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Ok boys, I know your gear addiction and quest for the perfect tone trickles down to your floor gear. Let's see what you got. I'll...

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GTRTony 4 days ago
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Here are some links to threads which are very good and a useful & informative read! Check 'em out to broaden your...

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The Mole 21st November 2020
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Going to have to take a zero-tolerance one-strike approach on this stuff because some of you guys just can't seem to stay out of...

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Whitecat 24th February 2020
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I’m a long time Kemper user... since 2012. I love it, but I got a bee in my bonnet about the ability to run more complex...

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TobyB 1 minute ago
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Yet one more of those threads. I was listening to this version of an MGMT song, and the lead in the instrumental break has this...

Eskimo Brain
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UncleGroOve 1 hour ago
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Salutations, Slutz! I am trying to assemble a premium quality bass rig for recording bass in the hard rock genre. I already...

Master Moss
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JLast 1 hour ago
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Reporting on my recent foray with the autoharp (I do mostly Americana, bluegrass, folk type stuff). Bought a 21 chord Oscar...

Rob Coates
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GYMusic 2 hours ago
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I find that the E string pole pieces on Strat bridge pickups are often not really under the string. What gives? What can be...

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Zed999 4 hours ago
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Hi, I hired a guitarist to record guitars for a song from me. One of his tracks says it’s a 12...

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LOU F 11 hours ago
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Anyone with experience in authentic 60s bass tones? I love that Chas Chandler/Byrds/60s garage tone. Don't have a lot of cash....

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Fab Gear 15 hours ago
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I'm part of a Quarantine file-swapping band (I'm the only one who has met all the other players) and they're doing a St. Patty's...

Brent Hahn
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Brent Hahn 15 hours ago
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Everyone knows about BB King, some know Albert King due to Stevie Ray being greatly influenced by him. Sadly less people know...

Glenn Bucci
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Glenn Bucci 18 hours ago
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Hi all, I own a Mesa Dual Rec. 2 channel and I want to replace the pre-amp tubes. I’ve already heard several times that the...

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enorbet2 19 hours ago
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Hello! I am in search for a new tube amp head and a cab for home use and maybe for jam sessions, nothing serious. I want a...

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Snorktop 19 hours ago
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Video reviews should start popping up over the next few days.

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elambo 21 hours ago
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Hey hey, Recently got my Fender Deluxe Reverb II looked over by my tech (basic recap, NOS power tubes and biasing, and a mod...

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enorbet2 1 day ago
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I stumbled on this while looking for some serious online audio to test my new PC sound system. It's Hi Q enough to test your...

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enorbet2 1 day ago
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Just bought a used JC-40 and I had no idea how bad the hiss would be, to the point that I find it almost unusable. I've seen some...

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Jim Williams 1 day ago
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Hello all I have a teeny problem. I'm trying to recreate a suitable lead guitar sound that is wah/distortion/delay/reverb and...

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Zed999 1 day ago
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Hello I would really appreciate some feedback on this classical guitar recording. What do you think? Thank you

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Nikolaos 1 day ago
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So, i have a guitar (duh) and i need to record it, but since im a noob i dont know how to do it with my microphone. I have a...

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RiF 1 day ago
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Looks awesome... Neural DSP Quad...

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placebo62 1 day ago
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Hi all Just got my Ibanez Mikro bass because old Yamaha bass was breaking my shoulder. I really like it. If you are looking...

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min3008 1 day ago
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For those who have used passive and active versions of ribbon mics, can you share your experience with the difference in...

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John Eppstein 1 day ago
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Picking up a nice Gretsch hollowbody G5422TDCG this week and going to need to tame the squeel. Been looking into how I'm gonna...

jml designs
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JLast 1 day ago
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Hi, I have a strange first world problem.. Bought a fishman rare earth blend for my (2nd hand) GS mini. When I went to...

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John Eppstein 1 day ago
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Finally bought a Suhr Reactive Load and so far I'm mostly very pleased with the sounds I'm getting so far. I went into it mostly...

into the white
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into the white 1 day ago
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Hi guys, has anyone been successful in transferring a wave file (that wasn't created on it) into the device? Supposedly,...

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stefangs 2 days ago
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Anyone had any luck contacting Mutron and getting a response? I have a warranty issue on a two month old Phase pedal and...

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drsaamah 2 days ago
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Having been frustrated over not getting an audio/midi export from the pedal for further use with a DAW, I have begun writing a...

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Parnellio 2 days ago
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Hi, I’ve just bought an Iridium and I’m very happy with the sound. It is connected as part of myG-System controlled...

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Lorus 2 days ago
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So, I'm at the point where I want another Precision Bass. It's been years since I've had one & I'm getting close to deciding...

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WVTG 2 days ago
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I thinking a room mic for this distant lead tone? 1.42 in The forum needs its not linking to the correct time in...

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Snorktop 2 days ago
Avatar for tomato ketchup

I was not sure which forum was best as this is a strange one...

tomato ketchup
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tomato ketchup 2 days ago
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Think what you like but I am both saddened and offended at the way in which Jimi Hendrix's half-sister has pushed actual blood...

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enorbet2 2 days ago
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Hi All! I'm very excited to get this but hope I didn't get a lemon. I ordered a Hofner Ignition Club bass, just arrived in...

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JetLag 2 days ago
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Hi guys, I’m currently looking to create an all tube, home recording rig. My preferred sound is the classic marshall plexi...

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AlexLanvin 2 days ago
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What is happening: I recently moved to a new house that was built in the 50s and is also close to some high voltage power...

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_starbelly 3 days ago
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In my haste to make tones, I may have plugged an 18v power supply into a 9v pedal. I say "may have" because I am not...

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Cozmik Prod. 4 days ago
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I am really thinking hard about buying a new guitar. I just learned that Epiphone is releasing the American made Casino. I read...

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Malapp03 4 days ago
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Saxon 4 days ago
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Has anyone had the AxeTrak Pro here on GS? In the past I read not so good reviews about the AxeTrak, but they are probably...

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loziodavid 4 days ago
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Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me out with a problem I'm having. I have a lace sensor blue pickup in the neck position that is...

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kelldammit 4 days ago
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hi folks this morning ive made a test with an acoustic guitar and different mics. please have a listen...

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Groovydude 5 days ago
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Hi! I found this old tramsformer and am wondering if I could use it in a DI box and if so how I could connect it? Thanks! sp...

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ambiguous signal 5 days ago
Avatar for Ivan Mihaljevic

Hey folks! I have some pretty nice gear for recording my amps - great cabs, mics and preamps, but I'm looking for a way to...

Ivan Mihaljevic
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MantraSky 5 days ago
Avatar for Slava A

Looking to buy classical guitar for my intermediate student. I tested Cordoba C5. Cordoba C5 CE, Cordoba C7, Asturias A6,...

Slava A
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Robal 5 days ago
Avatar for robbi

Hello! Has anyone ever come across a mod to only get the reverb tank signal on a fender amp? I have a Princeton Reverb RI...

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vincentvangogo 5 days ago
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Here's my latest grab and go amp. Blackface Princeton Reverb. It's all reversed though as I Built it into an old Trainwreck...

norbury brook
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el-folie 6 days ago
Avatar for mins3008

Hi all I need your recommendations and experiences with any of these short scale basses. I can get the Cort for 300, Jackson...

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ambiguous signal 6 days ago
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Hi All, I’ve been recording guitars with amo sims for years and I think I’ve been doing it wrong. I was just setting my...

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mdme_sadie 1 week ago
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Hi all. Wahs are expensive and I found a bass cry baby I’m considering for normal guitar because it is cheaper. I’ve seen...

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min3008 1 week ago
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I’m trying to replace my variax 59 and was looking for something with a wide nut (I play classical as wel) and the SG seem like...

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gsilbers 1 week ago