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Full range guitar sound
Old 14th March 2014
Originally Posted by Theo S View Post

"The notes on a guitar comprise almost 4 octaves of the 10 octaves that humans can theoretically hear. There are 2 more below the guitar and 4 more above. The ones above are experienced as harmonics and tone color (as well as fundamentals for notes played on higher instruments). Even if you're playing a note whose fundamental is 250 Hz (about open B), it produces harmonics at integer multiples all the way through the frequency spectrum, at 500 Hz, 750 Hz, 1000 Hz (1 kHz), 1.25 k, 1.5k, 1.75 k, 2k, etc., up to 20k. By adjusting higher bands you affect the balance of the harmonics, which affects your tone. You want to develop a feel for what the various ranges sound like when boosted or cut."

From Tuck's website
Well, I didn't see anything remotely resembling a conventional guitar amp on that stage, and from the few glimpses I could get of his rack I don't think he was using any kind of modeling device, either. I'll bet it was all studio quality gear straight into the PA.

One suggestion for a more conventional amp that may or may not work for you would be a Polytone, a lot of jazz guys like Joe Pass and George Benson use them, they're very clean. Probably as close as you'll get in a conventional amp.

I sent you a PM you might find useful.
Old 14th March 2014
Originally Posted by Theo S View Post
Hmm, maybe your laptop does.

Tuck plays with Meyer active speaker.
There's a lot of 'air' in his notes.

(or was it your phone, don't lie :-) )
There you go. Rack of studio gear straight into an extremely high fidelity PA speaker. Meyer makes amazingly great stuff and they're local to me. In fact I did some work for them in their cabinet shop some years, er, decades ago.

Meyer makes what are arguably the best PA speakers in the world.
Old 14th March 2014
Originally Posted by jimbridgman View Post
Even with harmonics at the highest frequency of 1.3k for their base note even third level harmonics won't reach 20k, period.

This is basic stuff.

Just because you boost 11k with whatever eq just means you are boosting things like reverb, and anomalies... you are also adding noise at the same time, since the db level of things that high are much lower level, so you are raising the noise floor in those areas.

Did you bother to listen to the video?

He's doing things that ABSOLUTELY will benefit from a top quality, wide range speaker system.
Old 14th March 2014
Lives for gear
Theo Stobbe's Avatar

I am leaving this place myself for a while. Thanks all for the useful info. I will work on it and you will probably hear in the near time.
Old 14th March 2014
Originally Posted by Theo S View Post
Mr. Eppstein,

I've deleted your pm before reading.

I teach my pupils to respect people, especially the veterans.
I do not find you respectful, by insulting in the open.
It's your loss. I had a couple of suggestions for you that might have been to your benefit, including a reference to a site where you might have found people more like minded for what you're trying to accomplish than those around here. People who might actually have worked with Tuck Andress.

Because I'm not a jerk, regardless of what you might think, I'll resend the suggestion. I can't post it here because GS policy forbids public links to other forums.

Incidentally, I'm 63 years old, I've been in music and audio for around half a century, as a player as a sound engineer, and as a service technician for several large music stores, one major musical equipment manufacturer, and Bill Graham's sound company. I think that qualifies me as a "veteran", don't you?

Certainly I abhor fast backstage repairing.
What are you talking about? I don't understand.
Old 14th March 2014
Lives for gear

I just stopped in to say..Damn! That hippie named TUCK can play.
Thanks for posting the Video at the top of this page, Theo.
Just wanted you to know that I watched it and then took my gear outside and burned all of it except my short scale ukulele.

All I can offer is that i think he's using active pickups and an extremely clean chain..but you know that already.

After that?

The guy can play his ass off and he makes "not very musical" sound pretty damn musical.

Eppstein was correct about that.


EDITED to remove OT stuff

Last edited by Blast9; 14th March 2014 at 11:26 AM.. Reason: to remove OT stuff
Old 14th March 2014
Lives for gear

I hope Theo decides to come back, very interesting thread when you subtract all the off topic BS and abusive, competitive dribble. Im not gonna trash this Man's subject anymore, apologies to the OP.
Old 14th March 2014
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Chaps, I've deleted several OT posts. Lets keep it on point please.

Thread now closed.
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