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Avatar for Stratgirl

Ok boys, I know your gear addiction and quest for the perfect tone trickles down to your floor gear. Let's see what you got. I'll...

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Avatar for maggotspawn
maggotspawn 1 week ago
Avatar for Whitecat

Here are some links to threads which are very good and a useful & informative read! Check 'em out to broaden your...

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Avatar for Roll Tape
Roll Tape 3 weeks ago
Avatar for belensky

s many know, guitar speaker needs some breaking-in time to sound the best they could, but I was curious to find out what exactly...

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Avatar for belensky
belensky 32 minutes ago
Avatar for eternalsound

Technique? Style? Writing? Showmanship? Looks? Uses tube amps? Uses sims? What? :cowbell:

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Avatar for enorbet2
enorbet2 1 hour ago
Avatar for Arseny

Now I wanna sell all my three amps (princetone Ri, JMI 30/2, Bad Cat Mini) and buy an old Fender Twin Blackface 1964. Wanna...

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Avatar for enorbet2
enorbet2 1 hour ago
Avatar for SonOfPerdition

Hi all, I own a Mesa Dual Rec. 2 channel and I want to replace the pre-amp tubes. I’ve already heard several times that the...

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Avatar for SonOfPerdition
SonOfPerdition 2 hours ago
Avatar for pimket

It’s that time. Transparent OD question time. So I want a pedal that pushes the amp, can do its own light or light-medium...

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Avatar for Clash
Clash 2 hours ago
Avatar for mdme_sadie

Simple as that really. What inspired you?

replies: 63 views: 1,603
Avatar for littleeden
littleeden 7 hours ago
Avatar for M.S.P.

Anyone have one to recommend? Im looking for something where the tuning needle doesnt jump around a lot, and is good with guitars...

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Avatar for WallTone
WallTone 7 hours ago
Avatar for Boguz

I have been saving some money to buy a t-type guitar. I am a graphic designer, and as hollow as this sounds, the looks of the...

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Avatar for Boguz
Boguz 8 hours ago
Avatar for Boguz

I have a headrush gigboard and i play mostly though headphones. I am thinking about buying an amp so i can gig, but i am unsure...

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Avatar for Boguz
Boguz 8 hours ago
Avatar for pablodance

Hi Chaps, I have had a Fender Blues Deville for about a decade now. Love the sound. I play in a couple fo bands - one...

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Avatar for bgood
bgood 9 hours ago
Avatar for james01

I have a Fender Blues Junior amp that hums and buzzes when my guitar is plugged in. It makes no noise by itself or when a bass is...

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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 11 hours ago
Avatar for Hollowman9

Hey folks I’m a synthesizer guy that’s been trying to learn bass and I like trying to figure Joy Division songs for...

replies: 19 views: 1,022
Avatar for Hollowman9
Hollowman9 13 hours ago
Avatar for dio

... just because a handful of users thought that this is a Gaza Strip forum instead of an audio forum?

replies: 3 views: 542
Avatar for Clash
Clash 15 hours ago
Avatar for Mooncat84

Check out these 5 quick steps! Includes some beginner (and a couple of pro) techniques and a couple of famous riff examples. Hope...

replies: 4 views: 465
Avatar for poserp
poserp 15 hours ago
Avatar for StudiodeKadent

I have a Boss FZ2 Hyperfuzz and it seems to be damaged. I'm considering repairing it but at the same time I'm wondering about...

replies: 14 views: 454
Avatar for nedorama
nedorama 17 hours ago
Avatar for Mooncat84

This is the most challenging riff I can play. It starts out relatively simply (!?) and then just gets harder from there over...

replies: 70 views: 2,669
Avatar for poserp
poserp 18 hours ago
Avatar for PhilSound

There aren't really good videos of demos showing the MIDI capability. What do you guitar players think of the Studio MIDI...

replies: 22 views: 1,348
Avatar for PhilSound
PhilSound 19 hours ago
Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar

Hello, I am recording a guitar introduction that is very similar to the music video introduction of "Your Love" by The...

replies: 14 views: 532
Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar
DanPopRockGuitar 19 hours ago
Avatar for Jinsai

AVOID the Fender Super-Sonic 22. It pops quite loudly when switching from the clean ("vintage") channel to the lead...

replies: 33 views: 8,222
Avatar for enorbet2
enorbet2 1 day ago
Avatar for boneshowell

I think the MXR carbon copy delay is my favorite sounding delay so far. Finding that perfect delay pedal has been harder...

replies: 7 views: 612
Avatar for TobyB
TobyB 1 day ago
Avatar for ILiies

Alright. So I just want to know others opinions on Taylor guitars. I'm 16, mainly play a Gibson Les Paul through a valve...

replies: 68 views: 8,552
Avatar for johnjj
johnjj 1 day ago
Avatar for Moglo527

Hello! So I just bought a Pigtronix Infinity Looper and realized I needed a midi sync clock source. So I bought an E-RM Midiclock...

replies: 1 views: 399
Avatar for eatsgoots
eatsgoots 1 day ago
Avatar for AfterViewer

:deth:yingyang:deth: Anyone else into playing electric guitar using a capo at all times? Recently purchased half a dozen+ new...

replies: 4 views: 383
Avatar for AfterViewer
AfterViewer 1 day ago
Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar

Hello, can I use my active DI box as a buffer pedal? The PRS SuperModels amp sim calls for a buffer pedal to obtain the original...

replies: 5 views: 493
Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar
DanPopRockGuitar 1 day ago
Avatar for eternalsound

Where a lot of us come from Marshall was always the one. There were the step-childs: Randall, Crate, Gallien-Krueger, Jackson,...

replies: 48 views: 1,890
Avatar for Scragend
Scragend 1 day ago
Avatar for StudiodeKadent

Hello fellow slutz, I'll be blunt. I'm a sucker for the sound bands like Orgy were making back during the mid-2000s (the Vapor...

replies: 9 views: 414
Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 1 day ago
Avatar for rauchman

Greetings, I had ordered a used Ibanez S770PB through Guitar Center as the result of being on the hunt for something more...

replies: 32 views: 4,384
Avatar for BKWitt
BKWitt 1 day ago
Avatar for Loosenut

Hi guys, I wanna start using patches now. I have an Amp-1, which I want to use with a multi-fx midi box. I was looking at a Boss...

replies: 0 views: 569
Avatar for Loosenut
Loosenut 2 days ago
Avatar for jkstraw

Hi, I've got a little studio in my basement - I generally use it for live playing (and tracking what I play). I have a...

replies: 0 views: 539
Avatar for jkstraw
jkstraw 2 days ago
Avatar for robotchicken

it can be heard at the beginning of the track and continues throughout... what kind/style guitar is...

replies: 9 views: 516
Avatar for tINY
tINY 2 days ago
Avatar for konkon

Hi guys, so I am looking for any creative ideas and opinions. Something I have tried to handle for years in different ways and...

replies: 21 views: 854
Avatar for konkon
konkon 2 days ago
Avatar for camacozie

Hello All, I'm looking for suggestions for some of the best Nashville guitarists to add to my iTunes list. Just want totally...

replies: 12 views: 624
Avatar for nedorama
nedorama 2 days ago
Avatar for cubic13

Hi, all ! As the title suggests it, I am more and more enticed to add a 12 strings to my guitar set. Probably not now, but in...

replies: 76 views: 2,116
Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 2 days ago
Avatar for Clash

If anyone has the same Choptones packs for Kemper and Rig Player I'd be interested to know which you prefer or if its even...

replies: 10 views: 554
Avatar for M Ryan
M Ryan 3 days ago
Avatar for Mattfig

Hi guys, I was able to use a 1971West Amplifiers Avalon amp to capture some of the most inspiring 70s tones I have...

replies: 8 views: 708
Avatar for Mattfig
Mattfig 3 days ago
Avatar for rbbrchckn

I searched the forums and am actually surprised how little info there is- nonexistent considering what I want to do. I want a...

replies: 9 views: 524
Avatar for rbbrchckn
rbbrchckn 3 days ago
Avatar for Mikhael

Is the Warmoth Mooncaster body a semi-hollow like the 335, with bent wood sides? Or is it essentially a solidbody with the sides...

replies: 7 views: 370
Avatar for nedorama
nedorama 3 days ago
Avatar for wadesey

I just bought a '65 PRRI used from a retailer (looks brand new, assuming it was a return...) and while testing it out noticed...

replies: 4 views: 480
Avatar for wadesey
wadesey 3 days ago
Avatar for 12ax7

Never played much bass, but I recently bought one (a 5-string). It already had fairly light gauge stings on it, and so I...

replies: 3 views: 498
Avatar for tINY
tINY 3 days ago
Avatar for dialectic

I guess the title says it all. The amp has no name or model number on it and I'm curious to know what it is. Many thanks in...

replies: 22 views: 4,286
Avatar for Pooredward
Pooredward 3 days ago
Avatar for trock

Hi I used to look for the new line up for the year and always enjoyed seeing what colors/styles/features that year would...

replies: 2 views: 595
Avatar for trock
trock 4 days ago
Avatar for Terence T

So after a couple of years of giving a Kemper a real solid go, I'm through. Through with cold, harsh distortion that's not much...

Terence T
replies: 336 views: 11,190
Avatar for noah330
noah330 4 days ago
Avatar for jscomposer

I have a Palmer PLB 2X8. I'm curious as to how it compares to other load boxes on just the load, not any built-in speaker sim....

replies: 41 views: 1,133
Avatar for Yuri Kogan
Yuri Kogan 4 days ago
Avatar for brianellefson

Interested in what others do when recording acoustic guitar and dealing with or accepting slight tuning variances that come along...

replies: 5 views: 504
Avatar for brianellefson
brianellefson 4 days ago
Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar

Hello, I am a complete beginner when it comes to recording electric guitars. I am having issues setting my guitar levels inside...

replies: 4 views: 406
Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar
DanPopRockGuitar 4 days ago
Avatar for Roll Tape

OK, a friend of mine by the grace of the superior being has been lucky enough to acquire a vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom...

Roll Tape
replies: 32 views: 1,098
Avatar for norfolk martin
norfolk martin 4 days ago
Avatar for rickb92

ok so i'm new to the forum and new to playing instruments. lol. i've been looking online and became interested in the Roland...

replies: 31 views: 10,834
Avatar for Jimboy
Jimboy 4 days ago
Avatar for KevWind

Anybody get a look at , chance to play or hear, the new D20 amp from Revv Amplification ? Or have any experience with Revv ? I...

replies: 31 views: 3,749
Avatar for Tnevz
Tnevz 4 days ago
Avatar for reubenayres

I have a 2006 Ibanez RG2550 with an Edge Pro Trem. The bridge height adjustment bolts seem very tight to me. When adjusting...

replies: 3 views: 478
Avatar for Tnevz
Tnevz 4 days ago
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut

Hi all, Looking for an amp for my home studio that’s versatile for some of my own tunes. What are people’s geveral...

Wiggy Neve Slut
replies: 24 views: 3,623
Avatar for bigsbyman
bigsbyman 4 days ago


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