Is it worth reconing my Celestion Greybacks?
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Is it worth reconing my Celestion Greybacks?

I have a closed back angle 4x12 cabinet which has been in storage for some years. I am about to get rid of it as I no longer use it and I am wondering whether to sell it 'as is' or whether its worth fixing it.
It contains 4 x Celestion 'greybacks' (see pics) which appear to be from Dec 12 1973. Unfortunately one of the cones has a tear in it since I took it out of storage, but otherwise they sounded pretty good last time they made some noise. I think they are recones anyway as they don't have any markings or serial number on them. How much does it cost to recone a speaker, and will that money come back to me if I reconed all 4 speakers and sold the whole working cabinet?? I know these aren't the celestions that people wet themselves over but are they still worth something??

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Greybacks are awesome. Use a mirror to look at the rear of each cone, in behind the magnet. If you see a small single digit '3' or '4' stamped in white ink then you have an original pulsonic cone... very desirable. Do not recone.
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