Need help with pedal chain
Old 16th March 2013
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Need help with pedal chain

I know this has been asked again and again, and I'm not the dumbest rock in the garden, but I'm getting so frustrated trying to figure out how to set up my sons pedal board. I know there are a lot of opinions out there and Ive seen some really good ideas on this forum. PLEASE HELP!!

He is using a Marshall AVT 150H with a 1960A cabinet. It has an effects loop on the back. Pedals are as follows: Korg Pitch Black, Cry Baby, Boss: CS3, MT2, NS2, CH1, PH3, DD7, RC3, PS6, GE7, Morley Mimi Volume, Digitech Whammy, Ibanez TS9DX. I've read the NS2 Noise supp, works a lot better if you run it looped. Does this mean you run the guitar into it and out to the amp and place it in the chain some place? What works best in the effects loop?
Come on guys (girls) I know there's lots of experience out there please throw some of that knowledge my way!!! Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!!
Thanks in advance for your help
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