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Fav Univibe type pedal?
Old 3rd July 2011
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Just FYI on some more Vibe info:
JHS custom pedals offers a mod on the Micro Vibe for like $55, vastly improves the pedal, if you have one already it is well worth sending it off for the mod. They will also sell you a new mod'd pedal as well. This little pedal is a real photocell vibe circuit, only downside is, it has no vibrato mode option switch. Which is no big deal as most of us never use it anyway. So at any rate, JHS mods can really improve the depth and tone of the VL Micro Vibe. Might be to your advantage to have the mod if you have one rather than practically give it away in a trade-in "deal". It is a good pedal but I agree not intense enough with the pulse to really nail the Gilmour, Hendrix or Trower Vibe. Of course the tube Vibe will sound much better it is more than twice the bucks, it better.

I have had a lot of Vibes over the years. Always loved the effect ever since I heard Jimi on Machine Gun and my fav New Rising Sun, now that is the coolest Vibe song ever. Listen to that and tell me you do not love that sound. Trower of course used the effect to its fullest possibilities. Bridge of Sighs, please, the tones on that album are still unmatched today. Amazing what the Robin Trower band did back in the day with Jimmy Dewar singing, I still have all of it loaded in my IPOD like unit.

I once had an original Univibe back in the day when I hardly knew what I had gotten a hold of. Moody and hard to get a consistent tone is what I remember. Jimi had some kind of magic with it. (Jimi's chain was Amp, Univibe, Fuzz Face and Vox Wah, guitar)

Trower's tones were just anincredible wall of sound thick and pulsing. Last year I had the pleasure of introducing one of my nephews to some real guitar as he has just started playing. Trower blew his mind "he never heard a guitar do that before", I had to also drop some Malmsteen on him to show him some what I term rather impossible playing.

Anyway, back to Vibes. I recently had the T-Rex Viper Vibe and the Lovepedal Pickle Vibe these are not photocell circuits but have that sense of pulse warble the real vibes created. OK but not great, might satisfy the younger players just to cop the effect for a tune or two. Now the real photocell vibe is just much more organic, and natural, and it morphs into your playing and touch far better. If you really want the real deal go photocell circuit.

I am not totally sure of all the higher dollar pedals which ones have continued the photocell circuit design. Most do that I have seen as that is the basis of the real Vibe and what made it such a unique effect. Not quite a phaser, not quite a chorus or a rotary leslie but something unique and weird. Listen to New Rising Sun by Jimi and you can hear how the effect makes the technique of playing work, whereas without it, it just would not be the same song.

I would resume the Tube Vibe unit is a photocell circuit as it uses tubes and the tubes probably give it that extra touch of organic response as the tubes get hot. I have heard them, sweet tones, but too expensive for me as is the Roger Mayer which is probably the top-top shelf pedal in Vibes.

The VersaVibe is also cool, not sure if it is a photocell circuit, it seems to be. You are going to have to drop about $200 for a decent Vibe pedal if you want the real deal. The modified JHS - VL Micro Vibe is going to get about $200 with the mod either your pedal or theirs, the Tube unit is like $300 and the Versa-Vibe about $285 and a mention of the UberVibe by Retroman also about $300 and custom made for you, worth the wait as I have heard. I opted for the Fulltone Mini DejaVibe myself as it was just the easier one for me to get my hands on and I knew a lot about it. I am not a big fan of Fuller as a person or trying to get tech questions, I think he hates stupid guitar players more than me and has less patience. But he does make some great pedals. Shhhh, don't tell him I got the DejaVibe.

The best original sounding not too expensive photocell one I know of is Fulltone's DejaVibe, Fuller went to great extremes to recreate the original circuit and improve on the quality of components (also noiseless, bypass, etc) having his own photocells made. Be advised the adjustment on the pedal bottom is not there for just increasing the effect, it controls the intensity of the bulb which works on the sealed photocells. As I understand you can risk burning the bulb out, as Fuller explains it, it is a one time set up tweak to get the unit matched to specs. There would be an argument that in time you may need to slightly increase it but Fuller warns you better let someone adjust it to merely make the circuit work to specs. Mine is new so I am not going to risk screwing with it although the pedal is not intense enough for me. I find the trick is trying to run things into it or after it to enhance it anyone know some good ones???

I find the DejaVibe as much a moody effect as the original and not easy to get in your pedal chain finding the magic spot. Sure I could rig like Trower first in chain and set my rig to get just his tones or Jimi's but I need my rig to be really versatile and cover a wide range of tones. I also run a Radial Boost/Buffer pedal first in chain which serves to drive and condition my whole line so it is not practical for me to screw up the impedance drive that pedal provides also making everything sound better including the straight guitar tone.

Following the advice of Fuller and Trower I run the Vibe before any dirt pedals or overdrive. But you know I cannot say that is the best sound for me. A cleaner overdrive works but the more dirt the less I like the effect. For me running a phase or a vibe into gain really mutes and reduces the effect sweep and warble pulse.

I am thinking of putting it where I like my Phase unit, end of amp in chain, but not in the loop. Here I get the options of my overdrive or a higher gain pedal into the unit as well as running the pedal into my dirty or gained up amp channels to get that option as well.

I puzzle over where to place the unit. I tend to like cleaner more tonal Overdrives and that works well with the Vibe in front but the more I gain up the drive or dare kick on a uber gain for fun, the Vibe just does not sound right. Anyway, any suggestions you guys have with yours and the levels of overdrives you use would be interesting to hear. I currently use the RIVERA Blues Shaman and it has a real Klon like quality at lower gains which I tend to like more and sounds great with the front Vibe placement. But gain that puppy up and the Vibe loses its coolness.
Old 4th July 2011
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anybody know what kind of pedal Audley Freed was using for the univibe thing on Cry of Love's "Diamonds and Debris"? That was a good one, whatever it was..
Old 4th July 2011
The lovepedal isn't a true "vibe", it's a phaser tweaked to sound like a vibe, and if you like it you like it
Good point. You can hear the phase is of different character. I like it.
Old 4th July 2011
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Commenters have stated Audley Freed (BlackCrow's, Cry of Love, solo, Frampton and BlackCrow's w Jimmy Page) used a Fulltone Deja Vibe. I am not familar with that song so I have not heard it to determine the tone. He also uses a pedal or pedals from Prescription Electronics which make a really killer fuzz/octave that has a unique reverse envelope to the octavia, if you ran that through any sort of Phase it would be the weirdest unique tones. Cool box by the way, hard to control and manage but is more a Jimi in a box than anything I have heard.

They also make their own Vibe pedal which is a possibility he had one or both of them. So I would say commentors of his rig said he had been using an older Fulltone DejaVibe and there is a possibility it is a Prescription Electronics Vibe. Another very cool custom pedal Vibe running about $300 with a slight wait on build. Judging by the comments I suspect it is the Prescription Electronics Vibe.

Do check out Prescription Electronics they make some killer custom boutique pedals. The Fuzz/octaver and Vibe are indeed exceptional.

I would say the Prescription Electronics sounds better than the Fulltone and there are quite a few more rare and expensive vibes that sound better on a real tone freak level, but as well the DejaVibe sounds better than a lot of others as well. For about $200-250 it is a winner at that price range, go upwards to $300 and there are a lot of choices of really great Vibes.

All the higher dollar Vibes are using the photocell circuit as far as I know. Trower is a Vibe freak and he stays with the Fulltone. One would imagine he would have tried everyone to find the one that suited his tone. Satriani in his limited use of the pedal has a Fulltone Mini DejaVibe and the Roger Mayer high dollar unit. The Mayer unit is probably the top shelf unit being the most expensive. I would wager any of the high end custom units running around $300 are all great pedals. Preference would be a subtle flavor.

I dig the Fulltone Mini DejaVibe so far. I got mine for about $230 but it was on trade-in. I opted for the Mini as I do not care about having the foot speed control. Most of the high end expensive units are like the Mini Deja without a pedal control but a few have an add on pedal if you like that control. I sort of set mine and leave it so the Mini unit was cool for me.

As Mike Fuller rightly states his unit is the exact circuit of the original Univibe using his own custom made cells and sealed mirrored interior light box. He made the circuit quiet and true bypass and a far more consistent and good sounding unit than the original really moody, noisy, tone sucking no bypass, and in general unstable unit that it was. Just FYI, if you have seen John Mayer's rig lately, he has an original rare Univibe with foot pedal in a bypass loop off his rig.

The guy above is correct, the Lovepedal Pickle Vibe ($130) and the T-Rex Viper Vibe ($150) are not original photocell circuits they are tweaked phasers to mimic the Univibe's pulse sweep which is not a linear sweep like a normal phaser but has a huge notch that throws the sweep into almost a vibrato warble. It's what makes the Vibe unique, it is not quite a phaser, not quite a vibrato, not quite a chorus but something morphing all these qualities into a different tone. If you like modulation you will dig it.

The new tech (as I call them, do a decent mimic and for those who are not Vibe freaks (like me) they would do to provide a close tone for a song or two. I had them both, I finally managed to raise enough to get a real photocell Vibe. It makes a difference, the photocell original circuit as I reported is much more organic and natural and responds to your touch. The Lovepedal or T-Rex (which I consider the better of the two) are cool for anyone who has not played through a Vibe or is just experiencing the effect. They sound good and they do a good job of the tone but once you really get into the pedal or have played a more original Vibe you are going to like the photocell circuit better.
Old 6th July 2011
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The new Tech 21 is pretty good as a leslie clone - don't know how well it nails the Univibe thing, but worth checking out. I tried it last week at my local guy and the ramp up/ramp down are cool.
Old 7th July 2011
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I had an original so long ago, a moody noisy, unpredictable tone sucker it was. Fullers clone and improved components and bypass improved it a lot, the DejaVibe inspired all these other pedals to redo the Vibe. The DejaVibe is so much like the original I do not think you could tell the tone apart but the Fulltone has more headroom and better consistent tone because it is a 1960 to 2000 tech improvement on noise and consistent components. Fuller has his own photocells made, he got anal on copying that circuit and improving the quality but keeping the tone (hence his vintage modern option switch more older sounding photocells), I do not think it is a steroid boost myself, in fact I think is is rather mild and more organic sounding, one reason I like it. I actually tweaked my intensity pot up just a little to get a little more out of it as it was so mild. It tends to come alive on where you put it and with what. The DejaVibe gets too cool into a JCM like, darker near breakup channel. I am not a fan of the into OD thing, I can see it working on milder ODs but just cannot get the sound I like into a OD pedal, now into a slightly dirty tube channel..

One thing I can say about the Fulltone is it started the Vibe resurrection and Trower uses it. One would imagine the Vibe God would have tried them all although I am sure there are newer ones he has not heard of.

I would have to agree on the Roger Mayer is not only the most expensive but probably top of the shelf. It costs like 2x of others but I am not sure it is 2x the pedal.

I think the DejaVibe is a great mid price range real photocell winner, once you go to $300 you have a lot of choices. The Prescription Electronics is cool and the tubes in that Effectrode make it really interesting tech, I would love to see how the tubes respond to input. The Mayer unit is like $500, I just cannot afford it.

So many of them sound great, hard to note a crappy one. Once you play with one you tend to dig the tone. I have other modulations but nothing is like the Vibe. It is not quite a chorus, not quite a phase, and not quite a rotary effect just something different and too cool. "Hey Baby, where you comin' from...."
Old 7th July 2011
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Yamaha RA 200.

they keep falling off your pedal-board though.
Old 19th December 2011
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Originally Posted by GeorgeHayduke View Post
I tried the Fulltone 2 vibe. I thought it sounded very hifi (nice) but it didn't quite have enough bite and depth imo. The effect was a bit too superficial even at max. intensity. Anyone else agree?
I'll probably pick up the Roger Mayer Voodoo today, it seems to have a heftier character?
So, I thought I'd return to tell.

I first got a Captain Coconut 2 with the Foxrox vibe. I like it a lot, but I picked up a Roger Mayer Vodoo Vibe Jr. last week and it's quite different.

The Mayer has extreme fidelity, it's really an impressively clean pedal. On the other hand, it boosts the signal slightly (I'm using it in true bypass mode) going from my Tele to my 18 watt Marshall-clone.

It is easier to set than the Foxrox, and the controls are perfect, it's really very easy to set, as opposed to it's bigger sibling The Voodoo Vibe +. Honestly, I preferred the Jr. because of the controls.

While the Foxrox does an evil dirty throb, I think I'll be using the Voodoo mostly, because of the amazing clarity and nice controls which allow setting a great classic and deep vibe sound, quickly. Also, the Coconut-vibe can sound a little dull at times (lacks top end) though I heard that it is designed to be used at loud levels where piercing highs are not wanted.
Old 19th December 2011
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I read and read and tried stuff out till I eventually bought a Moen Shaky Jimi last year.
Crap name and a truly Yewgly shade of purple, but it does several rather nice effects, including a really throbby Univibe.
Old 19th December 2011
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Voodoo labs Microvibe should be the least expensive but great sounding option. Dejavibe sounds great als but is twice as much money
Old 18th January 2012
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Originally Posted by 357mag View Post
I've only used the Dunlop Univibe. Sounds pretty good.
yes ...i have it for more than 12 years and im quite happy with Dunlop Univibe...
Old 21st January 2012
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Something that has helped my tones a lot was the addition of a new Wampler Ego Compressor, man what a great unit. Adds a lot to Hendrixy cleaner Univibe tones and everything in the realm of tone. Made me love the compressor again. The Wampler is amazingly transparently cool compressor. The blend control allows you to mix in the straight tone, really nice feature. I continue to love the Fulltone DejaVibe. Nice pedal. Might be better ones but as a an actual redo of the old circuit hard to imagine a better vintage tone.
Old 13th June 2012

The Jun Dog God's Heaven's vibe...

The exact Uni Vibe with new parts. And again, made in Japan...
Old 15th June 2012
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One the few pedals to consistently remain on my board through the last years constant board changes and updates is the Fulltone DejaVibe. Keeps delivering the goods. Still Trower's vibe of choice. I had an original vibe in long times past, it certainly had a more mythical and legendary status than its real sound. For me the Fulltone does the deal and according to Fuller who actually has his own photocells made, it is the original circuit with a mirrored enclosure for the lamps, as close as one can get to the original but with 2000AD improvements. Fuller was rather fanatic about getting it right and that pedal was his flagship piece everything else came after his Vibe pedal.

Was not cheap and there are even more expensive ones, not sure one can say they are "better" but there is no doubt the photo cell circuits are the best and original design. I've had several of the newer tuned phaser circuits and they sound decent but the real vibe is more organic and has a better feel.

Just a cool effect, not useful for everything but has a really unique sound in the right format. I hardly ever play through a long practice session without roaring out some of my fav Trower tunes.
Old 16th June 2012
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I'm using a Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe along with a Danelectro Fish n' Chips EQ to tailor the sound. It's a very affordable combo. But I'm most definitely not trying to imitate Hendrix or Trower by using a univibe. It's just a very effective and dramatic type of modulation to me. Unless these pedal makers are bringing us digitally controlled analogue with tap tempo and exceptional fidelity then why pay $300 for a pedal?
Old 18th June 2012
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Sound quality? Build quality?

You could make an album using only Behringer gear, but would you do it, if you could use something that sounded better? I wouldn't.
Old 18th June 2012
But the Coolcat Vibe is a good sounding pedal. And when I throw a thief on the head with it I'm pretty sure I can plugin and use the pedal again on stage.. The coolcat Vibe has a nice Throb...
Old 18th June 2012
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Well there was a choice. Either go with the Lovepedal Pickle Vibe or the Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe. We where running through a treatment we dialed in on a J-Station that emulates a Univibe and the throb of the Cool Cat interacted with the bass register of the guitar closer to our treatment. I really like the Pickle Vibe a lot but the coloration of the swirl in the bass end was a little more obvious and away from being a Dunlop type Univibe clone. We run 7 string active guitars and as I said we're not trying to sound and play in the Trower/Hendrix styles. The Cool Cat gives both a level boost and treble boost but it doesn't have volume nor EQ to redress this, thus the need for the EQ pedal which is a clean sounding unit. Anyhow for both budget and sound the Danelectro was right for us. It's going to go into a Carl Martin Octaswitch II when we get one.
Old 20th June 2012
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The tweaked phaser tech Vibes are not as organic as the real photo cell circuit. I had the Lovepedal Picklevibe and the T-Rex Viper. They sounded ok to be sure but that photocell circuit can get that cool feedback pulse which I could not get from the new tech circuits. Still they do sound OK and do sound like a Vibe unless you're a fanatic like me and the real circuit is just more organic and analog. Fuller has the cells made special as they are hard to get.
Most confuse chorus or Leslie rotary for what a Vibe does which is just a unique sound. Not something to always have but a cool change of tone that nothing else quite does. I am an old Trower fan, Hendrix New Rising Sun, Floyd Breath and so on. Nothing gets that tone but the Vibe.

The Voodoo Lab MicroVibe does a decent job and is a photo cell circuit but not as bold and the depth of the DejaVibe. Their are a lot of models out there which use the photo cell circuit and you will pay 250-300 for them but its been my experience you get what you pay for in this life. It is not cheap to make one as it is with the little IC circuit tuned phaser circuit.

For me it is the DejaVibe. I have a HD500 POD but the Vibe mimic in there just does not do it. JHS and some others do a mod on the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe which would be the one I would use to save money. I tend to use a fair amount of higher end boutique pedals so there is no way I am sticking a cheap pedal in there. Sometimes things are not worth the money, sometimes it is the whole ballgame.
Old 10th September 2013
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I just decided to try a new Vibe today and got the DLS Versa Vibe. This is an LED optical circuit verses the Fulltone custom photocell circuit.
At first test drive I am not liking this one so much. Maybe I am used to the Deja and have it worked out well with my rig. This unit just does not sound the same at all and it seems to hate being in front of ODs or gains. I had to move it towards the chain end.
At this point I am not sure if I should keep it and continue trying to tweak it in or return it and get the MDV3 when they come in.
For the bucks I expected more. It's got some dark heavy tones and low end pulse throw or throb but it does not have that classic tone I love in a Vibe or at least I have not found it.
Old 10th September 2013
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Been using the DejaVibe for some time, thought I'd try a change. Got the DLS Versa Vibe and at first test drive not liking it so much. As pure Vibe the photocell Deja had a better organic tone. The DLS seems to hate being in front of ODs or gains which is the opposite of the Fulltone. Maybe I just need to get used to it and tweak on it more, but I expected more for the bucks. I might return it for the new MDV3.
Old 11th February 2014
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new review on the Fulltone MDV3

Just FYI for you vibe users or interested.
If you have a fav maybe prompt you to review it, I always enjoy reading them.

Fulltone MDV3
Old 22nd February 2014
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Roger Mayer for sure

I spent endless hours searching the web for this tone and was listening to rainbow bridge hey baby a lot because that is the sound I wanted. I had a micro vibe for a while, and it suited my needs, if you don't use the effect that much and just want that flavor at your disposal the voodoo lab is great. But the more I played with it, there was something missing. I got a BBE soul vibe free from a friend, and it missed the mark, sounded more like an autowah to my ears. Getting a vintage Shin Ei is ******** money, so that wasn't an option. Started researching and thought well... Roger Mayer probably knows what us Hendrix dorks are looking for. The demos looked good, but still 600 for one effect seemed steep, and there was a lot of knobs on it, but I liked what I heard. Then I found the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe jr from the vision series and bought it for a little over $200 on ebay from a guy in england. I was so stoked because they don't make these anymore. I have to say I finally found the machine gun/heybaby tone I wanted and it is so awesome, was well worth the money. Actually I think the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe TC is the same pedal, pretty steep at 419 bucks, but if you love that tone, thats the way I would go. There are a lot of other ones out there too…Fulltone, Dunlop, Aquavibe, if I had the means, I would love to own all of them…the most interesting of the new ones is this new dry bell one, it looks pretty cool… might have to buy one. Drybell :: Vibe Machine V-1
Old 22nd February 2014
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Originally Posted by muziekschuur View Post

The Jun Dog God's Heaven's vibe...

The exact Uni Vibe with new parts. And again, made in Japan...
That looks pretty awesome, 1300 for a pedal though? I guess for an exact spec of the original built by a Japanese electronic experts its worth it. One of his pictures on the site has a pedal board in the background that looks like the exact Hendrix set up, would love to have that. Thanks for the post, didn't know about this guy, maybe if I hit black on the roulette wheel, I'll get one. LOL
Old 22nd February 2014
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I have a few UniVibe type pedals. The most authentic sounding I have is the MJM 60's vibe, which is supposedly an identical circuit, but in a modern stomp box enclosure, and no pedal input...just a knob, but I can turn it with my foot.

Another favorite is the EQD "The Depths", which is a modern take on a Uni circuit. Still has the 4 photocell circuit, but has a "voice" knob which goes from classic midrange sweep to a more hifi, mid scooped sweep, plus a "throb" control, which you can control the low end content. It does not have the "vibe" mode (no dry mix), only the chorus mode (dry mixed with FX). Also, unlike a traditional Uni circuit, where the volume is unity when maxed, the EQD has a lot more volume on tap, so you can also use it to boost your signal. It can get about 90% close to the classic vibe, but can also do very intense over the top swirling vibe tones that go beyond the original UniVibe's capability.

Old 22nd February 2014
Deleted User
Skreddy Paradigm. Not exactly a Univibe but sounds close.
Old 23rd February 2014
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The Deja MDV3 has been out for a while. I have it. Superior to the other versions.
I have a review on it here
Fulltone MDV3
The issue with a vibe pedal is more often than not, what you use it with, and how you use it. The aspect of tone is greatly affected by where the unit is in a chain and with what it is used in stacking, not to mention the guitar and amp settings.
Sometimes judgments are skewed and comparisons rendered moot simply because one unit may sound right to the persons ear and the manner in which they have it rigged up. Change things around and you might find the unit does not do well. I find the Deja to work in any use and to be very versatile over other units.

A real vibe circuit has 4 photocells and a lamp light source. There are "vibes" ranging from 1 cell to using an LED to a tweaked Phase 90 circuit as well as plug in mimic and digital renderings. Whatever rings your cow bell.

I find the Deja has a more organic feel and analog quality to it that few others approach. The components are spec tolerance and NOS trans, custom made measured cells for consistency. Not to mention the Deja is 18v internal, few pedals can claim that.
Use what you like but the variability of a vibe pedal goes way beyond a simple hearing test in whatever manner you have one setup.
I find the Deja MDV3 can get any sort of vibe tone from cleaner Hendrix to heavy Trower just depends on how you have it in a chain, with what and how the amp is set. It is an optimized spec'd out real univibe circuit with quality consistent components in a wah chasis with speed control and the MDV3 ranges slower and faster speeds than the previous versions and it allows you to turn it on and off without losing your speed setting on the pedal.

I have loved this effect since I first heard Hendrix and later Trower use it. For me it's the Deja MDV3.
Old 23rd February 2014
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[QUOTE=Joe Porto;9880515]I have a few UniVibe type pedals. The most authentic sounding I have is the MJM 60's vibe, which is supposedly an identical circuit, but in a modern stomp box enclosure, and no pedal input...just a knob, but I can turn it with my foot.

Another favorite is the EQD "The Depths", which is a modern take on a Uni circuit. Still has the 4 photocell circuit, but has a "voice" knob which goes from classic midrange sweep to a more hifi, mid scooped sweep, plus a "throb" control, which you can control the low end content. It does not have the "vibe" mode (no dry mix), only the chorus mode (dry mixed with FX). Also, unlike a traditional Uni circuit, where the volume is unity when maxed, the EQD has a lot more volume on tap, so you can also use it to boost your signal. It can get about 90% close to the classic vibe, but can also do very intense over the top swirling vibe tones that go beyond the original UniVibe's capability.

Just watched Gearmanndudes demo, on the earthquake depths, that thing is pretty sweet! I would buy one for some of the swirly options, the voice knob is very interesting!
Old 27th February 2014
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The MJM 60's Vibe sounds pretty great.
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