Kemper for clean sounds?
Old 7th February 2013
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Kemper for clean sounds?

I'n looking at the Kemper amp as a replacement of my Boss Gt-8 pedalboard and as a replacement of few plugins for recording at home/studio.
I've seen many videos and read many articles and reviews about the perfect modelling of Kemper for the crunchy to heavey sounds but I haven't read/listen about the clean sounds that can produce. Do you have experience about it?
Is it as good as the overdrived/crunchy/heavy sounds? Thanks
Old 7th February 2013
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Old 7th February 2013
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JC-120 w- ev12Ls sounds gorgeous on The Kemper
Old 7th February 2013
The cleans are very very nice in the Kemper, I don't think you would be disappointed.
Old 7th February 2013
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Feel and sound like clean amp?
Old 7th February 2013
Feel and sound like a clean amp being recorded, yes.
Old 9th February 2013
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Yes actually cleans come out closer then crunches, or better put it akes a lot more effort to get crunch sounds sounding 95% like the real amp being recorded.
And this is coming from picky ears

Clean sounds still ned a bit of wise editing but you get there eventually. Just finishing our first collection of classic vintage british cleans .......
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