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So many guitars, so little time

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Avatar for Stratgirl

Ok boys, I know your gear addiction and quest for the perfect tone trickles down to your floor gear. Let's see what you got. I'll...

replies: 2,290 views: 656,438
Avatar for VDB
VDB 8 hours ago
Avatar for Whitecat

Here are some links to threads which are very good and a useful & informative read! Check 'em out to broaden your...

replies: 11 views: 18,066
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 22nd March 2018
Avatar for AudioWonderland

I work solo and need a set of cans to use for placing mics on cabs. It's a pain to keep going back to the control to to hear...

replies: 4 views: 135
Avatar for AudioWonderland
AudioWonderland 15 minutes ago
Avatar for enorbet2

Greetz There is a lot of discussion here and all around really that portrays Guitarists as rather mindless, uneducated egoists...

replies: 74 views: 1,035
Avatar for Trebor75
Trebor75 51 minutes ago
Avatar for eb0248

Hey Folks, I have a line on either a Marshall 100 HDFX or a Vox AD100VTH, both have 412 cabs. I don’t really gig, but I wanted...

replies: 6 views: 500
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4 hours ago
Avatar for HSLand

For all examples I refer to the crunch/heavy tones and not the cleans. Today hi-gain tones sound very dry, boxy and demo-ish like...

replies: 261 views: 7,596
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4 hours ago
Avatar for cooker

Had a chat with 2 guys in my luthiers place today, both will be releasing album and video's soon. They worked with different...

replies: 281 views: 7,446
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 5 hours ago
Avatar for Zinc2005

I want to buy ~ 5 or 6 snarks to have around the studio. What's the best model that can be purchased new online right now. Its...

replies: 2 views: 157
Avatar for Mertmo
Mertmo 5 hours ago
Avatar for elambo

I've recently realized that the '59(ish) Bassman is my favorite amp. Prior to that it has been an AC30, but that's another story,...

replies: 88 views: 1,722
Avatar for AnthonyG
AnthonyG 7 hours ago
Avatar for lunastus

Hello, I have this old capo that my former guitar teacher gave to me before he passed away. It must be old cause the plastic on...

replies: 4 views: 2,325
Avatar for lunastus
lunastus 7 hours ago
Avatar for benjit

mike dean is a legendary producer and he's mainly a synth guy i believe but god damn does he sound good on guitar. at pensados...

replies: 2 views: 519
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 8 hours ago
Avatar for lumpfish

My question: is technology now at a point where one could make “models” of our own rigs without too much effort? Being an...

replies: 8 views: 321
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 8 hours ago
Avatar for bvdd

Mods please move if needed. Hey kids, this great little amp is $40 off today plus there's a 20% off coupon bringing it down to...

replies: 43 views: 1,906
Avatar for optofonik
optofonik 10 hours ago
Avatar for Simppu

Which 80's rack effects processor would be the best for guitar? I'm in need of more simple effects such as chorus, delay and...

replies: 55 views: 4,481
Avatar for Slicklickz
Slicklickz 12 hours ago
Avatar for aBunchOfPedals

This is the second pedal I’ve owned from SolidGoldFX and so far, so good. The other is a delay. This is a pretty cool little...

replies: 1 views: 286
Avatar for baskervils
baskervils 18 hours ago
Avatar for dft3670

I have always loved this lead and its sound. Can anyone tell me how that tone is create?

replies: 17 views: 9,606
Avatar for Blast9
Blast9 18 hours ago
Avatar for 101David

Hi I use a Marshall 50w head and 1936 cab. I'd like to put a 19" 2U fx unit between them - but can't think of a suitable...

replies: 5 views: 204
Avatar for Glamrock80
Glamrock80 20 hours ago
Avatar for pinokeyodohkeyo

Hi, As in the title: Dumble amps, wtf? Who has one? Talk to me about this. p

replies: 21 views: 757
Avatar for enorbet2
enorbet2 1 day ago
Avatar for BarcelonaMusic

After being frustrated with every other splitter box, I bought a Radial Twin City, which is complete heaven after the crappy D.I....

replies: 10 views: 682
Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 1 day ago
Avatar for Vociferous32

Hello Everyone, I’ve found a great bright dirty guitar tone using the logic pro’s amp modulator, BUT it comes with too much...

replies: 2 views: 317
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 1 day ago
Avatar for mdme_sadie

About effing time. Latest beta Firmware 5.6.2 for those Kemperites among you. So far so good sounds good and is more...

replies: 0 views: 317
Avatar for mdme_sadie
mdme_sadie 2 days ago
Avatar for StevieD009

Hi all, I'm a singer/songwriter, searching for a sound similar to the old folk guitarists of the 60s, etc. When I listen to...

replies: 354 views: 5,233
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 2 days ago
Avatar for simonschole

I have a Boomerang wholly roller expression/volume pedal and am wanting to use the tuner out function. As described the...

replies: 6 views: 338
Avatar for simonschole
simonschole 2 days ago
Avatar for Mark1353

Hi, Hope I don't brake any rules. But here is a bass cover my friend made of AC/DC - Back in Black. I've helped him with a few...

replies: 2 views: 379
Avatar for Mark1353
Mark1353 2 days ago

The good news is I'm getting better at chording and learning different voicings. I've committed to a practice routine and I'm...

replies: 3 views: 408
Avatar for baskervils
baskervils 2 days ago
Avatar for gman90

So to make it quick as possible, I am right now a bedroom guitarist who plays with some friends usually using a fender champion...

replies: 271 views: 5,042
Avatar for enorbet2
enorbet2 2 days ago
Avatar for Royaldeadman

I'm trying to buy a steel lap guitar and I have no idea where to start. I thought I wanted a DOBRO but then I did more research...

replies: 111 views: 7,050
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 3 days ago
Avatar for eagle007

Hi guys, I have a Fender Twin Reverb, but would like to know the exact version. But I cannot find any photo of a similar amp...

replies: 4 views: 524
Avatar for tubetech65
tubetech65 3 days ago
Avatar for ilan

Hey slutty people. I recently got myself an eventide h9 to use as send effect for mixing. The guy who sold it lost the...

replies: 5 views: 434
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 3 days ago
Avatar for Songwriter

Looking for a small guitar tube amp combo for recording, with my Epiphone Elitist Casino. F ex something like... 1. Vox AC4HW1...

replies: 138 views: 36,129
Avatar for enorbet2
enorbet2 3 days ago
Avatar for Jason rocks

When I play guitar, certain notes cause a vibration that makes a tube to make a rattle when certain notes cause a vibration. Any...

Jason rocks
replies: 22 views: 643
Avatar for TurboJets
TurboJets 4 days ago
Avatar for tonedef71

Now that Inspired Instruments has finally delivered the first batch of Lineage MIDI guitars to its KickStarter backers, as a...

replies: 42 views: 4,068
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4 days ago
Avatar for Rezamatix

Mesanovic Ribbon and 2 SM 57's just for fun. YouTube

replies: 0 views: 269
Avatar for Rezamatix
Rezamatix 4 days ago
Avatar for Our History

This is for those who cannot blast away with a mic'ed cabinet and want to improve their guitar tones. Please try to hit on a few...

Our History
replies: 27 views: 1,008
Avatar for 64gtoboy
64gtoboy 4 days ago
Avatar for John Eppstein

Download Appnote on speaker measurement from Audio Precision. Download AP's Application Note "Loudspeaker Electroacoustic...

John Eppstein
replies: 4 views: 350
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4 days ago
Avatar for 101David

The manual for my Boss BCB-60 pedal board includes the following statement: "When using effects pedals compatible with...

replies: 7 views: 949
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 4 days ago
Avatar for shanabit

Here is the question: I have ALWAYS tuned to standard tuning EADGBE. I know a lot of guys tune the whole guitar down a half...

replies: 9 views: 496
Avatar for jweisbin
jweisbin 4 days ago
Avatar for shufflebeat

This might be common practice, in which case you'll all be way ahead of me - if not I'll go into more detail if anyone's...

replies: 1 views: 421
Avatar for James May
James May 4 days ago
Avatar for lossleader

Hey I had a quick question about the GT-1 I was wondering if someone could please answer. It looks like it has up to 8...

replies: 3 views: 291
Avatar for cooker
cooker 4 days ago
Avatar for Captain 8

which do you guys like best, and does anybody have both? what are the pros and cons etc...? what others in the same vein should...

Captain 8
replies: 8 views: 460
Avatar for Captain 8
Captain 8 5 days ago
Avatar for carlheinz

Title says it all. Are there JC-120 speaker replacements on the market? Also, Does anyone have a preferred alternative to...

replies: 3 views: 374
Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 5 days ago
Avatar for tchgtr

Changing strings? You could help me a lot by measuring one of the wound strings in your set before installing them on the...

replies: 8 views: 611
Avatar for tchgtr
tchgtr 5 days ago
Avatar for cooker

The feel changed too, reminded my friends Tele which has Kluson tuners.

replies: 1 views: 454
Avatar for lame pseudonym
lame pseudonym 6 days ago
Avatar for Soundshark

I'm not sure how to timestamp, but its at about 2:35. How do I get this type of lead guitar tone?

replies: 0 views: 297
Avatar for Soundshark
Soundshark 1 week ago
Avatar for Daniel Grenier

I am after a top notch, versatile STEREO Swell Effects Pedal (no, not a volume pedal where you make your own swell... got that...

Daniel Grenier
replies: 2 views: 324
Avatar for litepipe
litepipe 1 week ago
Avatar for norfolk martin

Kind of a longshot, but: any pedal steel payers out there ? For Christmas (although it arrived in February) I got a GFI S-10...

norfolk martin
replies: 41 views: 1,076
Avatar for PdotDdot
PdotDdot 1 week ago
Avatar for Leonidas706

This might be a very novice question but impedance always confuses me when it comes to amps and cabinets. I want to run my...

replies: 3 views: 683
Avatar for formula428
formula428 1 week ago
Avatar for enorbet2

Greetz I recently became aware of this app originally made, as the video below says, for iPad and iPhone but I am very seriously...

replies: 9 views: 508
Avatar for enorbet2
enorbet2 1 week ago
Avatar for Jazz+

Hi. I have an EV PA system and a Mackie mixer that is very clean and full range. I go direct with my Telecaster and vocal mic...

replies: 11 views: 773
Avatar for ido1957
ido1957 1 week ago
Avatar for Bulletproof

Hi all - I'm mostly a synth guy and a denizen of the electronic music threads, but lately I've been gassing for a guitar to spice...

replies: 55 views: 1,380
Avatar for Piedpiper
Piedpiper 1 week ago
Avatar for traktop

I´ve been running a ´73 hiwatt dr-103 with 4 x el34 RFT tubes for a couple of years. I think they are from the seventies...

replies: 1 views: 405
Avatar for recordT
recordT 1 week ago
Avatar for infernouk

hey guys, I ave been using guitar rig to practice with and was looking at getting away from the computer setup. Use will be...

replies: 1 views: 375
Avatar for cooker
cooker 1 week ago


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