Digitech Whammy + Midi Keyboard
Old 16th December 2013
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Digitech Whammy + Midi Keyboard

Hi folks, my question today is:

using the MIDI in/out of the Digitech Whammy, linking it to a MIDI keyboard, will I be able to control the pitch of the notes with the keys?

Does it work with the right ratio between the notes?
I mean: 1 semitone on keyboard = 1 semitone pitching?

Old 16th December 2013
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User manual says:
MIDI Continuous Control
Using MIDI continuous control commands, the Whammy’s Expression Pedal position can be
remotely controlled. MIDI CC11 adjusts the Expression Pedal position. A value of 0 on MIDI CC11
corresponds to a toe up position and a value of 127 corresponds to a toe down position.

What does it mean? That, let's say I set the pedal to +1 octave, I'll cover the 1octave up using like all the 8 octaves of a keyboard?
That would be completely useless.
Edit: It looks like using MIDI CC would only turn on/off the effect.
But I don't know, I really don't understand.
Old 16th December 2013
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I don't suppose you've actually tried it?
Old 16th December 2013
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Of course not.
I don't have a Whammy.
That's why I'm asking.
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