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RedHouse 15th April 2013 03:36 AM

Broken acoustic guitar
Hi, I found this acoustic in a spring cleanup pile... Realized it was broken but took it home to make something cool with it , like some kind of art, or a functional thing... Ideas???

RedHouse 15th April 2013 03:40 AM

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Dervish Riff 20th April 2013 01:16 AM

Try a dry fit and see how it lines up--if it looks good, glue and clamp it for a couple days.

Going from the dyed fingerboard and adjustable bridge, this is a cheaper guitar. It may sound decent, but probably won't warrant spending a lot of time touching up the finish.

John Eppstein 20th April 2013 02:12 AM

If I read the name correctly it's a Degas, which is a really cheap brand from the late '60s/early '70s that was sold in dime and department stores.

allphourus 20th April 2013 04:33 AM

Years ago the guy who used to work on my guitars would take an unrepairable unplayable guitar and turn it into a wall clock placing a battery powered clock mechanism inside. He even wrote a article for Guitar Player Magazine on how to do it in the early 70's. I've seen them turned into Planters. I have an old Ibanez Acoustic ( It was my Camping Guitar ) that has a bad warp were the neck joins the body that I had a new nut put on with raised action for slide.