327
Avatar for ctms777
ctms777 6 days ago
Avatar for italo de angelis

The interesting thing I find in the TimeLine is not much about getting a delay fx. I have plenty of classic units covering that...

italo de angelis
replies: 12 views: 814
Avatar for italo de angelis
italo de angelis 1 week ago
Avatar for Our History

This is for those who cannot blast away with a mic'ed cabinet and want to improve their guitar tones. Please try to hit on a few...

Our History
replies: 32 views: 1,929
Avatar for JayTee4303
JayTee4303 1 week ago


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